Wednesday, March 01, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Kole Berisha to Become New Speaker of the Kosovo Assembly...developing


Friedrich Haas said...

LDK calls on Daci, whereas AAK on Kosumi to resign

01.03.2006 ET Prishtina (KosovaLive)

The Board of the Democratic League of Kosova (LDK) decided today to call on the Parliament Speaker Nexhat Daci to resign, adding that he will be replaced by the current LDK Deputy Chairman Kolë Berisha.

Visit Prishtina said...

Democracy at work!

A position in state institutions is not "for life", some people come, others go.

Thank you to Daci for all he did as the Head of Kuvendi, and lets hope whoever succeeds him is even better.

Anonymous said...

ur brothers at work,,91134-bosnia_p3705,00.html

Dardania 2006 said...


that is Bosnia silly anonymous...and that is Arabs.

Not related to Bosniacs.

Balkan Update said...

Not happy about Kole Berisha becoming the head of Parliament. He has none of the elements of a leader and doesn't have a lot of following in Kosovo (Even his follow Catholics don't support him). I think he was elected because he is an extremely loyal supporter of LDK. You cannot even compare him Daci, and we will see that he will not be as successful as Daci was. Party loyalty in LDK gets you wherever you want to go!

Daci was doing a fine Job and it’s a shame that LDK sacked him because he didn't follow the party line. I think this is the beginning of the decline of LDK. There is nobody left in that party anymore. This will obviously benefit the Opposition (Thaqi and Surroi) a great deal. LDK is doing the opposition a great service.
Ferik F.

Independent Kosova said...

Friedrich Haas, maybe this wasn't a bad tactic. Maybe the competition will get confused and take a little break. One thing for sure, I can safely say Daci wasn't exactly a pro-Independence fundamentalist who only demands that. It's time to elect true patriots who have the guts to scream at peoples faces,"Kosova, it's fucking Kosova" LOL. I'm telling you I'm getting sick of this kosovo crap, it's KOSOVA. Did you know that there is SOVerign in KOSOVA? Maybe it will be better if the referndum changes the name from Kosova to Dardania..

Anonymous said...


interesting video. above all I liked the slapping part - the poor baby almost cried.

What did you kucki sin expect? Your ppl "used" everything that the Jugoslav army possesed. Poor bosnians had no means to protect themselves. If they had your military might they would kick your behinds from Sarajevo to Belgrade. It is good that at least there was someone to help them and kill some of your chetniks. I still think that they should kick your asses out of Rep. Srpska like Albanians did in Kosovo.

former KFOR soldier :).

Anonymous said...

>>former KFOR soldier :). <<

kako mi to lepo kazemo: cega se pametan stidi - time se budala ponosi.....

Independent Kosova said...'s spelled KOSOVA...You know better then to bring that kosovo crap, this ain't Serbian Fantasy. Either call it Kosova..or Dardania, that bs will not be appreciated or acceptated.

Also, why not call it FORK? Force of Kosova??

Kristian said...

I'm back from brasilllllllllll!

I love the comments here! Its interesting how so many ppl have so many different views on things.

Its sad that things are changing at such a crucial time. Just bc you change a person from one office to another there IS A LEARNING CURVE to manage/learn that position.

The Kosovan ppl must understand that QUALIFIED ppl should be elected. You can't elect ppl just bc they were heroes or belonged to a certain party. WE NEED PPL THAT HAVE QUALIFICATIONS TO GET THE JOB DONE! A lot of these folks are winging it! I would say the half or less then half have degrees. (Can't say that this is a fact).

Leaders of war are different from leaders of civilians. You can't have a leader that is used to the strict adherence of military procedure. Which happen to be very detailed and strict. REGULAR CIVILIANS don't act or follow orders in such a manner! They might be great as military leaders, but time has proven that all military leaders SUCK no matter what region on the planet they govern.

The time right now is not the time to change things around. It should be a time of unification. After the status settlement, then changes should be made as the VOTING PUBLIC SEES FIT!

ECONOMY SUCKS! Ppl that have been elected in some positions suck! There are a lot of ppl that can help the govt. YOUNG BLOOD but bc the parties are so hard lined in picking ppl based on devotion and at times thick headed they think YOUNG BLOOD can't revitalize the economy or create a economic plan to achieve such goals.

I'm not trying to bash any particular politician at the moment! But I am concerned at how Kosovans elect ppl to office. I believe QUALIFICATION should be the main criteria for electing ppl to a position, not based on a persons POPULARITY!

Balkan update:

I respect your opinions a lot, but this one I have to disagree with you:

...and we will see that he will not be as successful as Daci was....

What we need is to get the job done! PERIOD! I don't know the guy or his track record, but I hope he does the job that is required of him. That is what everyone should expect of him.

You ever hear of the theory:


Its something blacks here in America have grown accustomed to discribe their situation in history/politics etc..!

If you have a bunch of crabs in a bucket, as soon as one is trying to get out, there is always one to pull him back in!

We as a Kosovans are in this BUCKET! For one we haven't gained independence yet!

Second the parties are always in turmoil (which is normal, but when politicians/civilians will deliberatly sabatoge, as you stated in your comment that is utterly WRONG). So what who becomes the PM, what truly matters is if he can do the job and party affiliation should be bipartisan towards getting the job done.

Third ppl are not as democratic as the term is defined.

Last but not least, Kosovans have a hard time with the fact that a democracy means all ppl of different origins and those different ppl we have to live with in order to get independence.

If a serb was to become the head of Parliament, so be it. I have no problem with that, as long as s/he does the job and does it well. In the future this could be a possibility. They do have 10 seats in parliament. Or if a WOMEN becomes the head of PARLIAMENT! Which to many Albanians would be absurd. Sorry but the ppl are not liberal in their ideologies, a lot are closed minded. That I can say is a fact with the older generation!

And as time goes by that generation influences the young.

We have all kinds of problems: Economic (#1), Social (on all levels, ethnicity (#1), etc..


Good luck to all the ppl of Kosovo/a and may God bless them all!

Anonymous said...

Kole Berisha is a great man, a true patriot and the right man for the job. He has the full backing of the urban Prishtina and wider. Now we are not electing people based on regional, clan, or religious based support. We are electing modern leader, true visionaries who will enhance the democratic process and not stop. Daci did a good job but it's time for a change, simple as leader, fresh ideas and fresh energy in ourpolitical process.

Urime zoti. Berisha.

Luc Skywalker said...

Kolë Berisha is anonymous in politics. He is simply an Machiavelist. Just like Kolë Shiroka an communist leader, Kolë Berisha was an former Yugoslav communist official.

Balkan Update said...

-You disagree with me that Mr Berisha is not a good Leader

-You think he will do a good Job

-But you don't know the man

There is no logic to this argument (no offense indented).

Berisha is another one of those with "Literature Degrees" to lead Kosovo institutions.

I am sick and tired with Historians and linguists/authors leading Kosovo institutions. I don't see this anywhere else in the world but in Kosova. We need some Managers and Business people who have proved records of leadership and managerial capabilities. Mr. Berisha has a pretty weak resume- I am not aware of anything outstanding in his resume. I still stand by my statement that the removal of Daci will benefit Thaqi and Surroi. And yes, Kole Berisha is not, let’s say, beloved by his fellow Catholics. I don’t have anything against him personally, but there is no room for optimisms knowing what I know about Mr. Berisha. I hope he proves me wrong!

Kristian said...

Balkan update

-You disagree with me that Mr Berisha is not a good Leader

-You think he will do a good Job

-But you don't know the man

There is no logic to this argument (no offense indented).

I'm not arguing any of those points nor did I imply them. First, I don't know if he's a bad leader or good one, I'm hoping for the latter. Second, I hope he does a great job bc that is what each individual should demand of him and nothing less. Lastly, I don't know him which is true. The logic wasn't arguing what type of leader he was (from my perspective) but the quote (from you) which I was concerned about.

we will see that he will not be as successful as Daci was.

That groups are forming against each other and against individuals. Like I said I don't know the man, even though I am Catholic. It doesn't matter who is in office, my biggest concern is getting ppl that are qualified, as you mentioned in your last statement, and as I mentioned it before your last post.

I'm constantly worried that ppl in Kosovo/a don't elect ppl based on qualifications, but on popularity. So freaken what the person is popular. The key question is can they lead and get the job done!

As far as Kole Berisha, I hope he does the job that is expected of him. And Kosovans should demand this from him. That is what citizens should demand of their elected officials.

So Balkan Update I just was concerened about that particular sentence, nothing more.

Power is a tricky thing, once you have it you tend to want it even more and stop those from getting it from you even if its not in the best interest of the ppl. I hope the politicians are not clouded in their judgement just to gain political power for personal gain.

Peace to all :)