Friday, April 08, 2005

Kosovars: Unconditional independence! (Lajm)

Conditional independence would be a temporary solution and as such is unacceptable, Lajm quotes some of Kosovo politicians as saying.

‘I agree on the creation of a joint group for talks with Belgrade on technical issues of interest to citizens of both countries, but Kosovo’s final status, independence, is non-negotiable’, said Kosovo Assembly Speaker Nexhat Daci.

‘I think such an approach [conditional independence] is not a solution to the problem of status. Either there is independence or not, a state or not’, said Enver Hoxhaj, a senior PDK official.

‘Conditional independence is one of the options and we should not react very aggressively to it as it is a step towards full independence’, said Mahmut Bakallli, former adviser to Ramush Haradinaj.


Anonymous said...

Any form of independence that Kosovo gets,conditional or not, should in no way, shape or form be tied to the state of Serbia or the state union of Serbia and Montenegro.
For a long lasting and sustainable solution Kosovo needs to be an independed and sovreign entity, with teritorrial integrity and a standing Army.
Ylber Burgija, Charlotte, NC.

Anonymous said...

Serbia has lost its mostly fictional right to Kosova!