Wednesday, October 19, 2005

SRSG Jessen-Petersen to represent Kosovo at the SC meeting (Zëri)

Zëri quotes UNMIK spokesman Neeraj Singh as saying that SRSG Søren Jessen-Petersen will represent Kosovo at the meeting of the UN Security Council on 24th October. The paper notes that none of the representatives of Kosovo institutions will attend the meeting. The SC meeting will discuss the recommendations of UNSG Kofi Annan to start the process of resolving Kosovo’s final status.


Anonymous said...

PROVE 1 THING WRONG FROM ANY OF THE ARTICLES POSTED about Srebrenica, or Albo oppression, PROVE ONE THING WRONG with a normal sense of debate, here i am not cursing or calling u names, please it all this is "serb propaganda" then it will be easy for u to prove it wrong. can u tell me WHAT is a lie about anything written here??? and please show some concrete evidence, proof logic not just "teh whole world knows u are this or that" or "serbian genocide" catch phrases u use all teh time, go beyond the rhetoric for once and prove it wrong, prove to me that all sides are not to blame in the yugo wars. do u understand why serbs think this way? teh serbs did not the wars, they were the only people with the muslims in bosnia that wanted yugo to stay toghether (and no shit they would dominate it they are the biggest n strongest group), why do u not support the serbs in croatia and bosnia to break away? (and again dont give me this stupid rhetoric that holbrroke thought u "u cant reward genocide" cause taht is what he is rewarding the albos in kosovo with, in the last 100 years the Albos have totally cleansed out all serbs from kosovo for good, 250,000 in 99' and hundreds of thousands through the years, that is the REAL genocide in kosovo), did the serbs want to have the highest amount of refugees in europe today? 350,000 from Croatia 250k from kosovo and the same # from bosnia? guys half of teh war dead in bosnia are serbs (THE NUMBER OF VICTIMS WAS CONDUCTED BY A CIA REPORT IN 1994 WHERE THE REPORT COVERED ONLY TEH MUSLIM/CRAOT TERRITORY!!!! THEY DIDNT EVEN CARE TO GO TO SEE HOW MANY SERBS DIED) ALL THIS BULLHSIT THETORIC ABOUT 250,000 DEAD?? WHAT? THERE IS PROOF AND EVIDENC OF 40,000 LOOK IT UP ON UR OWN. HALF WERE SERBS, WAR IS HELL. WHAT DID U EXPECT WHEN THE KLA STARTED TO SHOT AT SERB POLICE AND ARMY? WERE THEY NOT SUPPOSED TO SHOT BACK?? OF COURSE THEY WERE JUST LIKE ANY ARMY IN TEH WRODL WOULD DO WHEN SOMEONE IS SOOTING AT TEHM ON THEIR SOVERGIN TERRITORY. AND WHAT ABOUT THE 500,000 ALBANIAN DEAD LIES U SPEWED? I MEAN EVIDENCE IS ONLY OF 2,100 ALBOS DEAD, THE 10K # IS A JOKE, THIS WAS MOSTLY KLA FIGHTERS WHO GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED AND WERE LOOKING FOR, I AM SURE THEY ARE HANGING OUT WITH 40 VIRGINS NOW AND SMOKIN HASH.

Anonymous said...

You are pathetic! How many times I have to say it!

Anonymous said...

It's about time for K-government representatives to start attending SC meetings, even if that means along with SRSG.

Anonymous said...

To the above poster:

It is about time you start spelling the name of the country, i.e. Kosova, and STOP your immature K-this and K-that!

We have the Kosovar Government, not the K-government.

People did not give their lives and everything else they had to be called as K-people.

Where you are from anyway?


Anonymous said...

albanians will not go before the SC---they do not rule Kosovo. Kosovo is and will remain an occupied territory.

Anonymous said...

Once agains somebody from SerbO.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This publication is part of DIIS's Defence and Security Studies project
which is funded by a grant from the Danish Ministry of Defence.

Please note: The present version of the report is published in its
pre-layouted, but final manuscript form in order to secure availability
before the UN Security Council's Public Meeting on UNMIK (Kosovo debate)
on Monday 24 October. It will be replaced by the final version at the
earliest possible date.

The present version is only available online.


This report will first describe the present status of Kosovo, and then
review relevant considerations

of its future status, on the one hand focussing on international law -
the de jure status, and on the

other hand focussing on sustainability - the de facto status. This
approach of de jure versus de facto

is primarily an analytical tool, chosen because it sheds light on a
number of considerations relevant

to the negotiation process that will determine the future status of
Kosovo. Second, this approach

reflects the fact that while the Kosovo Albanians want maximum
self-determination, they realize

that they are dependent on international assistance. In contrast, the
Serbs believe that international

legal considerations of a conservative or conservationist nature are
essential, but they admit that

they cannot take responsibility for Kosovo's security or economy. To put
it briefly, the Albanians

want independence de jure but not de facto, while the Serbs want
independence de facto but not de


The report then explains the international negotiations, its actors and
substance, which will lead to

the independence of Kosovo. Finally the report accounts for regional
considerations and Kosovo's

potential contribution to regional security.

Kosovo is already de facto independent from Serbia and the status
negotiations are therefore centred

on how to make this status permanent as it is the wish of the Kosovo
Albanians. The red lines of the

negotiations are drawn in the

Anonymous said...

...right, tell it to the russian and chinese delegation on the SC...I am sure they will be duly impressed. and who else votes? surely you know of the word "veto". get real.