Friday, October 14, 2005

OSCE Chairman: Very Important To Start Talks On Kosovo

BELGRADE (AP)--The chairman of Europe's leading security organization said Friday that it was very important to begin talks on the fate of U.N.-run Kosovo province.

Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel - the current chairman of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe - said the negotiations could start next month.

"For me, OSCE, Slovenia and most our friends in the E.U., it is of great importance that this process starts," Rupel said after talks with Serbia- Montenegro Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic.

"What we wish to see is a united and free Europe, and without solving ... the Kosovo problem it is hard to imagine such a Europe," Rupel said.

Rupel will travel to Kosovo from Belgrade for meetings with local ethnic Albanian and Serb leaders.

Serbian media reported ahead of Rupel's visit that his meetings in Belgrade will focus on the OSCE's role in the future negotiations on the status of Kosovo that are expected to start by the end of the year.

Kosovo is formally part of Serbia-Montenegro, although it has been run by the U.N. and NATO since 1999, when a NATO bombing of the country forced Belgrade to end a crackdown against separatist ethnic Albanians.

Belgrade is hoping to retain at least formal control over its southern region at the future negotiations, while Kosovo's majority ethnic Albanians insist the province should become an independent state.

Foreign Minister Draskovic complained during the meeting with Rupel about the position of the minority Serbs in Kosovo, who live in isolated enclaves there guarded by NATO troops.

Draskovic said that "nowhere in Europe are the rights of a nation so violated as those of the Serb people in Kosovo."

A top U.S. official has said Washington will appoint a special envoy for the Kosovo negotiations.

Rupel also met in Belgrade with Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica and other top officials. In Pristina, Rupel will meet with U.N. administrator of Kosovo Soren Jessen-Petersen and local leaders.

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Chris Blaku said...

Draskovic should note that nowhere in the world are the considerations and necessities of less than 5% of the population advanced to the forefront of domestic politics than in Kosova. It is unheard of anywhere on the planet for a people that inhabit such an insignificant minority to be afforded such far-reaching rights, rights that were not given to the Albanians only a decade prior, under the allies of the very same political party that retains a majority in the Serbian Parliament today.

In an early 2005 visit to Serbian enclaves in Kosova, Serb President Boris Tadic claimed, "Serbians should enjoy the right to wave
Serbian flags in Kosova." An interesting contradiction, considering that Albanians in the illegally Serb controlled regions of Bujanovc and Presheva are forbidden by the oppressive occupators of the Serbian Army to raise the Albanian flag. Moreover, Albanians in southern Serbia, who represent a larger population than the Serbians in Kosova, are not afforded the basic rights that the "oppressed" Serbians of Kosova enjoy.

Mr. Vuk Draskovic enjoys relative peace regarding the oppression of Albanians still inside of Serbia, yet it is doubtful the attention he garners regarding the fabled plight of the priveledged Serbians in Kosova will not spill across the border to the Balkan's most often oppressed and ignored inhabitants, the Albanians.

Anonymous said...

Man Who Befriended Senior To Stand Trial
If Found Guilty, Man Could Be Deported

POSTED: 1:55 pm EDT October 14, 2005

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. -- A Warren man who police said swindled an 87-year-old woman of about $200,000 will stand trial.

Pren Karaqi withdrew his no contest plea after a Macomb County judge said he would be sentenced to more than eleven months in jail. He's charged with embezzlement from a vulnerable adult.

Authorities said the 52-year-old Karaqi posed as a nurse in 2003 and sweet-talked the woman into letting him move in to take care of her.

They said he added his name to her bank account and transferred $84,000 to his brother's Swiss account. They said she even bought him a sport utility vehicle.

Karaqi could be deported to his native Kosovo.

His trial is scheduled for Nov.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Draskovic makes outrages cries that during Nato bombing I think most of the news speakers saw him as a nut head. He lies flat out with such arrogance that its hard not to just hate his guts.

Anonymous said...

AFX News Limited
Over 80 chickens died mysteriously in Kosovo - reports
10.14.2005, 02:27 PM

PRISTINA, Serbia-Montenegro (AFX) - Over 80 chickens have died mysteriously over the last few days on a Kosovo farm, press reports said Friday as authorities said there was no need to fear a possible outbreak of bird flu in the UN-administered province.

The chickens were found dead in a private farm in the area of Vucitrn municipality, 30 kilometers (20 miles) northwest of the capital Pristina, local media reported.

Ardian Purrini of the Kosovo Vet Agency said the dead birds were undergoing tests. Results of the analyses were expected within a few days.

There should be no fear of an outbreak of bird flu, he added.

'The situation is under a full control,' Purrini said, adding that experts believe the Vucitrn case is an outbreak of a common illness touching poultry.

'The experts are on the ground and there is no suspicious case of bird flu in Kosovo,' Purrini said.

The Kosovo government on Monday decided to ban imports of chickens from Romania, Turkey and all non-EU countries as a part of preventive measures against the disease.

On Friday, the government announced that a ban of all chicken and poultry products throughout Kosovo remained a possibility.

The Albanians have been running Kosovo for six years and already let in one of the deadliest disease. BIRD FLU. Everything in Kosovo needs too be burned in order to eradicate this disease. WAY TO GO ALBOS!!!!

Anonymous said...

AFX? WTF is that?

Anonymous said...

Would a forbes article about the bird flu in kosovo be to your liking?

Anonymous said...

“It is no up to the US or any other country to say what the status of Kosovo will be. Therefore, my country doesn’t support any specific option. This should be the responsibility of the people living here, but also the responsibility of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro. Therefore, we hope that in 30 days we will see the start of status talks and people will start talking to each other about the best ways for moving forward,” Burns was quoted as saying.

"but also the responsibility of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro."

This Passage from Mr. Burns' comment in Pristina is very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Right..."the Union of Serbia and Montenegro" not just Serbia.

Anonymous said...

2.55 blogger. Do not worry. We are sending them back as we speak. We have no problems with Albanians here, Kosovo Albanians are something completly different. Only criminality as far as one can see. 14 in custudy here today waiting trial. 102 sent back since Aug.


Anonymous said...

Good point by the blogger two above. The NATO and UN agreements were not made with Serbia but with the former Yugoslavia and its successor state of Serbia and Monenegro.

Anonymous said...

Yes, keep a dictionary by your side as you read diplomats' statements. Luckily, English is a very rich language in this department.

Anonymous said...

At 4:49 PM, Anonymous said...
2.55 blogger. Do not worry. We are sending them back as we speak. We have no problems with Albanians here, Kosovo Albanians are something completly different. Only criminality as far as one can see. 14 in custudy here today waiting trial. 102 sent back since Aug.


Again, the typical bullshit from the cheat-sheet distributed to Serbs... Kosovo Albanians are bad, Albanians from Albania are good.

Divide and conquer, eh? Malo morgen...

Nice rebuttal though, very creative.

Anonymous said...

I have researched the Kosovar Albanian population of North Carolina since they arrived here in 1999 under the US Refugee Program.
Of 2,350 accepted in North Carolina in 1999, 985 have voluntarily returned home, while the 1,365 Kosovar Albanians remaining have made a very successful existence.
400 of them are College Graduates in degrees ranging from Medicine to Engineering and even Political Science. The rest are either young children who are still in school or parents and the elderly too old or busy to go to college. about 56 of them are individuals that have started and currently own very succesfull businesses, while 4 of them are millionaires.
Not one of the accepted Kosovar Albanians in North Carolina since 1999 has been accused or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor!!!
These assertions by some of the posters and bloggers on this page about Kosovar Albanians, or Albanians in general, that are living in the US are completely skewed and based on the basic principle of racism, stereotyping!
So please stick to the facts, and more importantly stick to the subject at hand.
This is a news report that is referring to the imminent need of status talks of this region to be innitiated, not about some individuals that committed a crime here or there. I could dig up twice or three times as much news reports of Serbs carrying crimes in the US! Does that make the whole Serb nation raging criminals?
Of course not!
Please, I beg of you, stick to the facts and stick to the truth!
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Donald J. Raleigh, professor of history in UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Anonymous said...

dr.donald uer are absolutely right, i last years research serbs aka shkije (ALbanian word for serbs) found out to be the most racist people on europe..i believe something like 87% serbs would not share rooms with bosniacs,albanians,montenegrians,hungarians,
and austrians....serbs think they are the best, and just b/c up till now they've had russia they were good...russia can veto the independence on Kosova during 2006 and China too..but who cares, the whole world vs. two communist nations...we all know Kosova will get independent so no need to argue or listen to made up facts by shkijet

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr. Raleigh.

And what does bird flu have to do with talks, anyway? I wish some people didn't have internet!

Anonymous said...

1.40 blogger.

Dear dr Donald (maybe Donald Duck).
Good try ! The real Dr. Donald J. Raleigh is working at Duke Law University of NC, nowhere else.
The main criminality here for the moment by KA:s are document fraud, narcotics and cigarette smuggling according to source.
Nice and reliable people !

Anonymous said...

Last poster proves that Serbs are always ready to use ad hominem attacks as arguments.

Two UNC professors receive prestigious
Guggenheim Fellowship awards

Dr. Donald J. Raleigh, distinguished professor of history in UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Raleigh, who has been a faculty member at UNC since 1988, has received UNC’s Teaching Award for Post-Baccalaureate Instruction (2002). He also has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the American Council of Learned Societies and the National Humanities Center.

Anonymous said...

Albanians smuggling cigarettes into the US?!!! What kind, Drina, Drava, Bozhur, Holiday (blue)? Hilarious.