Saturday, October 15, 2005

Kosovo veterinary experts attribute 80 poultry deaths to "common disease"

Text of report by Esat Vatovci and Hakim Kasami: "There is no avian flu in Vushtrri"; published by Kosovo Albanian newspaper Koha Ditore on 14 October

Vushtrri [Vucitrn], 13 October: Eighty chickens have died at Syle Rexhepi's farm in Vushtrri within the space of a month. The owner himself has said that from the time his chickens started dying, no one from the veterinary service has visited his farm. He added that he does not even know why they died. Syle said his chickens started dying one month ago.

"Beginning one month ago, three-four chickens started dying every day, sometimes even more," he said. He was not able to explain why this happened.

This phenomenon that appeared at Rexhepi's farm has triggered much suspicion about the possibility of the avian flu appearing in Kosova [Kosovo]. But according to officials from the Veterinary and Food Agency in Kosova, there is no room for such suspicions.

Besfort Gunga from this agency outlined that the phenomenon that appeared on the farm in Vushtrri has nothing to do with the possibility of the avian flu's appearance in Kosova.

"This has nothing to do with such a phenomenon. It has to do with chickens dying for one month. And based on the initial symptoms, we believe this was caused because the conditions in which they lived were not very good," Gunga told Koha Ditore .

Arsim Arifi, an expert from the Veterinary Service of Kosova, emphasized the same thing.

"After we heard about the case, we went and we took samples to the Veterinary Laboratory of Kosova. Now we are waiting for the results," Arifi said.

According to him, apart from the dead chickens, no other symptoms that would lead one to suspect such a disease can be noted in other chickens.

"There is no reason to cause any amount of fear among citizens, because based on what we have seen with our eyes, it is not the avian flu, which has appeared in other countries of Europe, but in this case it is a common disease," Arifi stated.

Source: Koha Ditore, Pristina, in Albanian 14 Oct 05 p 5


Anonymous said...

Alleged Bin Laden Associate Assets Frozen

20 September 2005 | 13:03 | FOCUS News Agency

Tirana. The Bush administration moved Monday to financially incapacitate a man who allegedly worked with Osama bin Laden and others to provide support to terror networks in Albania, AP announced.
The Treasury Department ordered U.S. banks to freeze any bank accounts or other financial assets found in this country belonging to Abdul Latif Saleh, who holds Jordanian and Albanian citizenship. The order also prohibits Americans from doing business with him.
According to the department bin Laden provided Saleh with USD 600,000 to encourage the creation of "extremist groups" in Albania, the Macedonan Makfax reports. Saleh is also believed to be closely associated with groups in Albania with links to the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, a terror group connected to al-Qaida, the department said.
Saleh founded an Albanian jihadist group that has been bankrolled by the Al Haramain Foundation, an Islamic charity with alleged links to al-Qaida, the Treasury Department said.
He also is believed to be associated with Yasin Qadi, a Saudi businessman, that the United States designated as a global terrorist in October 2001. The department said Qadi was an active fund-raiser for Saleh's jihadist group.
The department said that Saleh was expelled from Albania and that his last known residence was in the United Arab Emirates.

Anonymous said...

So Serbs now blame chicken flu on Al Qaeda...

start loving yourself dear serb

Anonymous said...

Kosovo has Bird Flue. Here a lot of infected chicken. What can we do?

Anonymous said...

hahhahaha everything that happens in Kosovo is somehow related to Al Qaeda and terrorism in the Serbs' minds. Hahahahhahahaahahah

So pathetic!

Anonymous said...

That doesn't mean anything, there were plenty of Bin Laden associates inside the USA one of them a born and raised American.
Also the title says alleged, nothing proved. Now lets talk about the terrorist that bombed Spain and how he was able to live very happily for a year in Serbia.