Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Kosovo Police Disperse Anti-UN Protesters;Dozens Arrested

PRISTINA (AP)--Police in Kosovo on Wednesday used pepper spray to disperse dozens of ethnic Albanian protesters spray-painting U.N. vehicles with anti-U.N. slogans. Several dozen were arrested.

About 100 demonstrators wearing white T-shirts painted the Albanian word for " the end" on several U.N. cars parked near the U.N. mission headquarters in Kosovo's capital, Pristina.

Police arrested dozens of youths, including former student leader Albin Kurti.

The demonstration was organized by a group called Self-determination, which has staged regular protests to demand that the U.N. leave Kosovo. The group is also pressing for the province's independence from Serbia and rejects the idea of negotiations over Kosovo's future status with Serbia.

Kurti, the leader of the group, was jailed by Serb authorities during the crackdown by former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's forces on ethnic Albanian separatists in Kosovo. He spent several years in prison.

Kosovo has been administered by the U.N. since a 1999 North Atlantic Treaty Organization air war halted the Serb offensive.

There are around 3,000 U.N. police serving alongside 7,000 members of the fledgling Kosovo Police Service.

The province's status remains disputed. The ethnic Albanian majority wants independence, while Serbs living in Kosovo demand that it remain part of Serbia. Talks to determine Kosovo's future are expected to take place later this year.

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Anonymous said...

PROVE 1 THING WRONG FROM ANY OF THE ARTICLES POSTED about Srebrenica, or Albo oppression, PROVE ONE THING WRONG with a normal sense of debate, here i am not cursing or calling u names, please it all this is "serb propaganda" then it will be easy for u to prove it wrong. can u tell me WHAT is a lie about anything written here??? and please show some concrete evidence, proof logic not just "teh whole world knows u are this or that" or "serbian genocide" catch phrases u use all teh time, go beyond the rhetoric for once and prove it wrong, prove to me that all sides are not to blame in the yugo wars. do u understand why serbs think this way? teh serbs did not the wars, they were the only people with the muslims in bosnia that wanted yugo to stay toghether (and no shit they would dominate it they are the biggest n strongest group), why do u not support the serbs in croatia and bosnia to break away? (and again dont give me this stupid rhetoric that holbrroke thought u "u cant reward genocide" cause taht is what he is rewarding the albos in kosovo with, in the last 100 years the Albos have totally cleansed out all serbs from kosovo for good, 250,000 in 99' and hundreds of thousands through the years, that is the REAL genocide in kosovo), did the serbs want to have the highest amount of refugees in europe today? 350,000 from Croatia 250k from kosovo and the same # from bosnia? guys half of teh war dead in bosnia are serbs (THE NUMBER OF VICTIMS WAS CONDUCTED BY A CIA REPORT IN 1994 WHERE THE REPORT COVERED ONLY TEH MUSLIM/CRAOT TERRITORY!!!! THEY DIDNT EVEN CARE TO GO TO SEE HOW MANY SERBS DIED) ALL THIS BULLHSIT THETORIC ABOUT 250,000 DEAD?? WHAT? THERE IS PROOF AND EVIDENC OF 40,000 LOOK IT UP ON UR OWN. HALF WERE SERBS, WAR IS HELL. WHAT DID U EXPECT WHEN THE KLA STARTED TO SHOT AT SERB POLICE AND ARMY? WERE THEY NOT SUPPOSED TO SHOT BACK?? OF COURSE THEY WERE JUST LIKE ANY ARMY IN TEH WRODL WOULD DO WHEN SOMEONE IS SOOTING AT TEHM ON THEIR SOVERGIN TERRITORY. AND WHAT ABOUT THE 500,000 ALBANIAN DEAD LIES U SPEWED? I MEAN EVIDENCE IS ONLY OF 2,100 ALBOS DEAD, THE 10K # IS A JOKE, THIS WAS MOSTLY KLA FIGHTERS WHO GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED AND WERE LOOKING FOR, I AM SURE THEY ARE HANGING OUT WITH 40 VIRGINS NOW AND SMOKIN HASH.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting how serbs now claim that albanians are muslim fundamentalists. This kind of reasoning is getting a bit trite. Serbs now want kosova to become a religious issue while forgetting that they decied to remove Kosovas autonomy, jail thousands, put serbs on every position with authority even though albanians were a majority in the province, close down the university for albanian students, discriminate against albananians in every possible way and still act like the massacres they committed where ok because in the village of a thousand there was one KLA member. With claims like these serbs are going to be successful in one thing and one thing only, create enemies. I dont know what the status talks will bring, however, one thing is for certain the war of '99 was just a warmup. Sooner or later albanians and serbs will tangle again if Kosova is not independent.

Anonymous said...

dude TRUST ME on this one Kosovo will be independent soon and serbs n albos will tango again, what do u think independence means the end of the dance, NOT. 50 years will pass and it will still go on. and yes, if the Albaniacs were not muslims this fanatical territory grab that was NEVER EVER under ALBANIAN control would never have happened, u would not muliply like roaches and you would not have allowed Bin Laden to come to Kosovo and Albania. PLEASE ANSWER MY PREVIOUS QUESTIONS.

Anonymous said...

No Justice with Serbia! No justice on stolen land! No justice with massacres and oppression!


Anonymous said...

You say you are not calling names, but you are callng names. Your questions are suggestive and you yourself do not believe what you're saying. You are a racist, brainwashed Serb who needs a life. The stuff that you post here is nothing more then jibberish. The article that you posted was written by a guy who was citing himself and Emperor's Clothes.

I suggest you find something better to do with your time.

However I must admit that sometimes your posts are entertaining.


It is sad that most people in Serbia think like you (Radical Party of Seselj won most of the votes). Serbia needs to do some serious soul-searching.

Anonymous said...

Independendence of Kosova is the only way to peace in the Bakans!

P.S. To Zorica, "I swear to God, I'm gonna kick you in the nuts." -Eric Cartman

Anonymous said...

Kurti has put UNMIK in a difficult position. On the one hand he is using UN resolutions to prove his point. On another level, because he has been persecuted (jail, torture, etc) by the Serbs, UN would fall on the same level as the Serbs if they did anything like that to him, and would increase student support for him. So UNMIK basically lets KPS jail his followers (and now him too) in ways that clearly violate civil liberties.
Don't get me wrong, damaging property, even UN's, is not acceptable. I think Kurti has to come up with more creative ways than spray painting to increase pressure on the UN.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry to say to albanians, but there will not be any independence. Not a chance. I see it as a person outside and maybe the best thing would even be independence, but no, there wont be any.
Austrian from Vienna.

Anonymous said...

dude again and again and again all u know how to debate is like rugova at teh milo trial where he looked like such an idiot and amature politician who was bailed out by teh judges all teh time. AGAIN FOR TEH 100th time PROVE SOMETHING WRONG FROM ANY OF THOSE ARTICELS ANYTHING 1 thing! stop teh "brainwashed" idiotic comments because a persone is truly brainwashed when they argue for a cause tehy can not prove with any substantial proof at ALL.

Anonymous said...

To Albin Kurti:


Anonymous said...

kosova will be independent and no one can do anything about it, what did you that UN scared u serbs like dogs during 1999? Why do u think all of a sudden every nation is opening an embassy in kosova and macedonia is trying to negotiate territorial agreements, they all know that independence is the way for kosova. It's not how fast ks will be independent that is important but getting serbian dumazes to realize it. whats kostunica going to do, call for the army to invade? Kosova will be free, all the way to Bujanoc, Presheva and that territory in macedonia which they recieved as a "gift" from FRY-Serbia..good luck praying to kostunica for comfort lmao a doctor without a perscription to his country haha

Anonymous said...

un scared the serbs????? hahahahahah asshole u would have never ever gotten kosov without nato, tehy were such pussies they had no balls to come fight on the groud. teh serbs fought them for 78 days n nights! 19 of the most advanced nations in teh world and the Serbs fought them, took tehm on like true heros not pussies which is what you albos are!!!! DUDE MARK MY WORDS U IDIOTS WOULD HAVE GOTTEN SO BITCH SLAPPED IF IT WASNT FOR NATO U WOULDNT HAVE KNOW WHAT HIT UR MONGOLIAN MARTIAN LOOKING UGLY FACES. YES KOSOVO WILL BE INDEPENDENT BUT THE DANCE WILL CONTINUE MY DEAR SHEEP LOVER THE DANCE WILL CONTINUE. KOSOVO WILL BE AVENGED AGAIN WHEN NATO LEAVES.

Anonymous said...

Serb dude u haven't proved yourself to be right. Why would we prove you're wrong.

Anonymous said...

Don't try to lecture me on Serb heroism. I wasn't fighting either, but Serbs were running like rats when planes shot by. They would let garages open and scramble in whenever there was an alarm. I had numerous soldiers (18 or 19 of age) coming to our house asking for civilian clothes after they had deserted. The only thing that kept them on their battle stations was the special police and the paramilitary thugs. You can imagine how effective they were, shooting aimlessly (they didn't dare turn on any radar) at the sky hoping that a jet would hit their cannon shells.

Let's not talk about how military convoys were mixed up with refugees, how tank and anti-aircraft units were stationed at our neigborhood to hide and even if discovered make it impossible for NATO to strike.
When Turkish pilots flew sorties (it was personal for some of them because 50 years ago Rankovic had cleansed their parents and grandparents out of Kosova), Serbs got heart attacks.

Don't wish for the ground battle with NATO, you already had one with your juniors, Croats, and you lost it badly. Remember Oluja in 1995, when Croat Army (on top with General Cheku, among four other generals) kicked Serb ass all the way to the border of Serbia. Boy you run like hell! What was it, 3 days or 4? So you're good at that.

I'll tell you what elese you are good at. Throwing gasoline at 200,000 houses. So far, you have only convicned me of two things. Wherever else thare was a decent resistance, you blamed the world for the catastrophe endured.

Anonymous said...

sure asshole becuae u think u saw somehting in ur fucking village while u were fucking ur sheep u think u know something about the overall political situation in the breakup of YUGO! IDIOT! even with the NATO planes flying over ur SHEEP ASS WAS RUNNING LIKE COCHAROACHES!!!! HAHAHAHAH!! the croats just like the ALBO SUKERS COULD ONLY GAIN TERRITORY WITH NATO PLANES FIGHTING FOR THEM. DUDE 500,000 Serbs couldnt be touched by 4,2Million croats all until nato bombed serb radar in the krajina. I mean if u werent such lowlife pussies and if the world would just allow teh serbs, craots, albos and muslims in bosnia fight on there own for once u assholes would ALL be ROCKED in no time! hahahah all NATO COULD HIT WAS factories and roads that coulndt protect themselves, dude 12 tanks only!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOSERS! KOSOVO WILL BE AVENGED AFTER IT BREAKS AWAY!

at said...

To the above blogger:

Seriously, I can't understand how you can be such an idiot.
I would recommend you go and ask for help. I mean it.
You have some real issues you have to deal with.
Don't be shy, ask for help. It's never too late.

Anonymous said...

I second that. It's genuinely a sad thing to see a person like that.

Anonymous said...

He needs ICE-CREAM!!!!

vera said...

Putin-Bush Negotiations on Kosovo: Independence of Kosovo in exchange for Serbia’s EU membership

(The analysis is a bit belated, as I didn’t have time to make it during the week).

After Putin negotiated with Bush the beginning of the EU negotiations with Turkey, in exchange of the start of the EU membership negotiations with Croatia,

Putin now agrees negotiating Kosovo in exchange of the US’ acceptance of an EU seat for Serbia, or at least this is the stance Putin now seem to display:

Russia thinks talks on Kosovo status could be started
MOSCOW. Oct 20 (Interfax) - Moscow believes talks on the status of Kosovo could be started at the current stage of the Kosovo settlement, Russia's permanent representative in the UN Andrei Denisov said.

"While continuing to observe international standards, it would be correct to consider to the status process, Denisov said in an interview to be published in the Vremya Novostei newspaper on Friday.


The stake:

“The UN-sanctioned war in the Balkans was all about oil and the pipeline easement for Caspian Sea oil to Western European markets through Kosovo to the Mediterranean Sea.”[url]

The negotiation process is set to start next month.


Kosovo starts journey toward self-rule “It must provide enough carrots to Belgrade to let Kosovo go (perhaps a promise of membership in the EU).”

“Partitioning Kosovo is not in the cards.”

“Nor is the idea of ethnically Albanian Kosovo joining Albania.”

“The best way forward is for Pristina and Belgrade to begin negotiations, under international supervision, with the goal of Kosovo becoming independent, as did Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Macedonia.

“On Oct. 24, the United Nations Security Council will hold a crucial session on the future status of Kosovo, a Serbian province that has been under the UN administration since 1999.
Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica will head a delegation to the UN Security Council session to expound on Serbia's stance over Kosovo.

Source: Xinhua”

The head of the UN mission in Kosovo, Soren Jessen-Petersen, said in neighbouring Albania Wednesday that "we have all come to the conclusion that after six years ... the status quo is no longer tenable."

He confirmed that the UN Security Council session next week would set a timetable for the negotiations and that they would begin next month.

"There is an absolute agreement throughout the region, Europe and the world that the Kosovo that emerges from the decision (about its) status must be a stable, tolerant, multi-ethnic and democratic Kosovo," Petersen said.

The stake:

“The UN-sanctioned war in the Balkans was all about oil and the pipeline easement for Caspian Sea oil to Western European markets through Kosovo to the Mediterranean Sea.”

“An alternate route would be to move the tankers from the Black Sea, bypassing the Bosporus, up the Danube River and then through a very short pipeline across Kosovo to the Mediterranean at Tirana, Albania.”[url]

Anonymous said...

Albanians are piss weak faggots who got on there hands and knees and sucked anyones cock who would protect them,the KLA smashed in 24 hours and running like the faggots they are.Dont worry we butchered you before and we and we wont spare anyone this time,the Serbs will and always fight to the death,theyve taken on the biggest powers of all time and smashed them so what are the little monkey albos going to do when america and christian europe turn there back on you?Whos going to save you then ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????