Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Blerim Shala: Courage for public speaking

The guilty person has been found. Former Foreign Minister of Serbia and Montenegro, Goran Svilanovic, who along with several politicians and diplomats signed the Report of the International Committee on the Balkans, has been experiencing a denigrating and demonizing campaign in Belgrade, because the above-mentioned report foresees the independence of Kosovo.

Posters of Svilanovic with a white Albanian traditional cap have been put up in many places in Belgrade, in order to ‘prove’ his ‘treason’. Well-known Serbian politicians are also among those who criticize the former Serbian top diplomat. Svilanovic in fact was forced to leave the parliamentary group of Boris Tadic’s Democratic Party, while the latter is seen by the West as a leader of genuine democratic forces.

Everything that is happening with Svilanovic only proves what has been known even earlier: the Serbian society is far from reforms; it remains hostage to the political belief that has ruled in Serbia for almost 20 years.

On the other hand, Svilanovic started speaking in public about things that are also known by the Serbian political leadership: Kosovo is de facto independent and there can be no return to pre-1999.

Svilanovic only said aloud what all Serbian politicians say silently in private meetings with Western diplomats and politicians.

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