Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Serbia's Covic says Kosovo autonomy may extend to "status of republic"

During yesterday's talks with the Contact Group, the state leadership took a united front and let everyone know that they are ready to get involved in dialogue immediately. In addition, we also reiterated that the most acceptable solution for Kosovo is the more-than-autonomy-less-than-independence formula, Kosovo Coordination Centre head Nebojsa Covic said. He pointed out that the entire region should enter the EU together and adopt all European standards. Branislav Kostadinovic reports.

[Kostadinovic] We told members of the international Contact Group that Serbia was ready for the soonest possible restoration of working groups for return, decentralization and energy, as well as for talks at the highest level, meaning a meeting between Tadic and [Kosovo President] Rugova, Nebojsa Covic explained. To the Contact Group's principles that rule out a return to the pre-1999 state and Kosovo's unification with some other state, the Serbian side added two more: that any change of Kosovo's borders is unacceptable and that the current status quo is unsustainable. Covic dismissed announcements by formal and informal international groups and commissions, as well as by some local politicians, about Kosovo's impending or further independence as water-testing, and warned of the danger to the entire region if this were to happen.

[Covic] If such an approach, which means unregulated standards, were to be used in Kosovo, then this may cause a domino effect and result in it being used elsewhere in the region, primarily in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Macedonia, and so forth.

[Kostadinovic] An independent Kosovo can be forced on Belgrade, but we certainly will not be accomplices to that. In Serbia no politician would sign on to such an approach, Covic pointed out. He reiterated that Kosovo can have a high degree of autonomy that may extend as far as to the status of a republic, but one should keep in mind that the state union already has one republic, namely Montenegro.

[Covic] I think EU integration is the solution for the entire region. Whether Kosovo will be a protectorate or not, I do not know. However, I am sure that Kosovo will continue to be run by the international factor in many years to come.

[Kostadinovic] Furthermore, Covic said that representatives of Serbs must join working groups and work constructively to the best of their abilities. Only later should they consider joining Kosovo's interim institutions.


Anonymous said...

too little too late!

Serbia made its choice two decades ago when it backed the thief Milosevic, who stole from Kosova and Vojvodina their autonomy, and from Yugoslavia its fast path into the EU, and also Yugoslavia's money!

Has the Serbian government recovered that yet from mirjana and little slobo?

Anonymous said...

Precisely how much persecution does it take for the world to dismiss the Serbs as unfit to rule others?

It is not only Kosova where the specter of future genocide perpetrated by Serbs looms in the future!

Serbia chose to rekindle its Greater Serbia Genocides two decades ago!

Now they will have to live with the disaster that has resulted!

Indeed, with 18 percent of serbs undecided, 43 percent back politically the perpetrators of the genocide of the 1990's!

So the Serbs basically fail to recognize their crimes and reject their criminal leaders!

Imagine a Germany with a 44% Nazi party enrollment in 1950 with Goebbels & Goering elected to office!

Are we going to doom Serbia's captive minorities to intermittent, but CERTAIN, future genocide?

Anonymous said...

I think the Kosovo people will be up for a big surprise when they discover that it is impossible to gain independence.

Anonymous said...

Just how did you calculate that percentage about how many Serbs are in the Hague and how many support the ones in the Hague??!I wonder.
I do not say that Serbs did not make mistakes by choosing Slobodan Milosevic for their leader. However, we have paid for it and we are paying for it and I am sure we will pay more in the future!Neverheless, is there only one party in a conflict?
Greater powers than us are involved in this struggle for an independent Kosovo! I can only say - thank God that Bush cannot be president anymore when this mandate ends for he has brought great misery all over the world...What will happen with Kosovo then?? We only need to be patient - every evil in this world was not for ever , every evil passed and so shall this!