Wednesday, March 01, 2006

SRSG’s statement on resignation of Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi

PRISTINA – Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Kosovo (SRSG) Søren Jessen-Petersen made the following statement after learning of the resignation of Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi:

“I was informed that the Prime Minister has resigned.

Such developments are a part of normal democratic life and are fully in accordance with democratic principles. I would like to thank the Prime Minister for his important contribution to Kosovo’s progress over the last many months.

I urge the future Prime Minister to accelerate standards implementation and to make sure that Kosovo does its utmost to provide the highest quality of life to all of its communities. This is of particular importance as progress on standards will have a strong impact on the outcome of the status process.

I look forward to working closely with the new Prime Minister when elected by the Assembly.”


Anonymous said...

Of course, this is a democratic system. Our neighbors should learn a lot from this. When it comes to greater good Albanians step down, die or suffer a great amount. Compare serbs in the same issue, and you get Mladic, Karadjic, and ...vic, ... vic x 4 million who commit crimes and drag their whole nation into grave with them.

albasoul said...

I couldnt agree more......

Anonymous said...

This is amazing what we are witnessing!

A truly democratic procedure in the middle of the Balkans! This should be a lesson to all that individual is not important it's the systemthat we are trying to build!

Good luck to the new PM, and to Kosova.
Thanx to Kosumi for being such a gentleman!

Kristian said...

I wish the majority of the ppl thought as you bloggers do...

A lot of ppl don't see things as optimistically as you. There will be ppl/politicians that will throw monkey wrenches in the system, just bc their candidate is not the one in a particular office. Plus ppl are not being selected based on their qualifications, which is greatly needed.

As a ppl we are fairly new to the political process and DEMOCRACY! The world and Serbia are ahead of us in POLITICS, Serbia not in democracy, but POLITICS! They've been dealing with the world for a long time. We're the new kids on the block while the rest of the world are adults.

I'm not pessimistic but cautious! Until I read that Kosovans have been given independence, I will worry and I'm definately not celebrating! The serbs are working hard in preventing or getting concessions. I see history repeating itself. We as a ppl have always been SCREWED! I hope this time we'll brake that chain and come out on top!

And I really don't think that the govt should be making changes in such a crucial time. After so be it, but not during the talks.

I'll keep on praying, as many Kosovans will do the same.

GOD BLESS and to a brighter Future to ALL!

Anonymous said...

This was incredible, the whole reshufle of key posts. It's a very democratic process and Serbia should take note!

Anonymous said...

Guys LDK and AAK have shown an amasing amount of maturity. They sack two leaders that were blocking the process. End of story.

We need fresh blood, new ideas and a greater push to achieve our goals. But this is democracy at work! And we will support it.

Urime to the guys who made these tough decisions, i have to say i'm pleasenty shocket how the country is stabile, this is another proof that democratic system we are building lays on solid grounds!!

Visit Prishtina said...

Again, democracy at work.

I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of military people taking key political posts, however, having said that, we are fighting hard for our independence and we need strong leaders. We need people who have the trust of the people and the influence to get things done and move the country forward.

I think the person who deserves most credits for what is happening right now is General Haradinaj, and that man is so powerful that he is keeping LDK going and making decisions that could not be imagined just a few weeks ago.

So, all credits to LDK leadership for making such a big decision to remove Daci.

I must admit, I loved Daci for the fact that he made the international and UNMIK officials take the Kosovar leaders seriously and not simply tell them what to do and when to do it. But, I guess this proved unpopular with the international and UNMIK officials and many locals. I think Daci tried to build a respect for the institutions (such as that of the Speaker of Parliament), but this was seen by many differently.

I get the impression that we, as a people, are yet to learn how to respect state institutions and I hope that the new leaders (Kola and Agimi) will contribute towards achieving that.

Finally, good luck!

ivan said...

1.3.2006 18:01 PRISTINA, (Tanjug) - The Albanian National Army (ANA) demanded Wednesday UNMIK's withdrawal from Kosovo, accusing it of being undemocratic.

I also hope ANA succeeds in its goals :)

Konaction said...

Some of you think this is wrong I think opposite. The best ever decisions are made these days. I liked Daci a lot but there was lack of hard work in the assembly. There should be more laws, more laws mean fullfilment of standards and there were no laws my dear bloggers. Let just hope they take speed up all the processes.
As for the PM, he was there temporarily, when elected he had 18 days to lead the government. What he did is talking. I believe that changes will bring a better future for us all.