Saturday, October 01, 2005

NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo neutralise explosive under UN car


NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo (KFOR) early on Saturday successfully removed an explosive planted under a UN car in the main street of the capital Pristina, police said.

"The explosive was removed at ten minutes after midnight by KFOR specialists. We still don't know what kind of explosive it was," Refki Morina, a police spokesman told AFP.

"The explosive was planted under a UN car parked in the Ministry of Culture compound," he said, adding the operation had lasted more than four hours. "We had to evacuate not only offices but all apartments around."

The operation to remove the explosive in the main Mother Teresa street in Pristina was carried out by KFOR's special anti-terrorist unit. The centre of the capital was completely blocked and secured by police during the operation.

Police even interrupted a movie premiere in the cinema near the Culture Ministry attended by Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi.

Albanian-dominated Kosovo came under UN and NATO control in June 1999 after the alliance bombed Yugoslavia for 78 days in a bid to end Serb forces brutal crackdown on separatist Albanians.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this has anything to do with those 2 Serb secret service men being cought and that Serb terroist group that claimed responsability for the shooting of the Kosova Serb KPC policeman.

Anonymous said...

With this new affair of terrorism in Pristina against UN, after many others recently, we can understand why Kosovo is not on the road of independance. Serbs and minorities as well as the peacekeepers of European countries are a target for the narco-terrorists. It is time to recognise that the international comunity and the Nato made a big mistake by suporting criminals and terrorists against the interest of democracy and stability in the Balkans. Now the international comunity must eliminate these terrorists, forbid their parties and work with all the balkan security forces to restore the law and the order. Nikos.

Anonymous said...

I've seen very dumb comments in here, but Nikos's comment deserves to be in the TOP-10 Most Stupid Comments of the Year 2005

Anonymous said...

I just said you must fight with UE, with international community, and, why not?, with Serbs, against the terrorists who kill Serbs, Roms and also Albanians in Kosovo. Why i am a "dumb"? I am Greek and perhaps you don't like Greeks? If you cannot have a democratic debate, you cannot build a democratic power and you don't merit autonomy. We must make peace in the Balkans with Serbs, with Albanians, with Greeks, with all the neighbours of Albania. I am greek but for peace i can marry your sister. You understand this? Why you attack me? You don't like peace? Nikos.

Anonymous said...

Nikos your comment is stupid because just this week they cought in two different occasions Serb secret service men armed in Kosova. In one case one of the secret service men aimed tried to shoot the KFOR soldiers. He was arrested before his gun went off.
Just this week a Serb terrorist group claimed responsability for shooting at a Kosova Serb policeman working for the KPC.

As you see in all cases terrorism comes from and under the orders of Belgrade. This bomb can be realted to the Serb secret service men roaming in Kosova.
It is only Serbia who is interested in destabilizing Kosova. That way Serbia can convince naive and airhead people like you against independence. None of those who live in Kosova is interested in conflict of war. They have lost enough in wars.

P.S Nobody asked you where you are from. You probably are one of those peole who were chanting for Milosevic in the center of Athens a couple of years back. Did you participate in the pro Milosevic concert?

Anonymous said...

oh yes, we all know it had to be those nasty serbs responsible for this...they roam at will all over pristina, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey If Serb terrorist organizations can shoot at their compatriots and take responsability for it, in order to create unrest in Kosova then nothing stops them from placing bombs at an institution run by foreigners.

Anonymous said...

A new relevant remark: If you ask to Europeans "do you know Chameria?", they answer:"No". The thrue name is Thesprotia and Thesprotia is Greek, of course. You know, we have a Greek majority in the South of Albania. I could say this province is Greek, and after? Nothing. I cannot understand extremists as you. They want Kosovo,(still a part of Serbia), they want the East of Montenegro, they want the West of FYROM and they want even a part of Greece. Do you want also a part of Bulgaria and a part of Cyprus? Or you are incredibly hungry because you have no food in your village? Do you eat pork? Do you drink wine?
The French who have talks here seem to be clever persons. They speak as Frenchs do. Greeks know French very well. These soldiers (?) show a high livel of education. As you have poor arguments you insult them and also me.

Yes i was in the demonstrations for peace against Nato agression of Serbia in 1999 as the whole Greek people because Greeks prefer peace. Nikos.

Anonymous said...

are there ethnic minorities in Greece?

Anonymous said...

No there are no ethnic minorities in Greeece. According to the Greek government Greece is the only country in the world where ethnic minorities do not exist.

Anonymous said...

The number of Greek minorities in Albania is 30 thousand. This is equal to a half filled Olympic stadium in Athens.
As for the French soldiers here they're so humane they don't accept the flowers Albanian 7 year old children tried to give to them.
Greek boy one most not forget the Greek mercenaries in the masacre Srebrenica in Bosnia. One must also not forget that they were decorated by the Greek government and the Serb government for killing children.

Anonymous said...

I knew many albanians were proxenets, i note they are also pedofile. This gay cannot write three words without allude to children. In occupy Greece (the south of tz. albania) are living more than 300.000 Greeks. In the east you have 200.000 Serbs and many others in the north.

In Greece you have Greeks, tourists and seasonal workers. No minority. They have of course troubles with primitives who come from tz. albania and illegal immigration. Bandits from Tirana or Pristina sold their wifes and their sisters, they put them on the trotoir as they do in Germany, Italy, France,Belgium, Switzerland...

For Srebrenica there is no more problem. This is Republika Srpska and to morrow Republika Srpska (and all "Bosna") will form the unity with Serbia. The massacre of the anglo-saxon press is propaganda, psy-war. Srebrenica was a regular military operation against terrorists. Greeks were not in Srebrenica but they were fighting with Serbs as also many Russians and some French, but in other places and all they made a very good job. Hvala lepo Prijatelji! The War is not finished.

Anonymous said...

They say the international community supported them. But the international community don't exist. For example Russians and Chinese (and many others)don't recognize themselves in this concept. The same for Mister de Villepin, the new french prime minister, the man who said courageously No to the military expedition of anglo-saxon interests against free Irak (the Irak of Saddam Hussein). If the albanian-speaking of Kosovo and Metohija want autonomy they must keep care. They lose popularity after the artificial press campaign of 1999 when they were in excess presented as collective victims. Since the coming of Nato and UN in Kosovo when albanian extremists kill poor Serbs who live in their country that is bad for all the peoples of Kosovo. In Kosovo you have not only albanian-speaking elements but also many other groups and the refugiees (Serbs, Goranci, Roms, Bosniaks)must return. Why albanian-speaking provoke these bomb attacks and other killings of innocents in Kosovo?

Anonymous said...

Sure sure, there's minorities all over the world except in Greece what an idiocy. Idiot are saying that
through thousand of years Albania and Greece have been neighbors there were only Greek villages on the Albanian side and tthere has never been an Albanian village on a Greek side. Cuz if we were to follow your logic then all the 30 thousand Greeks living in Albania are seasonal immigrant workers hire during Ali Pasha's time to work our lands.

Greek soldiers killed Bosnian children and the Greek government decorated them for this act.

As a Greek you are the last one who should even mention pedophilia. You and your countrymen are the one's who invented pedophilia and pederastia. Every spartan soldier had an underaged boyfriend. All your philosophers and most your countrymen where gay. You have Lesbos today and the gay island of Mykonos. So shut the fvck up and never even mentioned the sick perversions that your countrymen created to a foreigner.

Here I'll give you some numbers our neighbors claim for their minorities in Albania.

Greece 300 000-500 000
Serbia 300 000 - 400 000
Bulgaria 400 000
Macedonia 400 000
Montenegro 200 000
Roma 100 000
Vlachs 150 000 - 200 000

Add all these fabricated numbers up and there's around 200 000 thousand Albanians in Albania. So if I was to follow these statistic I would be the only Albanian of my family and not only that but I would be a minority that counstitutes around 5 % of the total popullation. Now our brainwashed neighbors each make claims about the fabricated numbers their countries come up with, however these idiots never bother to add up the fabrications from the other Albanian neighbors and see how absurde this claims are. Now they're changing their numbers a little bit cuz up to 3 years ago if you were to add up all the idiotic claims of Albania, Albania ended up with a popullation of 4 and half million when in reality there's only thre million Albanians living there.