Wednesday, April 13, 2005

UN rep. in Kosovo assesses Contact Group meeting in Pristina as positive

Pristina_ SRSG Søren Jessen-Petersen today assessed the Contact Group meeting in Pristina as positive, saying that “the fact that the Contact Group came at such high level is a clear indication of their full support and commitment to ensuring successful political processes in Kosovo”. The Contact Group was represented at the level of Political Directors and held meetings with President Ibrahim Rugova, Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi and members of his government, Assembly President Nexhat Daci, PDK and ORA leaders Hashim Thaci and Veton Surroi and SKLM representatives Oliver Ivanonic, Goran Bodganovic and Randel Nojkic.

The SRSG welcomed the fact that the Contact Group strongly urged political leaders to make further progress in the implementation of Standards, in particular the priority Standards, and also stressed the importance of moving rapidly on decentralisation. “Local self-government, in line with European standards, is of direct benefit to all, as it will bring services closer to the citizens of Kosovo and will also address specific issues of great importance to minority communities”, said the SRSG.

The SRSG also welcomed the clear statements made by the Contact Group on the settlement of Kosovo’s status.“I am very pleased to see that the Contact Group has ruled out partition of Kosovo, has ruled out the union of Kosovo with any country or part of any country, and has ruled out the retun to the situation before March 1999”, he said.

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