Friday, April 08, 2005

Petkovic: Covic is nobody (Lajm)

Commenting on the statement of the Head of the Serb Coordination Center for Kosovo, Nebojsa Covi,c about the situation of Kosovo Serbs, the Minister for Returns and Communities Slavisa Petkovic said in Lajm that Covic’s statement could not even be qualified as a lie, it is rather a nonsense.

‘There is still no freedom of movement for Serbs and other communities, there are attacks against them, their property is being stolen, there is illegal privatization, and these things are creating the grounds for ethnic cleansing’, Covic said at the OSCE Permanent Council on Thursday.

Covic blamed UNMIK and the Kosovo institutions for this situation saying that they have done nothing to ensure the return of Serb IDPs to their houses.

Petkovic described Covic’s statement as irresponsible and to the detriment of the interest of Kosovo Serbs.

‘Covic is telling tales and nonsense, he is almost nobody in the government of Serbia’.

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