Thursday, October 27, 2005

International community knows "Kosovo will become independent" - Slovene leader

Text of report in English by Slovene news agency STA

Belgrade, 27 October: My initiative on the future status of Kosovo was not meant as a negotiating platform for Serbia-Montenegro, but as the final solution of the problem, Slovene President Janez Drnovsek commented on his recent proposal on Kosovo for a Belgrade weekly [Vreme].

When Thursday's [27 October] Vreme implied that the talks are out of the question if it is said at the beginning that "Kosovo is a state", the president replied that his proposal, which he presented last week, is not a proposal for negotiations, but a final solution.

Drnovsek feels that he should be the first to back Kosovo as a state, because he believes the truth without pretending ignorance is crucial. "Everyone in the international community knows that Kosovo will become independent," he said.

The president also added that he has not met anyone who would think otherwise. "The politicians in Serbia know that as well, I just do not know whether they have told that to their people," he stressed.

"After a certain period of time ... [ellipsis as published] when the international community establishes that the Albanians and Serbs can live together peacefully in the region, Kosovo will have the conditions to become an independent state," Drnovsek also said in the interview.

The only real dilemma now is the timing, the question how much time should pass until Kosovo becomes a fully independent state, the president feels. Another question is whether this will happen in only a few steps or take several years, he also said.

Vreme published the interview with Drnovsek on six pages in which the Slovene president explained in detail his plan for a Kosovo solution. Drnovsek's views prompted Belgrade into cancelling his official visit to Serbia-Montenegro planned for 2 Nov.

Source: STA news agency, Ljubljana, in English 1105 gmt 27 Oct 05


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Associated Press Writer

October 26, 2005, 8:58 AM EDT

SKORENOVAC, Serbia-Montenegro -- Col. Zoltan Dani was behind one of the most spectacular losses ever suffered by the U.S. Air Force: the 1999 shooting down of an F-117A stealth fighter.

Now, for the first time since that night six years ago, the former Serbian commander of an anti-aircraft missile battery has consented to speak publicly to Western media about the circumstances surrounding the unprecedented downing of a U.S. stealth plane

The hit on the radar-evading plane on March 27, 1999, during the 78-day NATO campaign over Serbia, triggered doubts not only about the F-117s, but also about the entire concept of stealth technology on which the U.S. Air Force has based its newest generation of warplanes.

Military analysts debated how the planes would fare in a war against a militarily sophisticated opponent if an obsolescent air defense such as Serbia's could manage to track and destroy them.

In an interview this week with The Associated Press, Dani said the F-117 was detected and shot down during a moonless night -- just three days into the war -- by a Soviet-made SA-3 Goa surface-to-air missile.

"We used a little innovation to update our 1960s-vintage SAMs to detect the Nighthawk," Dani said. He declined to discuss specifics, saying the exact nature of the modification to the warhead's guidance system remains a military secret.

It involved "electromagnetic waves," was all that Dani -- who now owns a small bakery in this sleepy village just north of Belgrade -- would divulge.

The F-117 was developed in great secrecy in the 1970s. It entered service in 1983 but was not revealed officially until 1988. It saw its first combat in the 1989 invasion of Panama and was a star of the 1991 Gulf War.

"Long before the 1999 war, I took keen interest in the stealth fighter and on how it could be detected," said Dani, who has been hailed in Serbia as a war hero. "And I concluded that there are no invisible aircraft, but only less visible."

The F-117 was one of only two allied aircraft shot down in the war. The other was an F-16 fighter, which the U.S. Air Force said was also hit by an SA-3. Both pilots bailed out and were rescued by NATO helicopters.

Dani said his anti-aircraft missile regiment, tasked with the anti-aircraft defense of the Serbian capital, Belgrade, downed the F-16.

Several other NATO warplanes were damaged by missile hits but managed to struggle back to bases in neighboring Bosnia, Macedonia or Croatia. At least one is said to have ditched into the Adriatic Sea as it attempted to regain its base in Italy.

Despite NATO's near-total air supremacy, the alliance never succeeded in knocking out Dani's batteries.

The Serb SAMs remained a potent threat throughout the conflict, forcing attacking warplanes to altitudes above 15,000 feet, where they were safe from surface-to-air missiles but far less effective in a ground attack role.

NATO won the war in June 1999, after President Slobodan Milosevic decided to withdraw his largely intact army from Kosovo, following the destruction of numerous government buildings, bridges and other infrastructure targets throughout Serbia.

"The Americans entered the war a bit overconfident," Dani said. "They thought they could crush us without real resistance."

"At times, they acted like amateurs," Dani said, listing some ways the Serbs managed to breach NATO communications security, including eavesdropping on pilots' conversations with AWACS surveillance planes.

"I personally listened to their pilots' conversations, learning about their routes and bombing plans," Dani said.

Dani said that his unit has had annual reunions on every March 27 since 1999 when a cake in the shape of the F-117 is served.,0,849057.story?coll=sns-ap-world-headlines

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Pathetic serb.One airplane against all the bridges blown up,power plants,military bases,government buildings etc.Keep celebrating, you won the war.And you keep posting your idiotic shit all over the place.

Anonymous said...

yes u forgot the tens of thousands of tons of depleted uranium dropped in kosovo hahahahahahahahahahahh even rugova is dieing from the cancer hahahahahahhaha!!!1

Anonymous said...

Idiot the first who would have died by now are the NATO soldiers who supposedly used bullets having a percentage of depleted uranium.

pena said...

we will have to name a street after the Slovanian president.. After we get the independance ofcourse

Anonymous said...

or invite him in the front row when Kosova celebrates its independence with a really big PArade

Anonymous said...

what in the fuck would your fucken comment actually mean, you fucken talk about the f-117A, when kosova is talking about its independs, you are a fucken looser you shit ass, you are nothing but a dick face, think about it, Kosova is Indepedent, we are just waiting for UN to see it, and thats all, who the fuck cares what Russia, China, and fucken Serbs what, the only thing matters is for United States to approve it.

Kosovo is Independed STATE!

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Mos i shajni se po e tregojn ata kush jan, shkijet na therrasin me emra po ne ja tregojm botes sa ma te mire jemi...

cdo here qe ju i quani fuckers e cka po di tjeter, bini ne nivel te tyre

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NATO and US had some 900 airplanes and Serbia and some 70 mostly old russian airplans... the number is now 21! NATO made huge damage against serbien military so much that they dont even have money to buy fuel for their airplanes... the other thing is that serbian military hide their airplans in civilanground and didnt wanna combat in air... those are 21 left! I understand they didnt had any chans? But my question is, where was your brotherhood Russia? I heard Clinton told Boris - Make your move if you dare <- source B92

Anonymous said...

hahaahah only 12 tanks were destroyed !!!!!!! hahahahhahaha thats why nato is still there to protect u u pussies! without tehm and when they leave you will be dancing again!!! hahahah

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I love how the albanians are all so tough hiding behind the skirt of America. Now that you are armed why not have the American go home and you take you chances against the Serb Army? The world knows that the albanians would get crushed!

Anonymous said...

Albanians are not war criminals like your folks there. Serbs heroes fighting old women and kids are famous from Croatia to Kosova.

Yes we hid behind America's skirt, cause we love peace, but all I see coming from you is "crush them", "destroy", "kill". What do you love? Destruction? Killing? Murder? Rape? Sounds very Serb to me.

You must still be in 1945 my friend, wake up, read up on some Buddhist scriptures and learn to love your neighbour and stop wishing them destruction.

Now listen, we want peace...what do you want?

Anonymous said...

love thy neighbor? what do u do when u let ur neighbor in ur house and he kicks u out for good and tehn calims the house U BUILT is his?????? and tehn he tries to invent all these crazy claims like "but the house was built on land that my great great great great x 20 ancestors lived on" tehn according to this logic america should be given back to the indians (u must agree, hey but at least the indians really were in america before the white man). ALBOS ARE NOT WAR CRIMINALS?????? look up what ur fathers did in ww2 skenderbeg division, look at ur history with the turk occupier and for a more recent account of ur actions (u totally cleansed kosovo of serbs for good, hundreds of thousands of them that u r still in denial about, u have blown up hundreds of srbs churches u also deny and killed over 2000 srebs in the last 8 years)

The Crimes of the KLA: Who Will Pay?

Associated Press

Of the war against terrorism, President Bush says, "You're either with us or against us."
A New York Times article of 4 March by Joyce Walder, titled, "Side by Side in Life, and Now, in Death," sympathetically chronicles the deaths of three Albanian-American brothers who went together to Kosovo to fight and die along side the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

No one should be insensitive to the great loss and the tragedy that has befallen the Bytyqi family. The loss of one's sons deeply affects every family, regardless of ethnicity. Throughout the conflict in Kosovo, unfortunately, Americans of Albanian descent constantly watched the tragedy unfold before their eyes as portrayed by an anti-Serb, pro-Albanian media and leaders bent on stirring up ethnic hatred. Seeing the long lines of refugees seeking to escape the carnage and hearing exaggerated reports of unspeakable atrocities, who would not be moved or encouraged to join up with their fellow Albanians in what they perceived to be a righteous jihad? The Bytyqi brothers probably never saw or wouldn't believe anything contrary to what they were told, such as a UPI article of 29 June 1999, titled "Internal refugee numbers overestimated," which reported, "As an international peacekeeping force moves into Kosovo, they are not finding the large numbers of internally displaced people anticipated, based on estimates from the United Nations, according to Lt. Gen. Mike McDuffie, the Joint Staff s director of logistics. We planned for what we thought was a potential disaster...and we just haven't found it, McDuffie said. KFOR was expecting to find about half a million people displaced from their homes. Instead, peacekeepers have found only small pockets of people as refugees from outside and inside the province surge back home." Furthermore, Jonathan Steele reported in the Guardian of 30 June 1999, that one ethnic Albanian professional "disclosed that it was KLA advice, rather than Serbian deportations, which led some of the hundreds of thousands of Albanians to leave Kosovo."

Unfortunately, the Albanian-American brothers "righteous jihad" is one that further promotes bin Laden's war of terrorism against the American people. Sadly, they were pawns in that tragic game, victims of the unscrupulous lies and machinations of men like Congressman Eliot L. Engel of New York and William Walker, former U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador and former member of the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), who knew the facts but twisted and distorted them for their own purposes. It was William Walker who accompanied the bodies of the Bytyqi brothers back from Kosovo to New York.

On one of his first trips to Kosovo, Congressman Engel stood on the square of Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, and told ethnic Albanians that he wanted to return as its first U.S. Ambassador to an independent Kosova, (as opposed to the official Serbian name, Kosovo) in essence, fomenting anarchy and encouraging revolution against the legitimate government in Belgrade. Congressman Engel should be especially pleased to know that of the 40,000 Serbs who once lived in Pristina, fewer than 250, mostly elderly, are confined in two apartment complexes, too terrified to even go in search of food. It should also be noted that the Serbians, who were once the majority in Kosovo, their Jerusalem, have all but had their culture, society, language and religion eradicated by ethnic Albanians who gained their majority mostly by crossing illegally from Albanian into Kosovo, ably assisted by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a flawed U.S. foreign policy and a willing media.

It was at the request of the KLA that Walker was asked to investigate the discovery of a number of Albanian bodies in the village of Racak, a KLA stronghold, after a battle had taken place between KLA and Serb forces. Before even reaching Racak, and before any evaluation or independent investigation could be made, Walker immediately pointed his crooked finger of guilt at the Serbs and declared the killings a "massacre." Primarily based on the Racak massacre, President Clinton ordered the bombing of Yugoslavia, a sovereign nation and a people who had not harmed one hair on the head of a single American. The truth eventually came out. The Italian newspaper, Il Manifesto headlined: "OSCE LIED ABOUT RACAK." Rome, April 09, 2000: " There was no massacre in Racak, says today the Italian daily Il Manifesto, citing the results of the inquiry recently launched by the German daily Berliner Zeitung. The evidence clearly shows what really happened: there was no mass murder in Racak. Those were probably the bodies of the KLA terrorists who died [in the battle] on January 15th. "

In her often moving article, Ms. Walder left out a few important facts regarding the KLA for whose cause the Bytyqi brothers died. In 1998, State Department officials listed the Kosovo Liberation Army as a terrorist organization. The KLA was labeled as the "Vietcong of the Balkans" by Mark Almond, Chairman of the British Helsinki Human Rights Group (BHHRG) in the weekly British Spectator of 3 April 1999. Marcia Christoff Kurop in The Wall Street Journal on 1 Nov. 2001, "Al Qaeda's Balkan Links," reported that "For the past 10 years, the most senior leaders of al Qaeda have visited the Balkans, including bin Laden himself on three occasions between 1994 and 1996." It should be noted that this WSJ European report did not appear in the WSJ national edition for American consumption. Chris Hedges described the KLA s founders as "diehard Marxist-Leninists as well as descendants of the fascist militias raised by the Italians in World War II," in a New York Times article of 28 March.


Jerry Seper of The Washington Times reported in 1999 that "some members of the Kosovo Liberation Army which has financed its war effort through the sale of heroin, were trained in terrorist camps run by international fugitive Osama bin Laden." Furthermore, The Centre for Peace in the Balkans reported Bin Laden's Balkan Connections and that "Osama bin Laden's activities in Albania are well known and documented. As a matter of fact at one point the presence of his network in that country was so powerful that US Defense Secretary William Cohen canceled a scheduled visit July 1999 for fear of being assassinated. Bin Laden's organization was one of several fundamentalist groups that had sent units to fight in Kosovo, the neighboring province of Serbia."

Christian Jennings of The Daily Telegraph reported on 19 Feb. 2002, "Taliban heroin profits arming Balkan rebels," that "Heroin from huge stockpiles in Afghanistan is beginning to pour into European capitals, with much of the profit being used to buy arms for Albanian rebels seeking to start a new round of conflict in the southern Balkans. Senior drug trade analysts from the United Nations Drug Control Program in Vienna and Western police officials say much of the heroin being sold in countries such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland is coming from stocks in Afghanistan, much of it controlled by al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters. European drug squad officers say Albanian and Kosovo Albanian dealers are ruthlessly trying to seize control of the European heroin market, worth up to $27 billion a year, and have taken over the trade in at least six European countries."

Over 80% of drugs going into Europe today originate from Kosovo. The Christian Science Monitor reported on Oct. 20, 1994: "Disrupted by the Yugoslav conflict, drug trafficking across the Balkans is making a comeback as Albanian mafia barons carve out a new smuggling route to Western Europe, bypassing the peninsula's war zones, according to United Nations and other narcotics experts." To document the increase in traffic through the Albanian Kosovar region The Monitor continued, "For example, just 14 pounds of hard drugs were seized by Hungarian police in 1990, but by August this year [1994] the figure had risen to 1,304 pounds."


In addition to drugs, the Kosovo Liberation army is engaging in sex slavery, prostitution, (Agence-France Presse (AFP), 9 August 2001) murders, and kidnappings. Yet, Senator Joseph Lieberman, another apologist for the KLA says, "The United States of America and the Kosovo Liberation Army stand for the same human values and the principles . . . Fighting for the KLA is fighting for human rights and American values." (Washington Post, Apr. 28, 1999). It makes one wonder what Senator Lieberman considers American values.

In her New York Times article Joyce Walder also failed to mention the rapes of Serbian nuns, (New York Post, 19 June 1999), the murder of priests, or the "granny killers," the KLA murder of elderly women. (The Washington Times, 13 Aug. 1999.) Other reports were of murder by drowning the women in bathtubs or by decapitation. Nor was there mention of the destruction of over 200 13th and 14th century churches and monasteries or "The mutilated bodies of 14 Serbian farmers who had been s hot," as Chris Hedges reported in the New York Times of 25 July 1999. And the murders and destruction still continue unabated by the international community. Who will pay for the continuation of Hitler's final solution to exterminate Serbia's culture, society, language and religion in Kosovo by his World War II allies?

Former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia, James Bissett, wrote in The National Post (Canada), 13 November 2001, "War on terrorism skipped the KLA," that "Kosovo has become exclusively an Albanian province with the exception of a few stalwart Serbians in the Mitrovica area who live surrounded by barbed wire and are threatened daily with murder and mayhem by their Albanian neighbours. The Balkans, since the end of the bombing, have been in constant turmoil caused by the KLA terrorist activities."

Americans have been warned that there are still many Al Qaeda "sleepers" i.e., "cells" in this country just waiting to commit another 9/11. How many of these sleepers have infiltrated the pro-KLA communities under the guise of being freedom fighters for "Kosova independence?" Dare we ask the question? Or is that racial profiling? Well known columnist and journalist, Bill Gertz of The Washington Times reported on 18 September 2001, "Hijackers connected to Albanian terrorist cell, CIA says." Gertz further stated, "Islamic radicals, including supporters of bin Laden, have been supporting Albanian rebels fighting in the region, including members of the Kosovo Liberation Army." AFP further reports on 7 March, "FBI director Robert Mueller today warned that al-Qaeda cells around the world, including in the United States, were planning new terror attacks on the United States – despite seeing their home base in Afghanistan routed....[Attorney General] Ashcroft warned Americans they probably wouldn't be able to lower their guard in their lifetimes."

To compare the deaths of three Albanian-American brothers who went to fight on foreign soil as warriors of Islam along side the Marxist, narco-terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army to America s "Fighting Sullivan brothers," as reported in the Wadler article, is an insult to the memory of those brave sailors who were fighting for our country. When Mr. Walker joined Representative Engel at the funeral, he stated that he "was not certain the brothers were getting the recognition they deserved." To that I certainly agree, but not in the sense Mr. Walker intended.

So what exactly is going on here? The connection between Osama bin Laden's KLA and Al Qaeda is indisputable; these are the same terrorists our nation is fighting against. President Bush's admonition should be directed to those who support the KLA, in particular of Mr. William Walker and Congressman Engel: "You're either with us or against us." Which is it?

Anonymous said...

The International community must keep searching for creative solution for the future Kosovo-Metohija status, keeping to international law and principle that independence shouldn't be the only option, evaluated in his analysis Sweden Institute TFF that engaged in political conflict analysis.

Second thoughts on independence?

Anonymous said...

Second thoughts on independence?
Hell yeah,after kosova's independence,montenegro and Vojvodina will be independent too.
Yeah we are what we eat, pussies.That will make you sebs COCKSUCKERS.If we are such pussies why the serbs left kosova and are afraid of pussies now, and dont want to comeback.Try to get in kosova now and after we organize kosova's army.You are good in fighting inococent civilians,killing kids and women.Stop posting idiotic articles that only your Miloshebitch sick mind believes.

Anonymous said...

The education systems in both the albanian side of Kosovo and Metohija and Albanian must be gleaming with pride when their students have problems posting their incomplete thoughts and have to revert to profanity to express their feelings.

Anonymous said...

why do u care for vojvodina? that just shows your metal hatred for teh serbs and everything they stand for, if you get your independence why do you care for what happens to serbia?

Anonymous said...

Yeah we might need some help from your serbian brightness,where only 50% of population has finished 8 years of school,as stated by your minister of education.You are just brainwashed to the max, like the majority of you serbs.

Fatilirida said...

""why do u care for vojvodina? ""

dont you read the papers?? hungarians as well as croats are beaten and harassed, tourtered everyday of their life just beacuse they are NOT serbs.. YES we do care for people exept (serbs) every one that lived in the FYrj wants nothing to do with the serbs... all the bloddy wars and so manny deaths were caused by serbs. we also care about sanjak cause we know what it is in for them.... after voyvodina nad montenegro splits from you yougousluts,,, sanjak people wwill suffer just as bad as the rest of us has in the past...AFTER KOSOVA , MONTENEGRO AND VOYVDINA BECOMES INDEPENDET WE SHOULD HAVE SANJAK AND MACEDONIA FOR SOME SORT OF ECONOMIC TREATY AND LLEAV THE SERBS OUT KINGOFILIRIA@JEBESERBE.CUR

armera said...
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armera said...

Col. Zoltan Dani that your posting is referring to as you can tell by his first and last name is by the way Hungarian. What I don’t understand is why would you be proud as Serb of Hungarian accomplishments?

I am sorry I forgot, you Serbs have a way to slightly change fact and always turn history in your favor.

A friendly reminder that every war you had so far you lost, yet every loss you claim as a victory. At least this is how it was for the last 500 years. Sorry to burst your bubble, you have no substance.