Thursday, March 23, 2006

Experts See Independence for Kosovo as Inevitable

By Barry Wood
23 March 2006

With independence now seen among Western governments as the likely outcome of talks about the status of the Serbian province of Kosovo, the European Union Wednesday called on the Kosovo Albanians to take action to protect the province's Serbian minority. Minority rights is taking center stage in the status negotiations.

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana told Kosovo's prime minister, Agim Ceku, that he is insisting on full protection for the territory's 10 percent Serbian minority. The discussions in Brussels were the first between Solana and the recently installed Mr. Ceku. The EU official expressed their frustration with the Kosovo leader, saying there has been a lot of talk on protecting the Serbian minority, but very little action.

United Nations sponsored talks on Kosovo began last month and a third meeting between officials from Serbia and Kosovo is scheduled for April 3rd. The talks thus far have focused on local government but minority rights and cultural heritage will soon be discussed.

Independence is now almost certainly the intended outcome of the talks even though this is vigorously opposed by Serbia. Jack Straw, Britain's foreign secretary, recently became the highest-level western official to endorse independence, saying it was almost inevitable. Kosovo, whose population is 90 percent ethnic Albanian, has been administered by the United Nations since 1999 after a 78 day NATO bombing campaign forced Serbian troops to withdraw. The status negotiations are guided by a contact group of six nations-the United States, Britain, Russia, France, Germany, and Italy.

At a forum Wednesday at Washington's Georgetown University, Balkans specialist and former U.S .ambassador to Turkey Mort Abramowitz said the status negotiations provide the opportunity to get Kosovo's Albanian majority to enact meaningful minority safeguards.

"And the best you can do right now is, I believe, pressure the Kosovars on how important this is, and to get them to carry out whatever activities and legislation they can do to improve the lot of the Serb and other minorities," he said.

Abramowitz said the ongoing Kosovo negotiations must determine whether the territory will have full independence and a seat in the United Nations. Similarly, he said the status of the ethnically divided town of Mitrovica in the north must be resolved.

Charles Kupchan, a professor of international affairs at Georgetown said it would be a mistake to eliminate any possibility of territorial adjustments. The Serbian populated land north of Mitrovica is adjacent to Serbia proper. "Unless the international community and Pristina is prepared to do what is necessary to reattach Mitrovica and northern Kosovo to a functioning state, I don't think they should make partition unacceptable. This is an area that is almost 100 percent Serb," he said.

The UN and the six-nation contact group have ruled out territorial adjustments as well as any future merger between an independent Kosovo and neighboring Albania.

The UN officials chairing the Kosovo talks hope to reach a settlement by the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

It would be cool if the Kosovareport would list where the article came from WashPost? NYT? whatever.

Anonymous said...

May be it would be a good idea of swaping N. Mitrovica with Albanian side in Serbia.

Then you can work on minority rights easier. I don't believe some Serbs in Mitrovica will respect Kosova as their home even if they got a distinct society status like French Canadians have.

Sadly I have to admit that Western Powers are not ready to embrace this.

vjosa gjilan said...

A country cannot gain its independence with spllited cities. It is unquestionable that Mitrovice will be united into one single state as it has ever been as the indipendence will come.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous:
This article actually came from the Voice of America.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Mr. Kosovareport!

arianit said...

Kupchan doesn't say why north of the Iber River is "almost 100% Serb." If the current population situation on the ground, which is a result of violence, legitimizes political requests, then I wouldn't be surprised for both sides to engage in ethnic cleansing that would further deleniate their territories, just as it happenned in the closing months of the Bosnian conflict. This view, which interestengly enough has always come from the West and acted upon by local parties, will mean disaster for Kosova and the region.

With Albanians being an overwhelming majority, I'm afraid that it will pity them against Serbs and make the later the long-term losers. After all, March 2004 happenned because Serb minority was percieved as the only hindrance to independence.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Arianit. But from what I heard Kosovo will stay intact. There are to be territorial concessions. Interestingly UNMIK has now placed a lot of institutions (like the courts) on the North. But a lot of people are waiting for the worst when independence comes.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean territorial concessions but a lot of concessions on rights including horizontal rights for the Serbs and Belgrade. The next talks are 3 April and likely to be very difficult.

Independence for Kosova said...

Mr.Shaw says is possibly VOA comes out saying Independence is what's , if's or anything. HA HA Finally hundreds of years of oppression freedom comes at last.

Like Kosovars say, Pavarsi (freedom).

Ivan/cvj any comments before you kiss Kosova off your hands forever?

Mir said...

Didnt take a genius to see that was the outcome. I mean come on as soon as US/NATO got involved they pretty much could do anything they wanted to in the region.

Independence for Kosova said...

Mir that's somewhat true but one thing who was someone in here I think that kept saying "better kiss SERBIAN ass blah blah..?"

Kristian said...

To: Independence

Ivana and cv.... where the radicals from the serb perspective. Mir always said that Serbs where the evil of the balkans (not exactly your quote Mir, but close enough right? plz correct if I'm wrong) He always posed questions and was definately not a radical as the great IVANA and cv....

To all the Kosovans peace to all and a prosperous future :)

Kristian said...

As far as the Flag Goes it should be created not based on Ethnicity but the state and its ppl. You can have red, black, white, and blue.

RED for passion!

BLACK for mourning (for the hardships endured by the ppl over the ages)!

WHITE for PEACE, purity and innocence!

And BLUE stands for loyalty, faithfulness, love, intellectualty goals and insight, faith, and spiritual maturity. ...

I think those colours could make a great Flag for all to respect.

Any comments on this anyone?

Kristian said...
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Kristian said...

The brasilian flag is a good example:

They have their colors plus the constellation of the stars (where ever you stand on its soil as you view the night sky its always the same constellation of stars) surrounded by the globe with the phrase "in order and progress".

A great design showing that they are wordly and striving for the stars!

Anonymous said...

The black 2 headed eagle with a blood red background must be (remain to be) the flag of Kosova. The only thing that could be changed is: the red background could be turned around vertically (long ways) but of course the eagle should remain upright and perhaps slightly towards the top of the upright rectangled background.

the patriot

Dardania 2006 said...

What ever the flag, we cannot have the exact same flag like Albania.

The eagle, black and the red must be there.

And something else.

Anonymous said...

Howzabouts a white Plis (kapuç i bardhë) on top of the shqiponja dykrenare????

The patriot

Kristian said...

To: Patriot

I wasn't excluding the eagle but I was thinking of adding colors to it so it could be distinct from others. Like the white and blue. Try to imagine the same flag with those 2 colors addes. at its claws you add something maybe?

Anonymous said...

The only other colour that could perhaps be added to independent Kosova's flag would be a yellow (gold) rim around the upright vertical red packground.

The Patriot

Anonymous said...

As I think that we have our own identity, our flag should represent it. Copying the albanian flag would mean that we are the same people with the same destiny which is strictly false.

Dardania is now a holly place, I know that you totaly dislike religious rhetoric but this is what we feel over here in Switzerland. People talk about it like a dream which unites and a constructive dream.

We shouldn't confuse between albania albanians and dardania albanians. Some of you will say that we are the same just because of your patriotism which is understandable and honours you but we have to see reality and take the right conclusions.

Just to come back to the article, North Dardania is strictly not a albanian free zone, we have even albanians after Merdare, I've been there and seen the reality. Charles KUPCHAN is known for its arm chair analysis and in that case it's not suitable for a correct report of the situation.

E kemi tërë nji objektiv por duhemi tash për tash me bajt në zemër. Nji super shtet ~70% musliman (edhe pse nuk jemi fetar të fortë) kuptohët që e trishton Europën...


Anonymous said...

Its surprising how many morons are still living in Kosova. It seems the best have been killed by serbs and only garbage has remained. Open your damned eyes and see that we are not out of the woods yet. We are negotiating with serbs about the status no matter what those sellouts in parliament say. The only person worth following is Albin Kurti cause the rest have been proven to be spineless imbeciles who have sold Kosova for money. Adem Jashari is turning in his grave today while our "leaders"are making bargains with serbs about Kosovas'status. Which should be nothing but independence.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said Kupchan is just arm chair analysis is right but he does bend the ear of the D.C.

And Kristian has a great ideas for the flag! I like the colour scheme a lot.

But this discussion also points out one of the main problems of the process right now, which is the lack of real information about the status talks and what they will eventually mean at the end of the day. A nation cannot in this day and age be based solely on ethnicity unless you want to go back to Milosevic and for that matter Hitler. And Kosova is not Albania. And you have to respect all of your minorities not just the Serbs.

The status talks are not about independence, in fact, but about the relationship between the serb minority and the Albanian majority and how the government will pan out. The fact is independence is a given the UN seat is not and neither is help from the IMF, World Bank et. al. all this will depend on the implementation of standards--meaning protection of minorities.

Mir said...

"Mir always said that Serbs where the evil of the balkans"

Haha Kristian when I said things like that it was usually sarcasm. I do not believe that there is a polarization in this world of Good and Evil. There are shades of gray.

We bear the guilt of letting nationalism destroy a country that had 40 years of peace in 5 years of war. When you say "I am a Serb." there is no power in the word. The sentence holds no "weight" at all. When you would say "I am a Yugoslavian" that was a powerful thing to say.

And now in place of what was once the most powerful European nation ever in the Balkans, there are 5 (soon to be 7) independent nations that are pathetically weak (and will stay that way for our lifetimes), ruined psychologically, ruined buildings/homes/infrastructure, and probably wont survive the century in their current states.

I dont believe Milosevic was alone in it at all, although I do despise him. My PERSONAL opinion is that like Milosevic the Croatian and Bosnian leaders also took power of burried hatred and nationalism and helped carve a powerful country. As much as everyone still filled with their hatred would not want this: I truly hope one day that Yugoslavia can come to exist again when we all learn to rid ourselves of the IMMATURE nationalism and hatred.

Losing Kosovo dosent hurt me mentally at all, it dosent compare at all with losing Yugoslavia. Kosovo meant something a long time ago. Today it is nothing but a tarnished historical event used as a tool for nationalism by the Serbs that betrayed Yugoslavia. I dont even know what Im talking about anymore it has nothing to do with your reply or article but I felt I had to say it. We hold the most guilt for what happened to Yugoslavia, but it cannot be branded as 'good or evil'.

Mir said...

I certainly hope that they do more than the typical 3 bar color scheme that many nations use (including Serbia and Montenegro).

Mir said...

"Mir that's somewhat true "

Its not somewhat true its completely true. You and I were pawns for America (and NATO more importantly) to develop a strategy of invading countries like ours.

Basically what exists now is a grand empire-like army (NATO) that can invade any nation any time they want and enter any nation in a civil war and pick sides. As much as I WANT to be angry and blame everything on Albanians for the situation in Kosovo (like most Radical Serbs) I feel there is a greater picture, which is that NATO used both the Albanians and Serbians as practice.

Anonymous said...

I think that the flag of Kosova should be a modern flag. But we should definately have a WHITE STAR on our flag as the symbol of out appreciation for the United States of America. Kosovar/Dardanians will never forget the US led NATO campaign to free us from the opression.

Anonymous said...

The Rugova proposed flag should be our government crest, and i think our new flag should
be red and black stripes with a big White American Star in the middle....why not:)

Anonymous said...

Western Powers will pick a flag for us just like they did for Bosnia. Simple as that! Since liberation no one ( besides Rugova) has seriously thought about our flag and that's why they will impose it upon us.

Every country needs a flag, simple as that, just like Germans and Austrians have different flags we NEED to have our state flag.

Anonymous said...

To all you serb lovers out there: You can all go and stick your red and blue stripes up your fucking arses you fucking trecherous serbofiles...bre nënën qeni ua q _ _ _ _!! Oh and you can all wipe your arses with that blue flag of rugova as well!!!

The patriot.

Independent Kosova said...

Actually Mir, saying you're Serbian holds more power then Yugoslavian. For one Serbia still exists and two it shows some strength, it takes power to cause so much harm and instability in Europe--you can't say a weak country could do that, because it could not. If Yugoslavia is united, I hope they will forget about Kosova. If it did I can assure you it would not have the same name, flag, etc. The serbs would not be in total on. Also why change the flag, if we put so many colors, it will become a rainbow. I've always wanted to use Gjergj Kastriotit flag (Skenderbeut). How about the current flag, just put a blue outline around the eagle..all of it. Blue showing protection finally. ALSO why put a star, don't you remember the Serbs made us do that to say we were under Serbia..we should look up to them?

Oh Mir I don't agree with you, it wasn't America's imperialistc ideas or greed that bombed was your actions.

Anonymous said...

Trust me Mir America had little interest in bombing Serbia (which quite frankly they should have done EARLIER). The responsibility for what happened rests in Serbia and the responsibility for not responding earlier rests with the West.

Mir said...

"Actually Mir, saying you're Serbian holds more power then Yugoslavian. "

Today yes. But many many years ago it was the other way around.

Mir said...

"Oh Mir I don't agree with you, it wasn't America's imperialistc ideas or greed that bombed was your actions."

Dont you think they were just a little TOO desperate to bomb Serbia and Kosovo man? White House officials started saying that 250,000 Albanians were KILLED BY OUR MILITARY. That we were committing genocide. Since the war approximately 3000 bodies have been found. Many of which were killed by the bombings and were minorities from the region or KLA soldiers that didnt have time for proper burial. That 3,000 number comes from UN/NATO documents.

Now that Milosevic is dead in the US they barely mention EVER that "250,000 Albanians were killed in Kosovo". I wonder why, because IF it was true that would have been a pretty big number to ignore. Im not saying we arent guilty because we are. We made the mistake of giving them another reason to come in the Balkans and interfere with affairs. But they seemed to "trigger-happy" when they were attacking us. I dont believe they just decided to bomb Serbia (only 2% of bombs hit military) for 'humanitarian' reasons and I never will.

And again with the flag...
"ALSO why put a star, don't you remember the Serbs made us do that to say we were under Serbia..we should look up to them?"

Definately avoid the American star or they will see you as their puppet forever. It is not my place to suggest these things because I am not from Kosovo but nations WILL try to use you because you are a new nation and you are in a turmoiled region. If you intend to have your own policies and ideals you would have to show independence which I dont think would show if you had an AMERICAN star on your flag.

Anonymous said...

O ti shmeker qe po shan ketu! dhe po vjell vner patriotik, nese ke diqka me thane thuaje me argumente, nese nuk pajtohesh me flamurin e Rugoves propoze nje tjeter. Por ta dish se flamurin e Rugoves ke me e lype sepse Komuniteti nderkombtar ka me ta imponu flamurin shtetror. Edhe ti ki me e pranu at flamur, sepse kame qene ultimatum, Ne te cilin as ka me pas shqiponje as kuq e zi.
Flamurin kombetar nuk kan me na leju me e perdor si flamur shtetror sepse 2 shtete nuk mujn ta ken nje flamur te njejte! Pse eshte aq e veshtire per disa me e kuptu kete fakt!? Duke e ditur ate Rugova e krijoj nje flamur ku eshte shqiponja dhe kuq e zija.

Shikojeni flamurin e Qipros, ata grek jane por flamuri i tyre nuk ka ngjajshmeri me ate grek. Ne te eshte harta e qipros. Apo flamurin e Bosnes i dizajnuar ne perendim.

Anonymous said...

Fort bukure sic ju te gjith po e dini cka ka me ndodh pa kurrfar fakti. Ku e dini ju qi flamuri ka mu impozu?? Fundi i besidemive ka me qen per statusin dhe gjendet te brendshme te Kosoves...ndoshta edhe per referndum, me voten popular per flamur te ri, po ju impozim i flamurit. Ai i huaji qi veti pse e dua flamurin e ish-Kryetarit Rugova eshte sepse ai nuk ka fuqi ta krijon nje flamur, nuk mundet vetem mi shpall nje flamur e te gjith me e leju..kjo duhet mu zgjeth me rezulatin e votes Kosovare.

Mujim me e marr flamurin kombetar the ne mes me shkru diqka sikur "zembra e ballkanit" apo "Kosova e Bashkuar" ide e keqe.

Mire will you please stop using KOSOVO..a lot of people don't mind here but this is a direct insult to me...I respect you and I have stopped calling you things, will you please do the same. Call my country Kosova and the people Kosovars...when you are at home or with friends you can call my country whatever you want..but please here refrain from using that

fauna said...

so many ideas for a flag i kept imagining how they would look... no offense, but you guys don't have much sense for design

i don't ever remember US saying 250,000 killed. Let me shed some light into this conversation -- if NATO didn't bomb, Kosova would've been clean of albanians. That was Serbia's plan. Remember the term 'ethnic cleansing' , that's what you were doing.

to last anonymous,
don't get offended by the term 'Kosovo' because that's how people know it as. Maybe if it was an american saying Kosovo you would be less offended than mir saying it. Until the name Kosova is officialy recognized, don't get offended

Independence for Kosova said...

No, the term "kosovo" is just offensive as the word "siptari"--it shows ignorance, close mindness, and racial superiority. If any of you are open minded than you will stop using the same term that the Serbian government uses. it's amazing how people know better the name of a country then the people who have lived there for thousands of years up till Illyria era. I find it very offensive because Serbians use it as a way to use that pathetic idea the name "kosovo" implies its part of serbia..blah blah. One thing Mir, what did you think the Chetniks were going to do in Kosova, throw a party? Burning everything in every direction...pure genocide my friend. Can anyone find me a clip of Seseli saying "give me on weak and i will kill 1/2 the albanians and drive the other half away from kosova"'s something like that. I remember seeing this on tv.

Anonymous said...

Kosovo e thote e krejt bota, s'kena qka ofendohem na. Ata kan te drejte ta thirrin Kosoven me emrin e tyre.
E sa per flamur natyrisht se kan me na imponuar pasiqe nuk jemi te zot ta zgjedhim vehte.
Ende nuk ka dale kush me ndonje propozimkonkret perpos Rugoves, eshte fakt!

blogger said...

how can you be offended by the term kosovo? that's the serb word. it's also the ENGLISH word. it existed before the bombings and will exist afterwards. I never heard from people from bavaria complaining that people don't call it bayern.

Kristian said...

To: Mir

I know you were being sarcastic! I was quoting your sayings, not what you actually meant.

To: Everyone else

The guy that cursed, serously if you don't have an educated argument/debate plz refrain from using vulgar language bc it only shows your immaturity and I totally agree with the Anonymous writer in his comments in albanian (after my cousin explained it to me).

Concerning the ppl being offended by the term "Kosovo". If you truly don't want to offend anyone you should all use the term KOSOVO/A! It covers all parties and languages. ITS CALLED BEING FAIR TO EVERYONE! Kfor and Unmik use Kosovo/a in their paper work as to not offend anyone. The international community, in general, uses the Kosovo term, not bc they are ignorant but that is how its been called for a century now (text's, journals, newspapers).

Now for the die hard Kosova users, now you sound like the radicals of serbia, "MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!" IF YOU SAY YOU'RE TRULY DEMOCRATIC IT SHOULDN'T OFFEND YOU ONE BIT! You have to be open minded and realize in life majority rules. Within the borders of Kosovo/a, Kosova is used. Ppl are not trying to offend you but are using what they are accustomed too.

I for example still think of Kosovo/a and the rest of the region as Yugoslavia. As a kid when someone asked where are you going you said Yugoslavia. But times change and terms change and so ppl should be EMPATHETIC. If you don't know what it means look it up!

The ppl in general are called Kosovan. Since we're pretty much using english in this forum, that is how to call the ppl of Kosovo/a in english (kosovar is albanian and kosovo ppl is slavic). At times Kosovar is used and at times Kosovo ppl. Kosovan is neutral and doesn't favor anyone.

Reality is when the final status is completed then the official name to be will finally be used throughout the world. Eventually it will be used even by serbs or slavik speaking ppl. But reality is it will take a long time for them to do so.

Kristian said...


For those that want to keep the flag as it is: Highly unlikely to happen! It would be nice but no 2 nations have the same flag.

The colors I proposed reflect what is needed in Kosovo/a, the meanings of those colors is what I'm referring to.

My opinion, as I'm not an artist, the eagle(s)(there are 2 eagles in our flag mind you) one could be black and other red (split in half). On a white background with a blue border. The suggestion by anonymous using "zembra e ballkanit" apo "Kosova e Bashkuar" ide e keqe.
is trully not a bad idea, just like the example of the Brasilian flag I used. They use "order and progress" in theirs.

Or keep the flag the same way with the words in the white and blue!

Stars I wouldn't use, yes the USA helped a lot, but there is no need for a star for in my eyes it reminds me of the Communist Star that was forced upon us during that era. Ppl used to fold the Flag so the star wouldn't show at weddings when I was a kid in Kosovo/a.

To be totally American minded you can have the eagle with red white and blue within the eagle and a black backround.. Again I'm no artist but I'm trying to compromise with those that want to keep the flag as it is.

The best solution is to have a contest (I would like those colors to be used for what they stand, but don't necessarily have too) and have the ppl vote as to what the official flag should be. Ppl and not individuals should have the final word.

After that all should respect it and if ppl still want to use the black and red flag they have every right to do so at their homes. And you can build a pole as large as you want and a flag as large as you want to fly your Albanian Flag! You stil would be able to celebrate Albanian Independence day and the new independence day of Kosovo/a! More holidays more time off work and the better for everyone and your girlfriend/wife, etc....

And there shouldn't be any fighting over it. BE CIVIL! Not as Die Hard radicals. Let the ppl choose.

It could honestly be all white, as long as independence is secured and we have a seat at the UN, I would totally be Happy!

Good luck in deciding our national flag!

Anonymous said...

Runu se mos pe kapni zotin për koqe naj kah... Kishe po e zgjedhemi flamurin me i sit!

Flamuri ekziston dhe Rugova e ka dizajnua për ne. Simbolika është e fortë dhe e pranuar nga shoqeria ndërkombëtare. tash për tash trusni byëthën se kemi tjera probleme.

Anonymous said...

Actually UNMIK uses Kosovo only. I thought they used the Kosovo/a thing to but when I was editing something for them recently I was corrected to use only Kosovo for english and of course it is kosovo in Serbian. The term the Serbs use is Kosovo i Mehotija and that's the term that no one uses except for them.

Again like the flag ideas especially Kosova e Bashkuar as the motto.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the new East Timor or Timor Leste flag and the meaning behind it.Since it is an extremely new country too it would be good if people from Kosova could look at some of their examples and learn from their mistakes. They are also a small state that was colonialised by another larger power and also fought violently for their freedom and then got assistance from outside powers as well.

armera said...

This is my opinion on the issue of the flag.

No matter what someone thinks here, I love our Albanian Flag more then anything in the world, however I do also realize that the flag of our independent country will have to be different.

I think we have extremely good designers and artist in our country. Why doesn't parliament ask these people and anyone else interested to submit designs, and then narrow it down to 3 or 5 designs, which people could choose in a national referendum?

Not everyone would be happy; however we would have a flag that people chose.

Then we would have a flag for our new country, and anyone else (Albanians, Serbs, Montenegrins, Turks and others) could use their own national flag freely beside the new flag of Kosova.

I personally think that this as well as the name of the country Kosova/Dardania should be decided in a referendum.

If some hard core blind Albanian natinalis here thinks different, please express your views without having sex with our moms ;)

tironsi said...

How about something like this:

Independence for Kosova said...

Sorry I posted accidently as anonymous. The term kosovo is used as an insult...and I can tell you that the word Kosova has existed then words like "kosovo", "metohija", or "kosmet". It's time people learn..if serbs still come here and call Kosova that then I am going to call serbia
"scelestus ager"..haha and I like that too (Sceh less toos Ahhh gurrrrrrr).

no..where is the blood?

here are some flags

and last but not least

last one..just put those words "unified Kosova" or "Powerful Kosova" whatever the message

tironsi said...

To: Independence for Kosova

Who wants to bleed forever? Time to dress the wounds.

Much better a peaceful eagle on a clear sky in my opinion.

Independent Kosova said...

I do glad you have already abandon all albanian culture. I want everyone to know how much Albanians have suffered to finally be able soon I hope breath freely without fear of dying tomorrow. You should listen to some songs written about Kosova...also do a google search of kosova and see that video of the Jewish representive talking in the assembly saying things like "your people have suffered so much, you are the only people that know what it feels like to be a Jewish person"...RED+BLACK..that's the way to go. Just add at top KOSOVA or a message in the middle..plain and simple/.

Anonymous said...

Kam friken se kur deshirojme qe te tjeret te thone Kosova ne vend te Kosovo na tregojme sa te pa-sigurte jemi e ndoshta edhe pakez shovenista!

Ne nuk mund t'ja u imponojme serbeve e botes ta quajn Kosoven ne formen tone te shqiptimit. Fundja e fundit diferenca ne mes te Kosova dhe Kosovo eshte shume e vogel. Kemi ne pune me te medha se sa nje shkronje. P.Sh. 70% e popullit papune, me rruge te ckyera, pa pavarsi, pa flamur e kushtetute, me korrupcion e maliverzime institucionale.
E neve "vetem" na ka mbete me i shti shkijet me thone Kosova ne vend te Kosovo se krejt tjerat sene i kena perfekt!!!! Sa palidhje.

Anonymous said...

...a mërzitet dikush hiq për ato & ata qindra e mijëra Shqiptar/ë që dhanë (flijuan) gjithçka për Shqiptari gjatë shekujve??? ...mendoni mirë o ju të gjorë para se të flliq'ni me idetë tuaja idioteske lidhur me ardhmërinë & flamurin e një pjesë mjaftë të madhe të Shqipërisë (të cunguar me shumë padrejtësi e dhunë nga trungu amë) siq është Kosova se na moret fytyrën bre ju humb'të gropa juve ju humb'të!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's a question for all you patriots out there.

If you owned a car and someone stole it from you and you knew who the thief was, would you:

1/ accept the fact that it's gone now and just get on with life as best you can without it?

2/ go and take back using all means available to you?

3/ ask for the mediation or the arbitration of a third party, knowing full well that this third party would ask you or force you to make concessions to the thief?


4/ would you do something else?

* Before answering, please keep in mind that you are the rightful owner of the car and keep in mind how you lost the car.

The Patriot

tironsi said...

I haven't forgotten anything. If you want to look at the various flags Albanians have had over the years here they are:

The red flag has only been in use since the XIX century. Was there no blood before then?

There is no reason that all Albanians couldn't have the same flag. However at a state level it has to be different as it must represent the entire state.

To me having the eagle derived from Scanderbeg's seal in the flag is more important, as that's the time I recognize as the earliest time that Albanians had what could be mistaken for a state (or a principality):

Anonymous said...

Here's a question for all out there.

If somebody you knew (someone from your neighbourhood) took your car from you by force (stole it from you), what would you do?

Would you:

a/ just accept this (the new reality) and get on with life as best you could without the car?

b/ do your utmost to get it back, using whatever means available to you to do this?

c/ seek the mediation or arbitration of a third party, knowing full well that this third party will ask you or force you to make concessions over YOUR car?


d/ do something else?

*Before you answer this question, please keep in mind that the car is rightfully yours and keep in mind how it was taken from you.

The Patriot

tironsi said...

To The Patriot:

Well, since you're talking about a car, and seeing as I'm paying close to $1200 in insurance per year, I go file a claim and get a new car. I let the insurance company and the police deal with the crime as I have no sentimental attachements to a car.

ivan said...


I do agree that you should use the Skandenberg seal for your flag. Notice the writting around the seal, its GREEK.

the actual message you should really send, is "yes we dont have a culture, and thats why we have to use Greek writting"

Let me also remind you that this specific seal was pronounced to be fake.

And for the Illeterate siptars out there, on the seal its written that Skandenberg is the king of albanians, serbs and Bulgarians. skandenberg was never a king of Serbs nor Bulgarians, but i am not sure if this is your plan of Big Siptarija.

Pomoz Bog,


tironsi said...

ivan, seeing as Skanderbeg was an Ottoman general, he would have effectively been the effective king of many people. As for the writing, yes it was written in the greek alphabet. It could have just as easily been in arabic, or latin, or cyrillic. Albanian has mostly been a spoken language not a written one. And it's a hell of a lot older than Serbian. If you don't consider that culture, that's fine, but just because you borrowed an alphabet sooner than we did, doesn't make you have more culture, as can clearly be seen by your vitriolic remarks on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tironosi for the flag history. That was really interesting.I'm beginning to think dump the star and keep a double-eagle but have horizontal stripes of differing colours so that they reflect everyone. and then use the motto, Kosova e Bashkuar on the coat of arms. I like the idea of a peaceful eagle and a clear blue sky but the colours are a little too much like the UN colours for my taste.

ivan said...

here is some history about the famous skandenberg seal

'A seal, that is assumed to be a seal of Skanderbeg, has been kept in Denmark since it was discovered in 1634. It was bought by the National Museum in 1839. According to the interpretation of the symbols and inscriptions on the seal as they have been studied and analysed by Danish scholars, the seal is made of brass, is 6 cm in length and weighs 280 g. The inscription is in Greek and reads Alexander (Skender) is an Emperor and a King. Emperor of the Romaic nation (Greeks) and King of the Turks, the Albanians, the Serbs and the Bulgarians. It naturally follows the inscription is laterally reversed. It is possible that the seal was made after the fall of Constantinople in 1453, since Skanderbeg is referred to as an Emperor of the Byzantines. The double eagle in the center of the seal is derived from the eagle of the Byzantine emperor, and this fact is also the most agreed upon among educated Albanians. Some claim it is a famous ancient Illyrian symbol. This seal is the origin of the flag of modern Albania. Furthermore, Skanderbeg never was a King of the Serbs or the Bulgars. It is possible the seal was 'designed' while Skanderbeg was organizing a crusade against the Ottomans or that it was manufactured when Skanderbeg served as a vassal to the King of Naples. It is also possible the seal was commissioned by the family of Skanderbeg some time in the 16th century, or even that it is a fake from the 15th or 16th century."

As everything about your history, there is always something uncertain and nothing seems to make sense.

tironsi said...

Ivan, that's true, in "our" history there is always something uncertain, in contrast to every other people's history which is always crystal clear. Also having nations all around you always contradicting everything in different ways to each other to suit their agendas also helps to clear things up.

Independent Kosova said...

I am really loving this flag
they could make the red and black a little dimmer or lighter then put a big 2 headed eagle in the middle with half being red and half being black...but the dimmness or lightness would contradict the drawing so the red of 1/2 eagle can still be seen, same goes for the other black side of the eagle.

ivan said...


if you read the above article you will realise that there is no mention of serbs. Its actually the Danish that are doubting the seals worthiness to the history.

Now are the Danish also the "forces of the orthodox evil"?

fauna said...

sorry, but that's a very ugly flag

ivan, you really hate your neighbors don't you?

Anonymous said...

Studimi: Gjermanët dhe holandezët më inteligjentët në Evropë
Berlin, 27 mars 2006 (Kosovapress) Time: 18 : 55

Gjermanët janë populli më inteligjent në Evropë me koeficientin mesatar të inteligjencës 107, ndërsa serbët ndodhen në vendin e fundit me 89, shkruajnë të hënën mediat gjermane.

The serbs should translate it for themselves if they want to read this .


ivan said...


I hate thieves. My neighbours i respect.

fauna said...

i see

what goes around, comes around

sit tight

Independent Kosova said...

HAHA hey ivan that study says serbians from serbia have the lowest IQ in europe..i think thats wrong cuzz SErbia aint in europe. Fauna that flag is perfect, it has red + black. That's the only two colors Kosovars will ever need. I really don't like these ideas of adding blue and white..while we're there we can add the whole rainbow. ivan u respect uer neighbors..that's why u create genocides and mass graves..way to go chetnik. If you respect them...they dont respect u..just look around

ivan said...

Independent Kosova,

can you pls tell me in case you get the "independance", who will be your neighbours?

For your information the following are Serbian neighbours:

Albania ( bad relations because of you siptars)
Bosnia( relations are improving)
Croatia( relations are really good)
Macedonia ( relations are OK, we have our own disputes, but in general we are supporitng one another. Remember the demonstrations in Skopje when NATO bombarded Serbia).
Bulgaria( really good relations)
Romania ( same as Bulgaria. They even oppose Kosovo independance)
Hungary (relations are OK)
Montenegro ( we are still in a Union with them. But Montengrins and Serbs are brother people)

Please be so kind and analyse your neighbours.

PS dont forget that 75% of your "future"state is surrounded by Serbia :)

As for the study, hey at least our people didnt have to steal Greek writting and put it on a Seal that should represent my own country. How many of you siptars know whats writtine on Kastraiodi Seal?

fauna said...

wow, so impressive
we're very jealous you have great relations with bulgaria and romania

Anonymous said...

Ivane sta ti znas da budes dosadan...ebo te.

Gledaj svoga posla, puna vam je skupstina radikala i slobinih socialista.Nemate hleba da jedete a pises mi ti o Kastriotu??

ivan said...


I am very pleased to know that you can speak serbian.

Apparently if this is your only argument about the facts i came forward, then it makes me feel that you have nothing better to say except "Srbine u pravu si!"

Except you say it in a more childish way :)

Anonymous said...


Sta bree "u pravu si".....mizerija ste....puna vam je zemlja ratnih zlocinaca, i raznih afera, dajete minutu cutanja najvecem kriminalcu nasih doba, puna vam je batajnica albanskih leseva a ti ovde dolazis da prosipas pamet o Kastriotu i nasoj istoriji!

Zar nemas ti pametnija posla majke ti?

Samo nas ljutis bezveze, zar vii imas i trunke znalosti s'kakvom mobilizacijom naroda na Kosovu imate posla. Nema koga u svetu da na primoli da zivimo sa Beogradom, ulozicemo sve pare i kapital cele nase disaspore da ostvarimo nezavisnost. Zato batali
Kosovo i idi trazi izbore u Srbiji gde ce "mozda" reformatori da dodu u vlasti umesto crveno-fasisticke koalicije
DSS+SRS+SPS koja ti vlada zemljom!

Anonymous said...



Mi ne govorimo samo srpski, nego i grcki i makedonski. Jel znas zasto? Zato sto treba da znas jezik tvoga neprijatelja. Jel govoris ti Albanski, ili kako kzes ti "siptarski" picku ti materinu jebem?
Idi pusi "siptarski" kurac jel nista drugo ne mzes da radis jebem ti kurvu od majke sto te rodila!!!

I can't believe the posts of some of the morons talking about Dardania and Albanians in Kosova being different from those of Albania and all that crap. That was Serb propaganda for 90 years and it didn't work and now these "Dardans" want to come and achieve the lifelong Serb dream, a new identity for the Albanians of Kosova!
You are a brainless spineless piece of horse manure!!!
Listen, the Albanian Rebirth began in Kosova at the League of Prizren. The current Prime Minister of Albania is from Kosova! And Albanians are Albanians wherever they are!!!
I was born in Prishtina and I am proud to be an Albanian, descendant of Leka i Madh (Alexander the Great), Scanderbeg, Hasan Prishtina, Fan Noli, Midhad Frasheri, Adem Jashari and all of our great warriors.
The KLA didn't carry the Dardanian flag on their arms but the Albanian one.
If you like, stay in Switzerland because if you come to Kosova with that attitude you will have to apply for some guaranteed seats in parliament because you will be a minority together with the Serbs, Turks, Roma and others.
I am proud, with all my heart to have the honor of calling myself SHQIPTAR, SON OF THE EAGLES, FOREVER!!!


vjosa gjilan said...

Nuk ka komb "kosovar", ju duhet ta kup[toni qe ne jemi SHQIPTARE, kjo eshte ajo qe na mbajti gjalle dhe na dha force te mbijetojme per shume vjet. Kosovare jane edhe ata serb, boshnjak, turq e minoritete tjera sepse jetojne ne kosove dhe jane banore te Kosoves. Ne jemi SHqiptareedhe nuk ka force as element qe mund ta ndryshoje kete.

Mir said...

"I am proud, with all my heart to have the honor of calling myself SHQIPTAR, SON OF THE EAGLES, FOREVER!!!


Damnit nice going Ivane now they're going to start going Jihad/Mujaheedin on us :(

Kristian said...

To: Mir

That was a low blow plus a rascist comment! Just bc the majority is muslim don't think they act like the arabs of asia minor and surrounding islamic countries.

But if your being sarcastic that is still not funny!

ivan said...

To the KLA warrior,

tell me "warrior" during the NATO campaign how was it in Albania?

"I was born in Prishtina and I am proud to be an Albanian, descendant of Leka i Madh (Alexander the Great)"

Hey warrior you got things mixed up. You are a Greek then, who under the Ottoman rule changed his religion to Islam. One of those who sold their soul to pay less taxes.


if I were you I would make more Serbian frineds, because after the jihad has finished clensing serbs, then it will be Catholics turn.

Hey i find it very funny, when Rugova announced the new Kosovo flag, your famour "warriors" burned it the same day.