Saturday, October 01, 2005

"Source" says Serbia lobbied China, Russia to block phone code for Kosovo

Excerpt from report by Fatmir Aliu entitled "China and Russia - obstacles to Kosova's international telephone code" published by the Kosovo Albanian newspaper Koha Ditore on 29 September

Prishtina [Pristina], 28 September: Despite the great wish of Kosovars and the international administration in Prishtina, the issue of equipping Kosova [Kosovo] with its own international telephone code will not be realized for a certain period of time. This issue has lately been moved from the economic and political field to the diplomatic. It even went as far as the Contact Group member states, which requested an explanation from the International Telecommunications Union [ITU] as to why this process has been blocked.

In the letters exchanged between the UN Mission in Kosova and the ITU (Koha Ditore has copies of the correspondence), it is said that Kosova cannot have an international telephone code as long as its political status is not resolved and that it should continue using the same code as the one for Serbia-Montenegro [SCG] (+381).

Officials at the UN office in Prishtina asserted for Koha Ditore that official Belgrade has won this battle.

"Belgrade lobbied with the Russian and Chinese administrations not to equip Kosova with an international telephone code," a senior official from the UNMIK [UN Interim Administrative Mission in Kosovo] Legal Office, who wished to remain anonymous, told Koha Ditore.


Anonymous said...

They can get a phone code if they get independence. A bit premature asking for one just now isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Maybe, but independence we will have...and then the code...and that means Serbia just wasted money :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Russia and China support Serbia and i think, also, France. Kosmet cannot have an international phone because Kosovo is a province. Of course,a province as K&M need a kind of autonomy, but not independance. We have too many states in Europe, it is difficult to achieve unity in front of the United States and we cannot make states with a part of other states. So it is preferable that K&M remain in Serbia. There is no obligation to give a theoretical state-power to a regional group. Albanians have a state, Albania, and the people of Kosovo live in Serbia. Albanians-speaking must stop their attacks against Serb majority (and minorities as Goranci and Roms) and prepare themselves to live in good terms with everybody. If you want peace this is the price of the peace. Dominique(a French of Kosovska Mitrovica).

Anonymous said...

Dominique is that how you made peace with the Algerians?
How many Algerian children had to die before you sorry a$$es learned that Algeria was not French. Same issue with Kosova. The Serbs are colonialists just like France was.

Anonymous said...

It seems you don't know the name honour. With the wars the occupators (Osmanlis, italian fascists, today U$...)gave the support to reduct the number of Serbs or to eliminate them. This is an historical and political reality.

The Serbs who live in Kosovo and Metohija today are in their country. They are very courageous and albanians who attack them very cowards. As in Raska Serbs are in Kosovo since the first time of the Middle Ages and the old churches and monasteries prove it. It is why some of your hooligans destroy them.
A part of albanian-speaking have the right to live in Kosovo but the others who came some years ago are illegals and must return in Albania or in Turkey. At the same time it is necessary to organise the return of Serbs refugees and to give them protection and money.

Don't say you were victims of some "genocide" by Serbs. Everybody know it is a lie. That is a matter of propaganda war. And be careful, for the use of this term, you should pay tax to jews. Don't forget they are the owners of the firm.

Another thing: we French, we don't kill children as your Chechen friends in Beslan. Your terrorists hate the Slavs but a part of you is Slav. So you hate yourself.

Algeria-Kosovo is not a good comparison with the case of Serbs in Kosovo because we were in Algeria only since 1832. The common point between Albania and Algeria is that both are artificials and recent states without legitimity and traditions. In 1912 Albania was created against Serbs and in 1962 Algeria against France... Just a difference: there is no Mediterranenan sea between Serbia and the so-called "albania".
Jacques (in Kosovska Mitrovica, a colleague of Dominique who is sleeping now)

Anonymous said...

Jaques you and your friend Dominique are perfect examples of Albanophobia.

1st any prestious scholar source will tell you that Albanians have lived in the Balkans since pelasgic times and the slavs came in the balkans in the 7th cenury stealing our lands that streched up to the danube river therefore Kosovar Albanians are living in their lands. Open Encarta, and Britanica encyclopedia.

2. When you talk about Jews you are forgetting the Jews that leave France everyday as a result of discrimination they are facing in France. Just this summer I was able to see in TV5 and France 2 the desacrated graves of Jews.

3. When talk about occupators in Albania add France to the list. Learn the history of your country. WTF did you a$$holes want from my country.

4. All those monasteries were built over the ruins of Albanian Catholic and Orthodox monasteries. Kosovar Albanians used to be Christian, now they're christian and muslims.

5. There are ruins of Serb monasteries in Greece from the time of the occupation of Stefan Dusan. Do they prove that Greece is Serbian
land. According to your little dumb mind yes.

6. There were babies 7 month old babies that were killed by Serbs among the 10 thousand Albanian civilians dead. That is a genocide.

7. There are 3 thousand Albanians that were burnt in industrial ovens in Serbia. Read what Mrs Kandic has to say about that and the death threats from her compatriots against her. She works for the Helsinki Comitee.

8. We don't hate slavs we hate the Serbs. We got nothing against the Croats and the Bosnians.

9. We are not Slavs that's the same propaganda that has brainwashed your dumb little mind.

10. Albanians are Christians, Muslims and plenty of other religions, and if you knew anything about Albanians you would have known that we have never fought for religion and we have never started wars. If we Albanians fought for religion than I would have to kill half of my family but you dumb little mind cannot conceptualize the fact that you can happily live in a multi-religious country or even a family. So regarding Chechnia everything you say is bull$hit however like those terrorists France has killed thousands of children around the world during their colonialist empire. That is why people still suffer in Africa because of the greed of your compatriots.

10. If your little dumb mind liked reading than you would have known that Scanderbeg ( yes the one that saved your sorry a$$es from the Ottomans) created the State of Arber in the 14 century. Arber from the Arbanoi Illyrian tribe from which we Albanians became known. If you're interested you can go visit the Museum in Viena. They're showing all the official stamps, letters, and documents from that State.

10. There is a whole Europe between the Serbs and Albania. If we followed the logic of your little dumb mind then the Serbs should be living in the Ural mountains along with their cousins the Russians.

11. I am talking to someone who was probably under the orders of that French General who spied for Milosevic during the war and who told every single plan of NATO to Milosevic. That says a lot about the charachter of the French people in uniform and the dirty politics of your country.

12. Algeria or any other French colony was not created against France but because of the will of the people.

13. You and your friends are two big SALOPE'S.

Ju qifsha robt baxhella muti.

Anonymous said...

14. WTF are French soldiers doing in Ivory Coast or is that also a French land.

Anonymous said...

Gospodine A$$oles, your mind is confused. Orthodox churches are orthodox churches. You know the old church of Sainte Sophie in Constantinopolis? It is what today? A Mosque. We have many case of churches who became mosques... and some mosques became church. This is History.

You like Skenderberg (Georges Castriota) your hero - you have few...- well, but do you know he was half a Serb?

I note you admit you hate Serbs and you love Natasa Kandic. Kandic is a well known american agent. This is significant.

Greeks and Serbs have good relations. If some ex monasteries are in Greece, this is not a problem. But what about Serb places in Albania? Where are Human Rights for Serbs and Greeks in Abania, the human rights of your depleted anglo-saxons sponsors?

French officers are independant and neutrals. They are professionals of peacekeeping. I don't recommend to extremist albanian-speaking to pull on them.

Algeria was not a french colony but a turkish colony and after some departments. When we French came in Algeria in 1832 this country had no borders and the population was less than 1 million. When me made the gift of independance in 1962 the indigenous were 9 millions. We built roads, harbours, aerodroms and developpe instruction and medecine. Where is the "genocide"? Before Turks the original population was berberic and not arabic. Today algerians like to come in France were they have relatives.

About Ivory Coast, there is no problem. France have a military agreement with this country and is not resposible for the situation. This is an internal conflict and french soldiers make peecekeeping under the banner of United Nations.

You speak about antisemitism in France but you don't know that this attitude come from some young Arabs by solidarity with the resistants of Irak and Palestine. I note you support anglo-american agression in the Middle East against arab people.This is logical. You play in the Balkans the same role that the Kurds. As the Kurds you will be the losers because the Anglo-Saxons (and the Jews who use them) don't work for you but for them. And for them you are a vulgar pawn. [J]

Anonymous said...

French dude all you talk is BS.
There's millions of young muslims in NY city and you don't see Jews fleeing. France as a state allows them to threaten the Jews because its not against such a thing. The French are amo9ngst the most racist people on earth.

The Ivory Coast issue more of the same BS from your part. Is that why during this summer the Ivory Coast people attacked the French army and made it clear that they don't want the French there? It was all over the news.

About Scanderbeg being half slav, your little dumb mind never gave it a thought that if he was so why didn't he ever fight for the freedom of his half blood people the Serbs, why didn't he ever fight in Serbia. He fought to help his friend the King of Naples and never even went to help the Serbs. Your little dumb mind has been badly brainwashed. The Serbs also claim that Huniad was half Serb. Do some research and your little dumb mind will learn who he is.
Voltaire wrote a little about Scanderbeg read and learn.

You have never been in Albania and are in no condition to talk about the human rights. There's whole schools that remain open for 2 minority kids.

About your Colonies you were an enemy you exploited the people and the Lands and here you come and talk how you spread humanity to what you say a bunch of animals. BS.

About Kandic according to your little Serb brainwashed mind anyone that speaks the truth in Serbia is an American spy.

If all the French soldier are like you you are nothing but Serbs in French uniforms, that makes you anything but independent and neutrals. Throughout history you have been on the Russian side and against the rest of the world. You a$$hole together with your Russian bed buddies have screwed up the Balkans.

God Bless Albania and the USA.

Anonymous said...

French dude do some reading and you'll learn that according to plans conspired by France-Russia-Greece and Jugoslavia there would be no Albanian state after WWI. All of these states would divide among themselves the spheres of influences in Europe and the Albanian lands according to this deal would be divided among the Jugoslavs and the Greeks. The one person who prevented that from happening at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 which eventually confirmed Albania's official boundaries was President Woodrow Wilson of the United States of America who declared, "I shall have but one voice at the Peace Conference, and I will use that voice in behalf of Albania." However these boundaries left outside our borders 2/3 of the Albanian territories.

The USA helped us again during the last war in Kosova, and also helped us in the conflict in Macedonia to get our deserved human rights.

Its the French who have always backed the anihilation of the Albanian people. You didn't answer my question. WTF did French soldiers want in Albania or was my country one of the lucky colonies which would profit from the humanity of the French army.

Anonymous said...

I come for the first time on this blog. I live in Wallonie (french-speaking Belgium).I think i understand your problem. Here is my solution: you make a partition with the north (Kosovska Mitrovica, Zvecan, Zubin Potok, Babi Most, Leposavic...) and ten "enclaves" (Gracanica, Strpce, Velika Hoca, Gorazdevac, Partes, etc...) for Serbs and take your full autonomy (not independance). You must also respect the property of Orthodox church. So you could live in normal relations with your serb compatriots. What do you think about this?

Anonymous said...

How about another solution let one part of Belgium become an autonomous region of France and another part become an autonomous region of the Netherlands. What do you think about this.

ali_pashai said...

I am amazed. For real. How is it possible that Albanians in here do not know that our national hero was half serb. I am sorry for you. Yes he was half serb, half turkish, half austrian, half hungarian, half greek of course, half ... wait how many halfs is that? what is wrong with you people. Two kids start blogging here and you get all mad and stressed out for. The last one said divide kosova in so many parts but no independence. Not even a healthy mature serb can come up with such an idea. Some kid from France says that kosova is serb because the churches say so. Do we really want to teach them history? When the serbs came to balcan we gave them religion, we turned them from barbars to orthodoxy, we tought them to be god fearing people and to go to churches. This kid is very funny, your chechen friends. What does that mean? Every muslim in the world is another ones friend only by association. Why do you think they become terrorist in the first place? Of course Bin Laden has a fcuked up mind but why do you think people follow him? It is so easy to stereotype people as long as it is not yourself. It is true, algeria had no clear borders, infrastucture and so on but France did not build all these for the people of Algeria. It build it for itself. And building and bringing the country of algeria to its feet does not in any way give France ownership over the land, a very good ally at best if Algeria recognizes the help. Albania has a state and it is ashamed that not all or most of Albanians live in it but just because some Albanians live outside does not mean they shouldn't have their legal rights. No one can compare the minorities of Albania with minorities in any other countrie. NO ONE. I dare any one from Albanian minority come here and say his or her rights were violated. We are not serbs, not French, Greek, Russian or Americans for that matter and we do value life and human rights. Kosova will get independence not because it is albanian and not serb but because Serbia did not extend the same human rights to kosovar albanians as it did to every other citizen of ex-yugoslavia.
So all this talk in my oppinion is gibberish.

Anonymous said...

You are the first albanian that acknowledged that kosovo and metohija is outside of albanian land.

The Mecedonian, Greek, Montenegrian and Roma minorities in Albania have had their rights suppressed for decades. They don't have education in their naives tongues paid for by the Albanian government, even though the albanian minorities in Serbia, Macedonia and Greece demand it as a human right which it is not. They can't fly their native lands flag or have radio or tv programing in their native language either. The worst thing is that they were force to change their sir name so it has an albanian ending. The albanians in other countries (Serbia, Macedonia and Greece) were never subjected to this. The wars in serbia and macedonia a few years back were started by separtists and I don't care what democracy you live in, if the integrity of the national border is in jeopardy you can bet the national armed forces are going to be sent in to stop the insurgence.

ali_pashai said...

what in the world are you talking about? Kid go play nintendo or playstation and come back here when you grow up a little. I am orthodox and come from south of albania. They have schools in greek and they can raise the greek flag any time they feel like (although let me tell you not to many do) as long as it is next to the albanian flag. During communism there were no greek schools but minorities were not subjected to any treatment different from the rest of population. Kosova is out of albanias border but that does not imply in any way that it should be serbias. It should be to the people that live there and their rights and wishes for self govern should be respected.

Anonymous said...

They have schools in greek and they can raise the greek flag any time they feel like (although let me tell you not to many do) as long as it is next to the albanian flag.

Playstation my ass. Than why do albanians in Serbia and Macedonia raise the colors of the Republic of Albania alone. I was just in Western Macedonia, by the looks of things in the Tetovo region one might think he is in Albania because the Albanian flag is all that you see. Is that the Human rights the Albanians are fighting for.

Anonymous said...

Dude go to Albania and see for yourself. Stop believing the Serb media it has brainwashed you. We Albanians are inviting you to go and see for yourself. What more do you want. If you want you can even go and have lessons in your language. Unless you're Brazilian or German or sth else.

Anonymous said...

This could be a pacific and clever solution: French could administrate themselves the Kossovo after Nato troops(US and British)leave the province. Today French are neutrals, they are not at war with the muslims and they have good relations with orthodox word. So all the people of Kosovo could obtain the benefit of peace and make this an european affair. Both Shiptars, Serbs and Goranci could learn French language, eat good cheese, drink good wine and everybody will be happy. French could renovate the mines of Trpca, protect the mosques and the churches and fight against the mafia. They have a long tradition of administration until today in the "Départements et Territoires d'Outremer", for exemple in Guyana, Reunion, Polynesia, etc. They could be helped by Italians, Greeks an others, but only Europeans. What do you think about this proposal?

Anonymous said...

Bad Proposal. Kick all the Europeans powers out of Kosova since they were the ones that messed up the Balkans with their deals after the world wars, especially the French, Russians, and Greeks.

Leave the security the USA.

P.S The French are anything but neutrals. If we were to listen to a historically neutral country that would be Switzerland. And Switerland is for an independent Kosova.

Anonymous said...

The US administration is tired of dealing with the situation in Kosovo and wants to hand it over completely to the European Union, US Balkans analyst Nicholas Gvozdev has said.

I don't think the US is interested in providing security for Kosovo anymore. The french are the only option.

ali_pashai said...

this kid is funny. i like him. sound like a good proposal. ask the french for help and wait from the french to get anything done. the only reason why you still have a country is thinking like that. hillarious. i can see what hitler liked about you guys. ignorants and proud to play the role. lol.

Anonymous said...

Ali, It was the Albanians, Bulgarians, Croats, Italians, Austrians and Japanese that were allies of Hitler.

ali_pashai said...

you are right. you got me there. although i like the way french people think. first you open your doors for hitler to march right through, then you obey to the politician that hitler appointed and once you saw that the allies were going to win you started to fight. albania is considered an allie of germany by default. we faught the germans when they came and even when they left. however Hitler supported our king before the war, and gave back kosova to us during the war. if it was black and white like you put how come there were more jews in albania after the war than before it. no other country in europe sheltered the jews like we did. i am not saying why didn't france do the same? that is your bussiness but i will say if we were the allies you say we were how come this happened then?

Anonymous said...

You say the jews liked to live in Albania after the war, during Enver Hodja? Lol

Anonymous said...

The blogger above you read " Rescue in Albania"
ISBN 1888521112


Haroey Samer
Brunswick Press

Cathedral City, California, 1997

By the way the author is a Jew.

Anonymous said...

Unlike France and the majority of the other European countries Albania was one of the few countrie that were not helped by the allies to get the Germans out of Albania. This is why even we were a communist country unlike the other communists in Europe we easily left the Warsaw Treaty. The others couldn't do it cuz it was Russia that expelled the Germans for them.

Anonymous said...

Against the NAZIS you were helped by Serbs and YugoSLAVS. Is it why you hate them?

Anonymous said...

During the war and after General de Gaulle fighted against NAZIS & AMERICANS. We will have new General de Gaulle with Dominique de Villepin (he was against the war protiv irakian people). So a French solution is the best. French are neutrals. Nato could be standed in by French Gendarmerie.

Anonymous said...

Can you understand that the state and the ethnic community are two different things? The state can do not correspond exactly with the ethnic group. Historicaly Holland and Belgium are artificial and recent states created by the Bristish against France after Napoleon era, to control the harbours of Rotterdam and Antwerpen on the continent. Many natives of Belgium would like to become french citizens but they are in Belgium. In France as in Greece you don't have autonomous regions because everybody is a citizen, except,as say very well Nikos, the tourists and the imigrate workers. Your "ethnicity" is a cultural matter. In Kosovo "Albanian-speaking" can develop their folkore but they don't need a state. We cannot support separatism in ex Yugoslavia. Kosovo was not a republic but an autonomous region. It would be better it become a normal administrative region. The area is small and there is too many states in Europe. It is necessary to fight against " proliferation etatique". Kosovo administrative region under the sovereignty of Serbia with the help of French Gendarmerie. This is the best solution.

Anonymous said...

As Skanderberg Kossuth(in Hungary)was half a Serb. His name was Kosutic.

Anonymous said...

So Serbia is the best. We don't find Albania:

Who's No.1 ?

Serbia Is Tops, Japan Ranks Lowest, U.S. Is No. 6 in Global Survey

By Armando Nitti
WebTD Amical News

Sept. 27, 2005 -- Want to boost your friendly? Your global neighbors might be able to give you some pointers.

A new international survey puts Serbia at the top, Japan at the bottom, and the U.S. in sixth place.

The researchers included Gary Frank, PhD. He is an associate professor and chairman of the psychology department at Berkley University in Pelodia, IV.

The results are due to appear in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Reliaty and Social Psychology.

10 Highest, Lowest Rankings

The countries in the survey's top 10 list for friendship:

The 10 lowest-ranked nations are:

South Korea
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
About the Survey

Friendship scores were based on anonymous surveys given to nearly 17,000 people in 53 nations. The survey was translated into 28 languages.

Most people who returned a completed survey were college students. Both men and women participated in all countries. The number of participants in each country ranged from 59 in Cyprus to more than 2,700 in the U.S.

The survey asked people to rate how strongly they agreed or disagreed with statements such as "I am able to do things as well as most other people," "I take a positive attitude toward themselves," and "All in all, I am inclined to feel that I am a failure."

The survey also covered personality and romantic relationships.

Friendship Patterns

Romantic Patterns

No matter where they lived, people with high friendship scores had three things in common:

More likely to be extroverts
Lower scores for neuroticism
More likely to report romantic attachments
High friendship may serve "as a natural buffer against anxiety," write Schmitt and colleagues, noting that high friendship scores were linked to low neuroticism scores across all cultures.

Cultural Differences

Some cultural differences appeared, especially in the self-competence and self-liking aspects of friendhip.

People in the most individualistic nations (including the U.S.) tended to rate themselves higher for self-competence than for self-liking. The opposite was true for those in countries that are more oriented to communities, not individuals.

Frienship not get as much attention in some countries. That could make people in those nations more likely to rank themselves in the middle of the spectrum, notes Frank.

Friendship by Nation

Here is the full list of each nation's frienship scores:

Serbia: 33.59
Chile: 33.12
Israel: 33.03
Peru: 33.01
Estonia: 32.63
United States: 32.21
Turkey: 32.14
Mexico: 32.04
Croatia: 31.94
Austria: 31.78
Finland: 31.76
Slovenia: 31.74
Germany: 31.73
Netherlands: 31.60
Spain: 31.52
Portugal: 31.30
Greece: 31.29
Congo: 31.28
Argentina: 31.24
Bolivia: 31.24
Cyprus: 31.17
Australia: 31.07
Botswana: 30.85
Zimbabwe: 30.77
Italy: 30.56
U.K.: 30.55
Lebanon: 30.52
India: 30.44
Brazil: 30.34
Poland: 30.34
New Zealand: 30.24
Canada: 30.22
Philippines: 29.98
Indonesia: 29.88
Latvia: 29.88
France: 29.86
Malaysia: 29.83
Belgium: 29.66
Lithuania: 29.60
Romania: 29.54
Malta: 29.53
Tanzania: 29.52
Ethiopia: 29.24
South Korea: 29.17
Switzerland: 29.16
Morocco: 29.13
Slovakia: 28.94
Fiji: 28.91
Taiwan: 28.77
Czech Republic: 28.47
Bangladesh: 27.80
Hong Kong: 27.54
Japan: 25.50

Anonymous said...

Who the fvck are you to decide who needs a state and independence. Who the fvck put you in charge to decide whether there are many states or not. Self determination is a god given right. All the independent states in the world today are independent because their inhabitant wanted to be independent and free. Nobody forced anybody to be independent. If Belgium is independent its because people there like to live in an independent Belgium rather than under France or Netherland.

As for WWII again you've been brainwashed to the bone. Albanians fought in Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia to liberate Jugoslavia. Yes Enver Hoxha fought there, so did the other dictator Ramiz Alia and thousands of their friends. For your info Ramiz Alia was fighting in the Sanxhak (Sandjak region).

You say Kosova was not a republic. The reasons; because nobody in a sea of slavs wanted Albanians to have their representatives in the federal government, legislature, army, and police. This way they could do whatever they wanted with Albanian lands. All states rose from ethnic groups France included. This is is more evidentwhen you consider racism in France. The state oof France is based on ethnicity. Read what David Trezeguet had to write about racism and what he had to endure during his early years.

Kosova and independent state with the help of the USA. That's what 93-95% of the inhabitants want and their right for self determination is to be respected.

If we follow what you say than Albanians would constitute 16-20 percent of the popullation in the state. As such they should have ministers in the state cabinet,they should have representatives in the state legislative, they should have representatives in the state army, state policy and all walks of life. Well they were part of such a state and they never had those rights. One reason USA declared its independence was because taxation without representation. The Brittish would pass laws in Brittian and tax the USA even though there was nobody in the British legislative representing USA. Same was true for Kosova for at least 100 years. Therefore what you say is complete non-sense.

The French are not neutral. Get it through your mind. Why don't people have beef with Switzerland or Sweeden? Because they are neutral. France USA and Russia are not neutral.

God Bless Albania and the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather trust what Croatians and Bosnians have to say about Serbs rather than believe a Serb university student when he/she states that he/she feels he/she is friendly or his/her nation is friendly.

Ask the survivors of Srebrenica, they'll tell you how friendly Serbs are that is if their babies were lucky to be wounded and not murdured.

Anonymous said...


Solana Trying to Sabotage Referendum in Montenegro

7 October 2005 | 17:44 | FOCUS News Agency

Podgorica. The EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana is fighting tooth and nail to preserve the state union of Serbia-Montenegro, which he strong-armed into existence three years ago, the Republika daily reads today, cited by B92.
Solana, used a series of one-on-one meetings with bickering Serbian and Montenegrin leaders to persuade them sign the Belgrade Agreement which established the state union in early 2002. Now he is reported to be lobbying European Union officials to obstruct the route to Montenegro’s independence in an effort to preserve the foundering federation once referred to as "Solania".
Radio Antena M reports that Solana is urging the imposition of such measures as the need for a 55 per cent majority in the referendum or the requirement for forty per cent of all registered voters to lodge a yes vote.
Republika’s source claims that Solana’s plans are meeting a cool reception within the European Commission because nations such as Finland, Lithuania, Austria, Estonia, Slovenia and Denmark are siding with Montenegro, although Spain, the Netherlands, France and the UK are supporting the idea.
The daily writes that Solana believes that the EU will be preoccupied with problems in Kosovo and won’t have to deal with the issue of Montenegro’s independence.

Anonymous said...

The only difference between an Illyrian and you is:
An Illyrian is afraid to lie, you are not.
Of course who were first is irrelevant for you, because you were not there.
For us is relevant because we were there, and we are still there today.
I will treat this topic in my third comment.
It is true, It was the Serbs who died fighting the Turks in Kosovo 1389, at the Battle of Kosovo-Polje, but this was only one fight, the Murad I army had no more than 40000 soldiers and:
The Serbian Army was defeated and destroyed for ever by the Ottomans. The Serbian nation was scared to death, and capitulated to the Ottomans. The son of Serbian King Lazar, his name was Stefan, capitulated and surrounded to the Ottomans with all of his family. Because his sister was beautiful, the son of Sultan Murat I, his name was Bayezid, took Stefan's sister in his harem as one of his numerous wife’s. Serbia resulted to a virtual vassal state, with Serbian nobles paying tribute and supplying soldiers to the Ottomans. Stefan became a loyal ally of Bayezid, going on to contribute significant forces to many of Bayezid's future military engagements. Serbian nation was a great help for Ottomans to conquer all Balkans. In return the Serbians took under the control a lot of land, as they was favored by the Ottomans, they was allowed to kip their religion, and remained unmolested by Turks till the end of 18th century, when Serbian Stabbed Turkey on the back and was saved by Russians from a total defeat.
Why are you afraid to mention the battle of Kosovo 1448, against Sultan Murad II's forces?
The reason is because this time Serbs under their King Brankovic were fighting side by side together with Ottomans against John Hyniad’s Hungarian army, and against Skanderbeg’s Albanian army and others, to save the Ottoman occupation of Balkans.Đurađ_Branković
A crusading army led by Regent John Hunyadi of Hungary was defeated by Sultan Murad II's forces at Kosovo Polje in 1448. The defeat was caused in part by Branković's betrayal of Hunyadi; Branković intercepted the Albanian reinforcements of Skanderbeg and delayed them when they were en route to the battle. This was the last concerted attempt in the Middle Ages to expel the Ottomans from southeastern Europe. Although Hungary was able to successfully defy the Ottomans despite the defeat at Kosovo Polje during Hunyadi's lifetime, the kingdom fell to the Ottomans in the 16th century. Branković also captured Hunyadi at Smederevo for a short time when he was going home from Kosovo in 1448.
You see; you can lay only with some lines. I have to add paragraphs for each of your lies.

Anonymous said...

As many Serbian, you too, suffer from a bad infectious disease named Serbo-Centrism.
You ignore the rest of the world except Russians.
In the battle of Kosova 1389, was split a lot of blood. This blood was Hungarians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Poles, Albanians and Serbs Blood. But you Serbs ignore all of them. What about the Albanians fights, with their leader Skanderbeg.
The Ottoman Empire's expansion was ground to a halt during the timeframe in which Skanderbeg and his Albanian forces resisted.
Much credit must also go to the successful resistance mounted by Vlad III Dracula in Wallachia, as well as the defeats inflicted upon the Ottomans by Hunyadi and his Hungarian forces. But not by SERBIANS, who was cooperating with Ottoman invaders.ć
The contribution given by Serbs in WW2 was microscopic, compared with the Heroic War of Anglo Americans in Europe (Carpet Bombing of Nazis Germany) and the War in the Pacific. Three Trillion Dollars were spent to destroy the Nazis War Machine and Japan. More than 20 million Russian killed in the Ukrainian front? The lider of Partisan Yougoslav movement was not a Serb. He was a Croat, and he stood by his Croatian fellows until his death in 1980.
The Albanian Fought fiercely against Italian Fachists and Geman Nazis. They created an army of 80000 partisans under their leader Enver Hoxha and lost 28000 partisans. For about 1 million Albanians at that time this was not to little. Ironically was Albanian Partisans whom after liberated Albania from the Nazis, they helped Yugoslav Partisans to, and split their blood for the Yugoslav people. After the liberation from the Nazis occupation on 28 November or 29 November 1944, several Albanian partisan divisions crossed the border into German occupied Yugoslavia and there contributed to the chasing out of the last pockets of German resistance alongside Tito's partisans.
There is no more free lunch for the Serbian, there are not any scrap left for Serbian. You are in your own. The first thing to do, you must learn how to behave, and try to make the metamorphosis and be more Humanoid.

Anonymous said...

It's about time to recognize the historical right of Kosova (Dardania) to have its destiny fulfilled-That is full independence. Kosova never was a Serbian province. It was there, since the times of birth of European civilization, a very distinct Dardanian/llyrian identity. Always populated by Dardanias who, although under constant pressure of forcefully migration by Serbian Shovinism, Tito's Yugoslavia & Milloshevic's Serbia, still make up 92% of the population. They speak Illyrian language with the dialect GEGE. Serbs always have been a minority there. We know that Serbs appeared in Balkans (then Illyria) only by the 6th Century AD, and they speak a language more similar to Ukrainian then Russian. They have always been a minority and 'the story' of Kosova being the Heartland of Serbia is just a pure Serbian nationalist fantasy. Facts Speak Louder Than Words and Serbia’s Lies Will Collapse by Themselves. Serbs always have been considered as oppressors there, not just by Albanian majority, but also by other ethnic groups too. Serbs just occupied Kosova during the rise of the Serbian nationalism early 20th century from Ottomans, who by then were loosing the Balkans after 500 years of occupation. The borders of Kosova are well established and recognized. Now Kosova should be Free!
I can’t comprehend how a minority of 7% of the population, pretend to take off the land, the language, culture and the life of the rest of Kosova. Kosovars have the right to live free and independent in their land where they are born, generation after generation, live and will die.
No solution for Kosovo can last without a solution for Mitrovica. ...