Monday, April 11, 2005

Mladic Hid in Topcider

Daily Danas released the confession of Serbia-Montenegro Military officer Miroslav D. Petrovic, who claims that he worked in Ratko Mladic’s security team.

Petrovic claims that the two soldiers who died in the Topcider barracks on October 5, 2004, Drazen Milovanovic and Dragan Jakovljevic, where killed because they saw Hague suspect, Ratko Mladic. According to Petrovic, Mladic and his team of bodyguards stopped in Topcider in June of last year, to discuss Mladic’s safe transition to a more northern country or towards Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Officer Petrovic said that he fled Serbia in November 2004 because he had uncovered a chain of illegal trade and seizure of military weapons, which the Serbia-Montenegro military had with Albanians from Kosovo and South Serbia. He is currently seeking protection in the US, at a military base, according to Danas.

Serbia-Montenegro Defense Minister Prvoslav Davinic said that he will call for an investigation of the daily’s claims. He said that he has asked the daily’s staff for detailed information regarding contacts and sources for the story.

“There is a lot there that is a little hard to believe, but from what I know, I would say that such an action is very hard to accomplish.” Davinic said.

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Anonymous said...

cell-phone calls were intercepted shortly after UN forces informed the Serb authorities that they were about to bust him or karadjic...

over 44% of serbia supports those who committed the genocides that have kept this part of eastern europe out of the EU...