Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Albanian Speaker says Kosovo's status serves Balkans' integration

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Text of report in English by Albanian news agency ATA

Tirana, 19 April: Speaker of Assembly, Servet Pellumbi, during a meeting held Tuesday (19 April) in Tirana with the head of Bosnia-Hercegovina Chamber of Representatives, Sefik Dzaferovic, emphasized: "The quick solution of the status of Kosova (Kosovo) serves not only its long-term stability, but also the regional integration processes."

Assembly Speaker Pellumbi assessed the cooperation between both countries, putting the emphasis on the necessity for the enhancement of the bilateral relations in economy, trade, educational systems and others. According to him, "the exchange of the parliamentary experience is worthy for both countries, in the process of the approximation of the legislation with EU legislation".

Focusing on the issue of coming parliamentary elections, Assembly Speaker Pellumbi expressed the commitment of the Assembly to realizing free and fair elections, accepted by all actors.

The head of Bosnia-Hercegovina Chamber of Representatives assessed the stand and the important contribution of the Albanian institutions in favour of the regional stability. Bosnia-Hercegovina parliamentary delegation arrived today to Tirana at the invitation of Assembly Speaker Pellumbi on a two-day official visit. Its representatives are expected to hold meetings with Albanian senior officials.

Source: ATA news agency, Tirana, in English 1511 gmt 19 Apr 05

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Anonymous said...

this is true!

whoever figures out how to solve the Kosova dilemma...

solves the balkan problem!

are they smart enough?

the whole world wonders...