Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Contact Group opposes division of Kosovo

The Contact Group for Kosovo said in Pristina on Wednesday [13 April] the province would not be divided and that any possibility of its unification into a federation or confederation with another country would be ruled out, according to Kosovo sources.

Kosovo officials described the talks with the Contact Group, which comprises the United States, Russia, Germany, Britain, Italy and France, the most fruitful so far.

President Ibrahim Rugova and parliament Speaker Nexhat Daci told the press they were very pleased with the Contact Group's positions.

Rugova confirmed that he was against political talks with Belgrade.

"With Belgrade we can discuss only technical and not political issues," he said, adding that Belgrade's representatives could take part in future talks on Kosovo's status, but without the right to veto.

Representatives of the Contact Group also held talks with representatives of the opposition and the Serb minority in the UN-administered province.

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