Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Serbian party to stay in government if Kosovo not given up for EU integration

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Text of report by Belgrade-based Radio B92 on 19 April

[Announcer] The leader of the Social Democratic Party [SDP] and chairman of the Coordination Centre for Kosovo-Metohija, Nebojsa Covic, has said that one of the conditions for his party remaining in the Serbian government is a clear position that there will be no giving up Kosovo-Metohija for the sake of European integration. According to Covic, the independence of the province will be a prelude not to the creation of a greater Albania, but rather a greater Kosovo.

[Covic] The price of our European integration cannot and must not be Kosovo-Metohija. Let us find a solution according to European integration, according to international norms, and also according to the preservation of the integrity and sovereignty of a country with due regard for the real situation in Kosovo-Metohija where the Albanians are an absolute majority.

Source: Radio B92, Belgrade, in Serbian 1500 gmt 19 Apr 05


arianit said...
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Niti said...

Oh, so now there is a third solution and this one, as the firt two, also the only one possible. A week ago it used to be "either with Serbia or with Albania."
I personally prefer this new one Mr. Covic: instead of one BIG albanian state, why not just have TWO. Watch out Germany, we'll soon have two votes at the Security Council.

Anonymous said...

the only logical response to ewer idiocy is to recommend that the serbs be sent back to the far side of the volga...

where they came from...

how many millions do serbs have to kill before the world recognizes their evil?