Friday, October 14, 2005

Burns: No veto, no violence – talks start in 30 days (dailies)

All dailies give extensive coverage to yesterday’s visit by US Under-Secretary of State Nicholas Burns and his meetings with international and local leaders in Pristina. Most dailies highlight Burns’ quote that talks on Kosovo’s status will start in 30 days.

Koha Ditore reports on the front page that Burns has called on Serbia to be fairer toward Kosovo, and he called on the Kosovan political leadership to be united on the eve of, and during, status talks and not repeat the Rambouillet scenario. Burns also said that during status talks, the US will have a special envoy.

“It is no up to the US or any other country to say what the status of Kosovo will be. Therefore, my country doesn’t support any specific option. This should be the responsibility of the people living here, but also the responsibility of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro. Therefore, we hope that in 30 days we will see the start of status talks and people will start talking to each other about the best ways for moving forward,” Burns was quoted as saying.

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