Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kosovo Serb body expels member for "working against interests of Serbian people"

Text of report in English by Belgrade-based Radio B92 text website on 7 March

Pristina, 7 March: Kosovo's Serbian National Council [SNV] stated today that it had decided to rid its ranks of Belgrade's Kosovo status delegation member, Randjel Nojkic.

According to the SNV, Nojkic has been "working against the interests of the Serbian people and outside the principles of the SNV."

The council states that Nojkic began his destructive activity in 2004, when, overlooking the SNV's stances and recommendations, he decided to participate in the Kosovo parliamentary elections.

The SNV stated that Nojkic had gone against the stances of the SNV, "not only by participating in the elections, but also by participating in the regional institutions and being a member of several Kosovo parliamentary work groups".


Anonymous said...

By Barbara Schoetzau
New York
07 March 2006
U.N. Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari says life for Kosovo's minorities, particularly Serbs, must improve before the status of the province can be determined.

Mr. Ahtisaari just completed a five-day visit to Kosovo and Serbia following the first round of talks on the future status of the Serbian province, which has a majority Albanian population. Another round of talks on the issue resumes in Vienna March 17.

Mr. Ahtisaari says issues such as cultural heritage and religious sites still must be discussed along with practical economic and infrastructure issues. But right now, the former Finnish president says, decentralization talks are concentrating on the main issue: improving life for Kosovo's minorities, particularly Serbs.

"I made a visit to a municipality close to Pristina and I said there in my town hall meeting that to improve the education and health services and infrastructure in municipalities, you need money," he said. "But to improve human relations, you need only will. That does not cost a penny."

Autonomy and independence are among the options for Kosovo's future, even if a wide autonomy seems like the most realistic option.
Parties on both sides of the issue, Ahtisaari says, share responsibility for improvements.

"I have emphasized also that while we are encouraging Kosovar Albanians to move forward, be forthcoming, be generous, it is as important to send a message to Kosovar Serbs that they have to participate," he said.

Mr. Ahtisaari made his comments after briefing the Security Council. The United Nations has administered the province since 1999, when NATO forces drove out Yugoslav troops amid grave human rights abuses against ethnic Albanians.


Anonymous said...

Only Serbs would do this. Excpel someone because...

"he decided to participate in the Kosovo parliamentary elections"

Hmmm... what do Serbs have against democracy?

Anonymous said...

Bro, its noththing we have against democracy, its that our people in kosovo dont have enough trust in your institutions, and who can blame them after the violence theyve been put through. Im all for reconciliation, but you guys must understand that we will continue to fight for the right of Serbs in Kosovo

Darko Petrovic, Bor (Democratic Party of Serbia - Kostunica - supporter)

Anonymous said...

Hey Darko,
you must be under the influence of that radiation that leaked in Topcider, Bor, right?

Brotha, stop with this victimhood bullshit.

Mir said...

"Brotha, stop with this victimhood bullshit."

I think that is very good advice for both Serbians and Albanians. :)

Independent Kosova said...

"I think that is very good advice for both Serbians and Albanians. :)"

Mir why must you turn a hundred years of oppresion, only GOD knows how many dead, expelled, massacred, beaten, and burned everything (home and mosque) into a joke?

Now Darko Petrovic,
I understand how you would love to partition my beautiful Kosova into pieces...so on and on. Now if you support democracy, you will support the guy above and all Kosovar-Serbian parties to join the government. Also the Kosovar-Serbs have not experienced anything. Just because your newspapers weren't reporting anything about Kosovars being killed from 1900's-Present it doesn't mean there were none (there were). Did you forgett there is going to be 16-19,000 UN/KFOR soldiers in Kosova for at least another 20-50 years. Something I wish we had.

Anonymous said...

fuck serbs yugoslavs of shit

Anonymous said...

Hey Darko,

Is it in Kosovar Serbs interest to have 10 instead of 20-25 MPs in the Kosovar parliament?

In fact, 10 seats are reserved and only 2 are currently being used (if I am not mistaken).

Anyhow, no-one is asking you to turn your back on Kosovar Serbs, but it is clear that Belgrade's strategy has not worked and keeping people in the streets instead of parliament will not help improve the position of Kosovar Serbs in Kosova.

Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, Kosovar Serbs know better than Serbs from Serbia (Bor, for example) what their interests are and what they need to do to improve their lives.


B. Parduzi, Prishtina

Anonymous said...

haha if Serbs of Kosovo see it right to join institutions, you are telling me that Serbs from Serbia know that they shouldn't and at the same time they care their brothers in Kosova?

Serbian govt does not care. If it cared it would start working on getting as much as possible out of the Kosovar institutions who were set up by the people of Kosovo and validated by the rest of the world. i dont know how in the world do they see a future without joining the institutions?

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, so seeing what has happened to Serbs now they should refuse to join the intstitutions of Kosova huh? Ok, well seeing what has happened to the Southern Serbia Albanians for the last couple of decades they should react accordingly I guess. Same with Albanians in Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro. You retarded SOB - you are out of your f mind when you do these kind of analysis.

What happened to Serbs was a result of their civil disobidience and them listening to Belgrade's bs. Have them admit that they are Kosovars, and the Sejdiu is their President, and Ceku their prime, and you will see what happens to them - heaven on earth, like they have never seen before. Weeeeelll..., I guess Serbian govt would send udba to kill them all in that case for treason (which proves that THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT K SERBS)

Anonymous said...

No need to get violent.
All i was saying is that you cant blame the K.Serbs for not trusting the interim institutions of Kosovo. BTW, topcider is in Belgrade, not Bor, so no, no acid leaked into my head, its just that i am entitled to my opinion.
Now, if you had read previous posts of mine, you would realise that i am NOT against you, and am all for reconciliation, i even said that an independent Kosovo is not the worst option for Serbia!!

So i would consider myself, and my current state Democratic!!

Read this(http://www.blogger.com/publish-comment.do?blogID=8736921&postID=114133729889928512&r=ok), one of your own congratulated me!!


P.S. i dont wish to partition your "beautiful Kosovo", and i do support posters such as mir!!

Anonymous said...


I can only talk about myself, not others, and I hope you appreciate that I am not "attacking" you, but merely trying to have a conversation (argument).

Albanians in Macedonia did not trust the Macedonian government after the short conflict in Macedonia, nevertheless they joined the government and helped to built a better position for Albanians in the Macedonian society.

Why can't Kosovar Serbs do the same?

This is an extremely simple question: Do Kosovar Serbs benefit more by staying outsite of the Kosovar government or not?

I think the answer is no. And the reason why I think no is because of the experience of Albanians in Macedonia.

Now, I think I know why Kosovar Serbs don't join the Kosovar government. That is because people in Serbia (like Kostunica for example) think that by staying outside of the Kosovar government somehow the Kosovar government will loose credibility in the international community. And I think this has not worked and has not helped the Kosovar Serbs. To the contrary, it has showed to the international community that Kosovar Serbs are not interested in reaching an agreement with the Kosovar Albanians, hence they are partially to be blamed for the situation they are in today.

"If you can't help yourself, no-one can help you".

Finally, I am glad that you are for reconciliation and believe in democratic values.

For that, thumbs up!


B. Parduzi, Prishtina

Anonymous said...

Definately, i fully agree woth you there. Serbs should participate as this will give them a chance to speak out and therefore improve their situation.
I appreciate having a nice conversation wiith people like yourself, and that is why i wish that this forum could be turned into a place where we all share our ideas and not insult one another.

Yours, Darko Petrovic

Now, to another point, what are your views on the decentralisation reforms?