Monday, March 13, 2006

Taleban 'kills foreign hostages'

The Taleban says it has killed four foreigners kidnapped at the weekend in southern Afghanistan.

A spokesman for the group, Qari Mohammad Yousuf, said the bodies of three Albanians and a German had been dumped "between Helmand and Kandahar".

The authorities have not confirmed the claim. The company the four foreigners worked for says they were all Albanian.

Four Afghan nationals seized at gunpoint along with the foreigners were freed on Monday.

There have been several incidents in recent months involving the kidnapping of foreigners in Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

This shows that Albanians, like Americans, are in war against global terrorism that includes Serbia, and other fundamentalist remaining countries.

CoOkIe_MoNsTeR said...

please, you cannot compare the taliban to the serbs. the taliban did not kill thousands of children. the serbs are on a different level. the serbs laughed whilst torturing and killing innocent men woman and children.