Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tests indicate no signs of avian flu in Kosovo

Text of report by Kosovo Albanian newspaper Koha Ditore on 24 October

Prishtina [Pristina], 23 October: Via a press release circulated to the media, the Kosova [Kosovo] Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Rural Development and the Veterinary and Food Service of Kosova (AVUK) have advised that the results of tests on four samples of [sick] poultry have shown that there are no signs of avian flu in Kosova. The tests were done by the Veterinary Institute of Kosova.

"In all the cases we were dealing only with the cannibalistic [word as published] diagnosis of birds, which commonly occur in our farms. On this occasion, we would like to advise the public once again that there is no bird flu of any kind in Kosova," the statement reads.

According to officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Rural Development, the AVUK and other relevant governmental agencies have been mobilized in the Crisis Centre of Kosova. The ministry said in its statement, "Whenever there is any kind of suspicion, we constantly making appropriate examinations and analyses of samples. We have sophisticated equipment for this purpose donated by the United States; this makes it possible to determine a diagnosis quite quickly."

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Rural Development has also proposed holding a conference by the end of this month to address measures for preventing avian flu.

Source: Koha Ditore, Pristina, in Albanian 24 Oct 05 p 3


Anonymous said...

Hey Serbs, fast...blame the bird flu on the KLA, or even better on Bin Laden's pigeon and geese agents with towels on their heads that are spreading the disease with the intention of wiping out all of Serbia. Of course they used China as source to hide the fact that they are operating from a chicken farm in eastern Kosova under the nose of NATO...and Bin Laden acting as a farmer.

Now behold...Serbia will take this and turn ito a Wikipedia article!!!

Anonymous said...

no dude blame it on the thousands of tons of depleted uranium that ur "allies" dropped on urs heads, even ur socalled "president" is dieing from cancer.

Anonymous said...

I knew you'd find some political-everybody-hates-serbs reason behind the chicken deaths

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