Tuesday, April 12, 2005

How and when will delegation for Kosovo status be formed (Zëri)

In an editorial article, Zëri notes that Kosovo ‘political elite’ has announced, in meetings with international officials, that it will soon come out with a joint structure that will represent Kosovo in status talks.

This means that Kosovo Assembly will vote on this delegation and subsequently the delegation will report to Assembly.

The paper reports that this issue was also discussed among PDSRSG Larry Rossin and Kosovo political leaders. ‘The reply that Rossin got does not give any promise that Kosovars can agree on their own on a short period of time over how to be organised for the process of status’, Zëri writes.

According to paper’s sources, Kosovo politicians so far agree on three things: that four main parties should be represented in the delegation, that this delegation should be appointed by Kosovo Assembly and that its composition should reflect political relations that exist in Assembly.

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