Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Kosovo prime minister steps down

Bajram Kosumi was appointed in March of last year
Kosovo's Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi has resigned after just under a year in office, official sources in the UN-administered province have said.

Mr Kosumi, a former student activist, has been accused of being ineffective. He is a key member of the delegation in talks on the future of Kosovo.

His resignation comes as a UN mediator arrives in the province for talks.

Officially still part of Serbia, Kosovo has been under UN administration since 1999 and seeks independence.

Ethnic Albanians and Serbs held two days of talks in Vienna last month, which diplomats hope may lead to a deal on Kosovo's status this year.

Kosovo Albanians, who make up the majority, want independence.

Serbia is concerned about the Serb minority.

Kosovo Serbs want wide-ranging self-government for the Serb-inhabited enclaves, which make up 5% of the population.

There are about 1.5 million ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, while about 100,000 Serbs remain following a post-war exodus of non-Albanians.


Visit Prishtina said...

Democracy at work!

A position in state institutions is not "for life", some people come, others go.

Thank you to Kosumi for all he did as the Prime Minister of Kosova, and lets hope whoever succeeds him is even better.

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Anonymous said...

brothers at work,,91134-bosnia_p3705,00.html

Dardania 2006 said...

Scary!!!! :|

Friedrich Haas said...

Kosumi resigns | 13:25 -> 16:54 March 01 | FoNet
PRISTINA -- Wednesday – Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi has handed in his resignation, stating that if he continues to head the Government, the ruling coalition will lose its parliamentary majority.
He said that he has made the Kosovo Government officials aware of his decision, according to the Associated Press.

Kosovo Protection Corps Commander, Agim Cheku, has been nomination to become Kosovo’s new prime minister.

According to a Pristina daily, Cheku, a member of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, is set to replace Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi.

"The reasons for the change at the head of the Government lies in the fact that the programs of implementing international standards have not been conceived in time, but also the lack of loyalty shown by Kosumi and several ministers from his party." daily Ekspres writes.

Ekspres has close ties to Hashim Thachi’s Kosovo Democratic Party, which is part of the opposition.

During an interview with Radio Television Kosovo yesterday, Kosumi was asked whether he will remain Prime Minister during the status discussion process.
"I do not know what will happen tomorrow." Kosumi said.

Interview by the same station several days ago, Cheku said that he is prepared to accept the position of prime minister for the good of the people of Kosovo.

Cheku has close ties with former prime minister Ramus Haradinaj, who nominated Kosumi for the position after being indicted for alleged war crimes by the Hague Tribunal.

Friedrich Haas said...

Who ever will be next - most probably CEKU. The basis question is: who has a real concept for Kosova's youth. That means: Who has competences in economics to attract investors from Kosovo Albanian diaspora and other foreign companies. It doesn't help much to repeat the fact of the missing status like a mantra. Stauts will come. Since 1987 the crash down of the Yugoslavia economy and high rate of unemployment is a major source of social and national conflicts. And since 1987 we - the international community AND people in Kosovo - didn't find the right answer how to give young people a perspective, a job, ... . That's the real scandal. So let's hope, that the ruling politicians in Kosovo will give young and competent Kosovo Albanian experts a chance in the new government.
Friedrich Haas, 2004-2005 POLAD German KFOR

fauna said...

good move me thinks
kosumi & daci don't have what it takes

Anonymous said...

Good move. Stepping down from government posts is a rare sight in the Balkans. Daci and transportation minister (whoever he is) should follow him.

Kosumi just doesn't have any leadership capital to spend. Let's hope that Cheku will do e better job, although as a former KLA commander he will likely not be liked by K-Serbs.

Independent Kosova said...

"although as a former KLA commander he will likely not be liked by K-Serbs."

I'm sure the people that elected Tadic and Koshtunica were worried about the same thing (bosniacs, and Albanians in Medjeva, Preshevë and Bujanoc).

Friedrich Haas, 2004-2005 POLAD German KFOR
I am worried that çeku is a strong head that knows nothing but war. I don't want an economic professor as Prime Minister (or a Psychollogies either hehe)..I want a true visionary, who looks out for my people (whethere black or white, or diff religions) and has a strong will to address the issues such as missing people, returning pronat (taken lands), from Presheva all the way to the MAQEDONIA (Macedonia).

That's the reason Macedonian President is bitching all of a sudden, he knows that gift he got from serbia after the war doesn't belong to him.

Also deal with the security of Kosovar Serbs. Give them a type of Affirmitive Actions Rights, but yet also regulate them to learn texts in Albanian, because this is Kosova.

Anonymous said...

Ceku will do good cause he will get a mandate to lead us in this critical time for our country.
He is a soldier but so were De Gaule, George Washington, Eisenhower...and many others who made the switch from the olive uniform to civilian clothing and made a difference. We need a strong leader who will push these ministers to be accountable and work for the people. That's all!