Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Rugova: EU and US to recognize Kosovo’s independence

All daily newspapers cover the visit that Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova is paying to Belgium. In a debate organized by the Belgian Senate, Rugova said independence was the only solution for Kosovo and the most appropriate for the region.

Zëri quotes Rugova as saying that the European Union and the US should recognize Kosovo’s independence. ‘This is an optimal solution. It is a modern solution in the European spirit,’ he added.

Koha Ditore reports that Doris Pack, member of the European Parliament, called on Rugova to meet Serbian President Tadic. ‘Allow me to call on you not to stagnate but move ahead and meet Tadic and Kostunica. It is very important for you to go to Belgrade,’ Pack was quoted as saying.

The paper also quotes Erhard Busek, coordinator of the Stability Pact, as saying, ‘Kosovo is a European issue and we must work in finding a solution for this.’

Zëri reports that UNMIK has no date for an eventual meeting between Rugova and Tadic. The paper quotes UNMIK DPI Director Hua Jiang as saying, ‘There is no date or timeframe for this meeting.’

In an opinion piece in Express, analyst Mufail Limani says there is no way for Rugova to avoid the meeting with Tadic.

The same paper quotes ORA leader Veton Surroi as saying it is not wise to avoid dialogue with Belgrade. ‘I have supported dialogue with Belgrade and I think it should be more advanced than it is now.’

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