Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Russia approves UN decision on Kosovo - Foreign Ministry

MOSCOW. Oct 25 (Interfax) - Russia is satisfied with the UN Security Council's decision to approve the UN secretary general's recommendation to begin negotiations on the status of Kosovo, says a statement by Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Yakovenko posted on www.mid.ru on Tuesday.

"The decision made by the council regarding Kosovo fully agrees with Russia's position. Moscow has always been in favor of the UN Security Council playing the leading role at all stages of the Kosovo settlement," the statement says.

The Security Council should continue monitoring the situation in Kosovo, the statement says. "At the next stage, the task of observing standards will become particularly important. Without this, achieving long-term stabilization and a settlement in the region is impossible," the statement says.


Anonymous said...

Ah, gotta love Russia's position on Kosovo. Who can forget Ivanov's absurd position post MTA. Who can forget "Ruset yo, Nato po" down there in Rahovec in '99? And why the hell was the Russian army stationed in Malisheve, the most dirt poor place ever? Pah.

Anonymous said...

Dear poster,

Albanians have nothing against Russia, only if they support the likes of Milosevic and those that attempted to wipe out the Albanian inhabitants of South East Europe. When you support attempted genocide and ethnic cleansing of course you will be disliked.

Other than that, there is no reason Russians and Albanians have problems. In fact, we were on friendly terms for a period when the political issues related to Serbia were not on the agenda.

Anonymous said...

Albanians have no friends only enemies and there growing by the day.