Friday, March 31, 2006

World Bank To Grant $19 Mln To Back Economic Growth in Kosovo

PRISTINA (Serbia and Montenegro), March 30 (SeeNews) - The World Bank said on Friday it would grant $19.0 million (15.8 million euro) through June 2007 to back the economic growth of the U.N.-administered Serbian province of Kosovo.

"The World Bank is working in Kosovo to help build the economy, improve the investment climate, promote good governance, and protect the environment," World Bank Director for South East Europe, Orsalia Kalantzopoulos, said in a statement.

The grants are included in a new interim World Bank strategy for the province. The main aims of the strategy are the generation of new sources of economic growth, ensuring associated environmental improvements and the creation of macroeconomic stability through sound fiscal policy and public financial management, the global lender said.

Under the strategy the World Bank plans to spend $8.5 million in Kosovo's mining sector, considered the key to the province's future economic growth and the main attraction for foreign investors.

A further $5.5 million will be spent for environment protection projects, mainly for cleaning up the land in the abundant lignite mine areas. The World Bank will also support Kosovo's fiscal policy by $5.0 million and will help the province improve its public expenditure management, the statement said.

Kosovo remains part of the loose union of Serbia and Montenegro that succeeded rump Yugoslavia in 2003. The province was put under U.N. administration in 1999 following the NATO bombings on Serbia that expelled Serb forces to end what Western powers said was repression of civilians in fighting the ethnic Albanian rebel insurgency.

Since the end of the conflict the World Bank has approved 22 grants totaling $95 million to support Kosovo's energy, mining, education sectors, community development and business environment.


Anonymous said...

whew 19 million? why nobody else needs to work anymore after WORLD BANK gives 19 measly million. Bush spends that much on a one week vacation LOL

Anonymous said...

Serbia got $4.5 billion since 2000 to support its "democracy." No wonder it's still messing around with the world.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interestin letter from a wharped individual: Mary Mostert.


I am neither Serb nor have I ever even had a personal friend who is Serbian in my entire 77 years, and have no other personal connection with ANY of the ethnic groups in the Balkans. I am an American. However, I got interested in what was happening in the former Yugoslavia during the Bosnian war because not one time in all their reporting did the CNN reporter EVER interview a Serb or present the Serb side of the issue. I later discovered that the key reporter there was a Muslim. As for Albanians, I noticed two things in the reports. All the figures being given out by NATO were, frankly, mathematically impossible and unverifiable and the Albanian KLA, which had been on the US State Department list as a terrorist organization until 1998 – about the time President Bill Clinton was impeached. He removed the KLA from the terrorist list and it was obvious that the news accounts were ALL, once again, from reports by the KLA. Also, and perhaps you can answer this, the Albanians are supposed to be the poorest group of people in Europe – had somehow had the money to purchase very expensive and large weapons. I began to track down where the money for those weapons came from. My research as early as 1996 indicated that the Albanians in Kosovo were the source of most of the heroin coming into Europe.

In all these years of getting letters, like yours, from Albanians who tell me that “originally Kosovo was Albanian Land” none of you have ever presented me with any proof. Yet, the Turkish census records going back to 1450 AM show almost NO Albanians in Kosovo and the hundreds of Serbian Orthodox Church buildings – churches and monasteries – clearly prove the Turkish census records to be accurate reflections of the population of Kosovo for well over 1000 years.

Where is your proof that both the Turkish census records and the physical proof of the church buildings is inaccurate?

Mary Mostert


Dear Mary,

I’m sorry but whatever you might say, I still believe that you are most likely either of serbian (orthodox slavic) heritage or married to a serb or other orthodox slavic person, etc, etc (some sort of link). If not, then I can only imagine that you are on the serb lobby’s payroll. You must be to come up with such, may I say, biased writings!

For your information, even though I believe you already know this, Albanians and Greeks are the oldest people (inhabitants) of the Balkans and this is a well known FACT, just ask any REPUTABLE and independent historian.

For your information also Mary, Albanians were and many still are devout Christians (both orthodox & catholic) to this day. Also, Muslim Albanians are 100% aware of their Christian roots and are proud of it and do not try to hide it or deny it. It is also a fact that Albanian Muslims are very, very different from other Muslims around the world, in fact they might call themselves Muslims but they live the same lifestyle as Christians of the Balkans and Europe do and follow the same moral ethics, etc. Albanians in general are a very moderate and peace loving people that unfortunately have just had the worst run of bad luck over the centuries, all of which was inflicted by foreign invading, expansionist neighbours (hordes), etc, etc. At no time ever in history have we (Albanians) ever attacked another people for territorial gains, etc, etc and this is a fact. Another fact is that serbs are in fact the newcomers to the Balkans, coming from the over the other side of the Carpathian mountains and they are the ones that have over the centuries crept in to others lands and taken over these lands using the most barbaric methods known to man.

Another thing, please do not try and tell me that all of the orthodox churches found throughout all of the Albanian lands were built by serbs because this again is a GREAT untruth. These churches, whether Orthodox or Catholic were in fact built by Albanians (Christian Albanians) and we and many a reputable historian knows this also.

I would also like to inform you that you should not be too concerned about Islam or fundamentalist Islam growing in the Balkans because it is a well known fact that Islam as a whole is on the decline in the Balkans, especially within the Albanian nation. The Albanian youth of today are more educated than ever and want return back to roots (Western Europe), where we belong.

Albanians in fact are the biggest victims (Balkan victims) of the Ottoman Empire. You see, the Turks allowed serbs and Greeks to educate themselves in their mother tongue but not Albanians. This is because serbs and Greeks had powerful allies throughout the years of their occupation, whereas we Albanians did not and the fact that even though the Turks did their utmost to assimilate Albanians, we ALBANIANS managed to maintain our European language, culture, etc, etc and this says a lot for us as a people. We are 100% indigenous to the Balkans. What I want to say is that we have lived here far, far longer than any other peoples, especially slavic peoples.

Did you know we Albanians have clans (just like the Scottish do) and we all know which clan we belong to? Within these clans there are Muslim and Christian families and they all know that even though they may be of different faiths, they are related (linked).

Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that you are forgetting that Muslim people are also human and that unfortunately, as with Islam there are Christian extremist/fundamentalists also.

Another thing, have you ever seen a map of the world? I’m sure you have. Well, if you have you might notice how much of the world’s land mass is owned (not populated) by slavic peoples, especially orthodox slavic peoples. And this is alright of course, but at the same time I would like you to see (take note) of how much land is inhabited and still owned by Albanians. Now ask yourself, why should a people that have very, very little land in which they have lived longer than any other people in that region be forced to give up (lose) even more of it.

Oh yes, you now of course know that I’m Albanian but I’m going to let you wonder which confession I belong to. I could tell yo but I feel you don’t deserve to be told.

Now, I could go on and on of course madam but I’m not sure it would make any difference to you, so in conclusion, I have only one thing to say to you: Please know this, we Albanians are coming out of a form of hell which we have undergone over the last 700 to 1000 years (occupation of our lands by different nations and the attempted extermination & annihilation of our nation and our European language and culture) and people like you are unfortunately trying to stop this. Now, why you are trying to do this, I do not know, but there is one thing that I do know and that is that you should be ashamed of yourself madam. You are very, very evil person!

This will be my last form of contact with you.

Good Riddance.

Albanian Patriot and ardent supporter of the U.S. & the U.K. and all things western.

From: Mary Mostert []
Sent: Friday, 31 March 2006 5:01 PM
Subject: RE: Ilirian from Kosova

Justme said...

Dude, why would you even engage in a conversation with this crazy bitch?!?! She is a radical conservative and a fundamentalist christian allright. I just glanced through her website and look what I found in one of her articles:
However, today there is more de facto segregation than there was in my childhood with segregation laws. While I knew, played with and picked cotton with children from strong, intact, caring black families in the South as I was growing up, my grandchildren get very tired of listening to black classmates complain about their situation while refusing to work, study, try to get along with others, or behave themselves. Today millions of black youth refuse to even GO to school and millions of black men are in prison. They see themselves as “victims” of “white oppression.”

They aren’t. They are victims of the oppression of black leaders that teach behavior and attitudes guaranteed to cause them to fail. To succeed they need to follow the example of the successful people among them –such as Booker T. Washington, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Alan Keyes and Thomas Sowell to mention a few.

Anonymous said...

You contacting that crazy dyke is just dignyfing her. I mean her bio clearly states that she was in NY where she could not make anything of herself and then became right wing so she can appeal to trailer trash phobics.
Here is an example of one of her headlines-it just makes you laugh:

by Mary Mostert
87% Fewer Violent Deaths Annually in Iraq Now than under Saddam Hussein

This is where her articles end up:

Mir said...

Its so funny how desperate you are to PROVE to everyone (that says otherwise) that you are the victims of anything bad that ever happened. Always being poor innocent sheep needing help from the west. Get some backbone, please. Its pathetic.

You didnt have a language under Turks because you didnt have one before they came either.

Mir said...

"To succeed they need to follow the example of the successful people among them –such as Booker T. Washington, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Alan Keyes and Thomas Sowell "

What is radical about that Justme?

Anonymous said...

It's totally racist that's why but it doesn't surprise me that Mir doesn't get it it explains a lot.

Notice she only mentioned right-wing blacks (and an embarrasment like Alan Keyes I know Colin Powelll is choking after being mentioned in the same breath as him) and no one like Martin Luther King, Ralph Bunche, Harriet Tubman, John Johnson or Zola Neale Hurston

Anonymous said...

Oh and if you really want to refute somone's comments like that then all you have to say is read Kosovo by Noel Malcolm. End of tale. In almost every classroom in the world discussing SEE politics and history his is the historical standard.

Then just flip to the back and go through the entire biliography. That'll shut them up for good because he used all sorts of sources, including Serbian to make his point (and mentions Djilas' racist comment about let's treat the Albanians like our own Palestinians). And Malcolm is English. So end of tale.

Anonymous said...

Great job Ilirian!

I thought your reply was very good.
She may not change her mind, but the least we can do is express our point of view.


Anonymous said...

The U.S and the U.N is being racist towards Serbian people, There is footage and stories of how Serbs killed women and children.I myself,an orthodox serb will admit thats true. But no one has mentioned in the media how Albanians attacked the Serbs, and not only during the war, there were many riots in northern Kosovo where hundreds of Serbs have been killed.But the difference is the Serbs who commited war crimes have been arrested and held in the hague awaiting trial. How is it the UN will go after the President of Yugoslavia for war crimes, but Agim Ceku the commander in chief of the KLA who took part in operation storm, which was the LARGEST SINGLE ACT OF ETHNIC CLEANSING in the balkans to date,where 150 000 serbs where killed, is freed because of his status as prime minister.

this is part of the article from which i learned of this information.

"Ceku served in the Croatian army and was a key planner in Operation Storm, a military offensive in the Krajina region of Croatia in 1995 that resulted in the expulsion of some 150,000 Serbs, the largest single act of ethnic cleansing to date in the Balkans. The incident became so notorious that even The Hague tribunal indicted former Croatian general Ante Gotovina for his part in this war crime. But while the latter has been in custody awaiting trial, Ceku has enjoyed complete immunity.

Ceku was made head of the KLA as it was reconfigured by the US to act as proxy land army for the NATO aerial bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999. After the conflict, he was appointed head of the newly-created Kosovo Protection Corp (KPC), effectively an embryonic national army, supported and supplied by the UN. Over the past seven years KPC officers have been involved in attacks on Serb civilians. Belgrade has an Interpol arrest warrant for war crimes carried out by Ceku. He was apprehended twice, in Hungary and Slovenia, but released after the intervention of EU and UN diplomats.

Ceku is the second former KLA commander to have assumed the position of prime minister since 1999. The first, Ramush Haradinaj, resigned in March 2005 in order to stand trial for war crimes in The Hague. He faces 37 counts of murder, rape, persecution, inhumane acts and unlawful detention in Kosovo during 1998. Nevertheless, he has been permitted into the province and to participate in politics while awaiting trial."

Anonymous said...

>>>Albanians in general are a very moderate and peace loving people... <<<

you started to believe in your own lies...

Dardania 2006 said...

Ceku legaly and with honor defended two of his homelands. Croatia and Kosova.

You know why no crimes were commited against the Serbs in Croatia?

Cause all Serbs fled when Operation Storm began.

And on their way to Serbia, through Slavonia, the Croats were throwing flowers at them.

So don't talk about "crimes against Serbs", unless throwing flowers goes against the Geneva Convention.

Oh and another thing, Gotovina...he is a thug, but he did not get his hands dirty with Serbs.

The crimes Croatia, half of my homeland too, has to answer for are those against the Bosiancs.

We have lost face with this, Croatia has a very dark chapter in its history for trying to do to Bosnia that what Serbia did.

And this was not the generals doing, it was certain political parties that ruled back them (you know who).

So Ceku, and Haradinaj (who will very soon be found not guilty) have their hands clean. Find me a Serb soldier who is clean and I'll show you Green men on Mars.

Kristian said...

Hispanics in Los Angeles and Abanians in Kosovo demand legalization of their crimes

Mary Mostert
Mary Mostert
March 30, 2006

Townhall columnist Michelle Malkin noted in her column this week that "an estimated 500,000 to 2 million people, untold numbers of them here illegally, took to the streets of Los Angeles to protest strict immigration enforcement and to demand blanket amnesty for border violators, visa overstayers, deportation fugitives, immigration document fraud artists and other lawbreakers. Mexican flags and signs advocating ethnic separatism and supremacy filled the landscape. Demonstrators gleefully defaced posters of President Bush and urged supporters to 'Stop the Nazis!' Los Angeles talk show host Tammy Bruce reported that protesters burned American flags and waved placards of the North American continent with America crossed out."

"One of the largest, boldest banners visible from aerial shots of the rally read: 'THIS IS STOLEN LAND' Others blared: 'CHICANO POWER' and 'BROWN IS BEAUTIFUL!'

Malkin quoted Sandra Molina, 16, a junior from L.A.'s Downtown Magnet High School, who complained: "This is unjust. This land used to belong to us and now they're trying to kick us out."

And, that sentiment was not limited to Los Angeles. In Wisconsin marchers held signs that said: "If you think I'm 'illegal' because I'm a Mexican, learn the true history because I'm in my HOMELAND."

Technically and logically Malkin is absolutely correct in pointing out that those who "came here illegally" or who stayed in the country after their visa documents expired or with fraudulent documents are criminals and lawbreakers. Yet as recently as 7 years ago this week the might and power of the United States Air Force was used to bomb a nation who tried, unsuccessfully, to defend one of its states against the same kind of massive influx of illegals that has occurred in California.

I've written about this for years. Just last year in an article titled, "Illegal aliens' use of terrorism to get a seat in the United Nations" I wrote, shortly after the London railway was bombed:

"For some reason for years the West has urged victims of terrorist attacks in Tel Aviv and Belgrade to placate and appease the terrorists in their midst. Governments in London, Washington and the United Nations have pressured both Jews and Serbs to surrender their lands to placate the terrorists who blow up their citizens, their police and, in Kosovo, 135 of their churches.

"In a province of about 2 million people, which is approximately the population of Utah, in the years between 1991-1998, there were 1126 terrorist attacks in Kosovo which killed or wounded 616 policemen, 16 refugees in refugee shelters and 494 citizens. To address this problem, President Clinton decided to bomb the Serbs for not being nice enough to the Albanian population in Kosovo and for insisting that the illegal Albanians go home.

"In Israel, in a population of about 4.5 million Jews, during the same period of time, the terrorists killed 390 people. The terror attacks increased between September 2000 and October 2003 with 884 people killed and 5932 injured in Israel by terrorist bombers. In 2004, another 117 people were killed in Israel by Palestinian terrorists in 2004, and most of those attacks were not even mentioned by the media in the West.

"However, when 50 people were killed a week ago in of Britain's 60 million people, it was front page news in every country in the world. Although Britain helped bomb the Serbs when they tried to send illegal aliens home to Albania, there were instant demands that illegals be rounded up and exported when the public thought illegal aliens had bombed London trains. That has quieted down now that it appears the bombers were British citizens.

"For years we have supported the notion that the Jews and the Serbs should negotiate with the terrorists, and give them land to stop the slaughter of citizens on the streets in Israel or Serbia. I've been writing about this for years. People forget that Yasser Arafat, who until his death was the leader of the Palestinians, was not born on the West Bank, but in Egypt. He began smuggling weapons into Jerusalem as a teenager to kill British soldiers. Many other so-called "Palestinians" are also citizens of other countries. Likewise, nearly a million Albanian Muslims, over 25% of its working age population, left Albania following the 1990 collapse of the Communist government and economy in Albania, and illegally entered Kosovo, Greece, Italy and other European nations. During the 1990s those Albanians used terrorism and crime to drive out 250,000 Serbs.

"After his election in 1989 Slobodan Milosevic, tried to reverse the incoming hordes of Albanians. Nearly one third of the Albanians fleeing their country's economic collapse simply walked across the border into Kosovo province of the disintegrating Yugoslavia and stayed there. They are now demanding independent status and the property of Serbs, Jews, and others as their "right" to possess."

"In late 1997, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), funded largely with illegal drug money from the Albanian mafia, (with weapons supplied by Osama bin Laden and Iran) began a series of attacks on Serbian police forces, government officials, and Serbian refugees in Kosovo. The Milosevic Government responded by sending the Yugoslav army into Kosovo to stop the attacks. Note that some Americans today are demanding that the US Army be sent to the Mexican border to stop illegal immigration into the USA."

In trying to stop illegal aliens from seizing a portion of his nation, Slobodan Milosevic was arrested as a war criminal, spent the last 4 years defending himself in a trial composed of judges selected by those who bombed his nation, and died under strange circumstances as the trial was supposedly coming to an end.

Could the same thing happen to an American President? After all, it is true that California and Texas once actually had an Hispanic government, while Kosovo NEVER was controlled by an Albanian government, but was Serbian occupied for over 1000 years — and there were hundreds of historic Serbian Christian churches, monasteries and landmarks to prove it — until the Albanians began blowing them up.

Both the Albanians and the Hispanics believe they can seize land, create a country, get a seat at the United Nations and make you believe they are the victims. It seems to be working for the Albanians who expect to get Kosovo as their "independent" nation. Why shouldn't it work for the Mexicans in Los Angeles County?

Mary Mostert is a nationally-respected political writer. She was one of the first female political commentators to be published in a major metropolitan newspaper in the 1960s. After working in President Lyndon Johnson's failed War on Poverty programs in New York state, she became a Republican. She ran, unsuccessfully, for the New York State Senate and became campaign manager for a number of candidates. She once served as the secretary of "Positive Action NOW!"--a South African women's group that sought to reduce the hostility among South Africa's various racial, religious, and political groups.

In recent years, Mary has researched, written, and edited articles for national talk show host Michael Reagan's Information Interchange on the Internet, and for The REAGAN MONITOR, a monthly newsletter that provides in-depth information on key issues. Her book, COMING HOME - Families Can Stop the Unraveling of America," was published in 1996 by Gold Leaf Press. Mary maintains a political media site, Banner of Liberty. She can be contacted at Click here for more information.

Kristian said...


Hispanics in Los Angeles and Albanians in Kosovo demand legalization of their crimes

I love the way you use your statistics to push an idea that is pro American/Anti-Latino and then the Pro-Serb/Pro-Israeli.

The Hispanic immigrants are right that the land was stolen from them by Europeans/Americans. And the Indians can also make the same claim (which is 100% true and a fact). As we drove Latinos out during the past 2 centuries, they are now coming back in waves because we need them here to do jobs that regular Americans WILL NOT DO! Americans do complain that they can't get jobs but there are plenty of jobs available. Americans simply sit idle while searching (3-6 months on avg) for a job and wishing they will land that great paying job. Its simple: You don't work = you do not generate any income. You work = you generate income, may not be the same level of pay as you received before but you are generating income. Now tell me why do so many Americans complain that immigrants are taking their jobs when there are plenty of jobs available?

At the same time American Businessmen (mostly REPUBLICANS as myself) hire immigrants when regular Americans are crying about losing their jobs. Is it truly the immigrants fault or every single individual that lives in this country? I believe the latter. Hispanics work hard, they do a job a Typical American will not do. Americans, sad to say, have become lazy! In the early '20's it was the Italians that were shunned in this country, but Italians today are a respected group. The Latino populations seems to be a burden as the Italians were, but they are descent folks that work hard and are chasing the same dream as every single soul that stepped on this great land that we call the United States of America, a blessed land.

Americans, throughout our history, seem to need someone to blame. That is a sad trait that we have. It is truly UN-AMERICAN! And you as a Republican are truly UN-AMERICAN in blaming a group of people for our, and I did say OUR, problems. Every businessman, politician, and individual in this country make decisions that affect our lives. Instead of pointing a finger maybe YOU should look in the mirror and point to the true problem in America! Americans!

Your point of view about Israel is astonishing! Prior to the 50's or prior to the European Jews heading to Israel, Jews and Palestinians were good neighbors. When the European Jews came to Israel that is when the problems started. They brought their hate to the region and their disdain of others with them, just as Hitler and the Germans were seeking to create a pure nation, the Jews were trying to create a similar nation.

The local Jewish people didn't seem to have a conflict with the Palestinians prior to the European Jews arriving. It is truly sad that the Jewish people had to go through such horrific atrocities during the World Wars, but you have to ask did they do the same to the Palestinians in a smaller scale. you Prior to the Media, for every Jew that was killed there were up to 100 Palestinians executed. Now the ratio gap seems to have shrunk because of the Media and Democratic Ideologies. You mentioned Arafat (which in my opinion was not a great man) being born in Egypt, how many Israelis were born in Israel? The majority of the Israeli leaders were not born in Israel at all just like Arafat was not born in the West Bank! Your analogy is SAD!. But I do hope one thing for both the people of Israel and the Palestinian people and that is true PEACE! If it wasn't for the older generation, I believe, the younger generation could resolve their differences. Lets hope and pray that the new PM of Israel will achieve Peace for all.

Now to the Former Republic of Yugoslavia. You have singled out only one group as being the victim, the Serb people. Now if I'm not mistaken there were Serbs, Croats, Albanians, Slovenes, Macedonians, and Montenegrins (in order of their population based on the 1980 census). The Serbs were not the only people that lived in that GREAT country, FROY. Its unfair that you single out a group. And the Serbs did not make up the whole nation, but they did start all the wars in the FROY. Nor were there any terrorist attacks on Belgrade by any people or ethnic race.

"-------"Serbs to surrender their lands to placate the terrorists who blow up their citizens, their police and, in Kosovo, 135 of their churches." -------In Serbia (or the FROY) there have never been acts of terrorism where people have blown up citizens. In Kosovo, there were attacks on police stations from '97 onwards. And maybe this was due to the FACT that Milosevic took the Autonomy of the people (mainly Albanian) from them in 1989. And the attacks were done by the so called "mafia" you mention and not by the common citizen. The churches were destroyed during and after the war in Kosovo after 200 plus mosques were also destroyed by the Serb people and the Serb military. Thank God that their being rebuilt by great agencies around the world.

"--------"Likewise, nearly a million Albanian Muslims, over 25% of its working age population, left Albania following the 1990 collapse of the Communist government and economy in Albania, and illegally entered Kosovo, Greece, Italy and other European nations. During the 1990s those Albanians used terrorism and crime to drive out 250,000 Serbs."

From the 1980 Yugoslav census, the population of Kosovo has not changed much and is at par with the birthrate of the Albanian population. Albanians from Albania did not see Kosovo as a lucrative place to go and the Yugoslav govt. required a visa for entry, which very few were given to the Albanians from Albania. Greece, Italy, and other European nations were their prime target to establish themselves in the west. I believe the term is Kosovans did not drive out 250,000 Serbs from Kosovo. There is enough media footage at the state department and throughout many Media agencies throughout the world showing the exodus of Serbs leaving with the Military and Paratroopers of the Yugoslav government.

"---------Nearly one third of the Albanians fleeing their country's economic collapse simply walked across the border into Kosovo province of the disintegrating Yugoslavia and stayed there. They are now demanding independent status and the property of Serbs, Jews, and others as their "right" to possess."---------" Again the 1980 census from the Yugoslav government and the amount of Albanians in Kosovo has not changed much and is at par with the birthrate of the Albanian citizens of FROY.

"----------In late 1997, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), funded largely with illegal drug money from the Albanian mafia, (with weapons supplied by Osama bin Laden and Iran) began a series of attacks on Serbian police forces, government officials, and Serbian refugees in Kosovo. The Milosevic Government responded by sending the Yugoslav army into Kosovo to stop the attacks.----------"

Lieberman, an American JEW, advocated that the USA send 20million dollars in arms to the KLA to fight the Yugoslav army. Nato reports have shown explicitly that the majority of the weapons that came into the KLA hands came from the GOOD OLD USofA. The majority of the weapons were bought/exported from America. The majority of funding came from American Albanian Diaspora and not the "mafia".

During WWII, there were more Jews in Albanian lands then at the beginning of the war. You should read the book, by a Jewish American:----



Haroey Samer
Brunswick Press

Cathedral City, California, 1997

Mary Mostert I believe that your journalism has been compromised by the almighty dollar. It is truly sad!


Foreign Service Division



Well, to deal with your last point first, “I believe that your journalism has been compromised by the almighty dollar. It is truly sad!” WHAT almighty dollar? I write for my own website – and other people print what I write – but NO ONE is sending me money – much less “almighty dollars.”

I am well aware, as you point out, that American businessmen, such as you, are hiring illegal immigrants. In fact, of course, HIRING an illegal immigrant is also against the law, just as coming into the USA without a visa or remaining in the USA after a visa expires is against the law. I think that the punishment for both the immigrant and the American businessman should be the same – since it would be difficult to remain in the USA without the job. Hundreds of thousands of aliens, most of there here legally, went back to their homelands during the Great Depression – because there were no jobs. My father was one of them. So, yes, businessmen such as yourself are also breaking the law and they should be dealt with – if the voters really want to stop the illegal aliens.

I have no problem with people legally coming to America. I have a problem with people who ignore the law – whether they are aliens or Americans.

As for your misinformation about the Jews in Israel – Your comment that “Prior to the 50's or prior to the European Jews heading to Israel, Jews and Palestinians were good neighbors” is, of course, wrong. Jews have been going back to the area that is now Israel, and was previously part of the Turkish empire since the 1880s. They BOUGHT the land from the Turkish landowners with money contributed by American Jews such as the Rothchilds. However, the Muslims that lived in or wandered about in the desert there (most were nomadic tribes) did not want Jews – or for that matter – Christians - coming back to Jerusalem. The first groups of suicide bombers (then called the the fedayeen, were organized prior to the Muslim riots in Jerusalem in 1919. LONG before the Holocaust and the Second World War.

As for what has occurred in recent years – the misinformation that has been distributed is astounding. However, just studying world almanacs (and I have a 50 year collection of Almanacs) paints a very different picture about what has taken place in both Kosovo and Israel. Like I said – the tactic of both Albanians and some of the Hispanics is to pretend to be “victims” while attacking those they believe are in their way or blocking their plans for control of a piece of land.

Mary Mostert


Mir said...


Damn... I dont even have one...

Justme said...

Damn... I dont even have one...
Really?! I could have sworn you have the same ones :)

albasoul said...

I see that this lady has received plenty of e-mails after publishing thet stupid article. I sent her couple of them also. But you know what, she is not worthy our attention. She is a looooooooser, thats all.