Thursday, March 30, 2006

Draskovic: Kosovo cannot be U.N. member

Serbia's foreign minister says the government should admit it does not govern Kosovo and let it join all bodies except the United Nations.
"Serbia should clearly state that it does not govern Kosovo, that it shall not govern Kosovo, and that it is up to the (ethnic) Albanian majority to govern Kosovo, with respect of the Serbian rights," Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic told state-controlled Radio-Television Serbia.
"Serbia should state that we absolutely support the independent and parallel path of Kosovo towards Europe and that we have nothing against representation of an independent Kosovo in all international organizations, except in the United Nations.," Draskovic said.
"There cannot be a seat (for Kosovo) in the United Nations and there is no change in the present borders with Albania and Macedonia," he said.
Draskovic called his proposal a compromise following Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku insistence on the province's independence.
In Vienna, Austria, Serbs and ethnic Albanians, with U.N. mediation, have been negotiating the future of Kosovo, whose 2 million population is 90 percent ethnic Albanian.
Formally, Kosovo is part of Serbia, but it has been under U.N. administration since 1999 when NATO air sttacks forced Serbian troops to withdraw.


Republic_of_Kosova said...

wow, give him a couple of months, and he will say that kosova/o deserves full independance, with no conditions. This goes to show that the serbian state has startd to become a bit more realistic, and I applaud them for that.

WARchild said...

This is just another way to buy time. They want to invade again when the geopolitical climate is right.

Mir said...

"This is just another way to buy time. They want to invade again when the geopolitical climate is right. "

The invasion is inevitable :). Im dont believe it will happen soon though. Im sure the Serbs back in Ottoman rule thought that Kosovo was forever lost but history took its path. It is inevitable that Belgrade will be invaded by another army and that Kosovo will be recaptured and that there will be wars in Europe. Wars are here to stay.

fauna said...

i'm sure that's what you're hoping for

Mir said...

History will repeat or come close. History is infamous for doing that.

Republic_of_Kosova said...

since were just imagining things here, would it be funny if lets say Serbia does not cooperate with the hague, relations are strained, the radicals take over, create more problems with the western powers, helps Iran, or north Korea or something stupid like that, pisses off the US and Britan, they are given some kind of ultimatum, they don't respect it, and serbia tries to attack either one. So US nukes the shit out of it and the serbs dissepear in the dust of history.
It can happen... like u said history is a bitch, but I belive that Serbia is history as well..
Just imagination......

ivan said...

Republic of Kosova,

You have a very interesting imagination. I see that you have a mental disorder, because i have never read so much evil in anybodys posts as yours.

Maybe you are just a teenager who is going through puberty and has very radical stands. If that is the case I truly hope you get out of that phase and finally mature.

If not, then I advise you to get some medical help, because in the end you might meet a Serb, who will bring darkenss to your eyes, and you will comitt a crime. You will just be a danger to the society and and the most secure thing would be to put you away.

If you read the pro Serbian posts, not even in one of them will you see this kind of hate and wish for total destruction as it is in your own post.

Peace to all, and dont forget after all we are all just humans.

Dardania 2006 said...


His imagination has a very strong basis. Serbia and Iran are in a security agreement, what kind I don't know, but their armies are cooperating.


Let's see what happens with your Islamic friends in Teheran before we jump to conclusions.

Am I the only one who thinks Serbs always look forward to the next war?

Anonymous said...


Serbs too should fear a repeat. Didn't you guys suffer a lot during WWI and WWII? The great sacrifice shown at Kosovo and then 400 years of great suffering under the Turks? Remember that history comes in packages, and it probably repeats in packages.

Anonymous said...

It's intresting to read Mir's comments. He's a clear example of 'pizda', word used by his language. One day you read how he promotes peace and cooperation and the next day war and misery. Dude, I strongly favor Ivan's words but in your direction. You need to visit Dr. Psychovic.

Mir said...

"One day you read how he promotes peace and cooperation and the next day war and misery.."

Lol. Im not PROMOTING war haha. Im simply saying something is bound to happen again. Wars will be fought for a long time to come, so why WOULDNT it happen in one of the most volitale regions on Earth? I dont believe peace can exist without war either, they create balance to each other. What 'is' peace if there is no war to compare it against?

I DO strongly believe in cooperation and understanding between Serbians and Albanians from Albania. I found the Albanians from Albania extremely friendly towards me and we never once even spoke of politics the whole time we were hanging out(probably because of less direct contact between those 2 nations) and I was comfortable around them. I felt like I was back home in Serbia somewhat. I believe that shows that if Kosovo is partitioned, one day when they have been seperated for a long time, and they meet, they might start talking positively to each other. I support partitioning.

Anonymous said...


You support moj kurac. There will be no partition, and stop dreaming of albanians fighting each other. Forget what Serbia Academy cooked for a long time. See where Serbia is today? Its all because your famous Academy fairy tales. You will soon see Vojvodina i Sandjak passing the way Dardania is.

Mir said...

"There will be no partition"

I didn't say there would be.

"See where Serbia is today?"

Yes I have seen where Serbia is today. People are buying laptops and computers and cars and many luxuries. Serbia now has a Microsoft development center. The life there is slowly improving, certainly better than it was in the 90's. I can read the negative articles about Serbia but I dont need to because I've seen what it's like today and nothing will change what I saw.

"You will soon see Vojvodina i Sandjak passing the way Dardania is."

Ahh by Dardania you mean Kosovo of course. Vojvodina might see a small part partitioned but the majority is Serbian there so I seriously doubt that all of Vojvodina would be lost. That would be ridiculous especially because of the giant cropping there that basically feeds Serbia.

The Greek said...

Let's be serious, Kosovo will always have a Serbian influence no matter how many Albanians there are and no matter how many churches the Albanians manage to destroy. The very fact that Christianity has been able to survive there through 400 years of Muslim occupation and through decades of Albanian destruction should be a sign for all of us--Christ is watching from the heavens.

Remember, it was the Christian Serbs who fought the Muslims for Kosovo--they've always come out victorious. Yes, they've had setbacks, yes they've suffered, yes they've lost battles. But they have NEVER lost the war. With Christ they cannot lose. God bless.

Anonymous said...

The Greek,

Kosovo had Serbian influence while is was occupied by Slavs. That era is finally gone. You should support new reality in this region as your prime is. As regards to christianity, you should know that Albanians were all christian before Ottoman rule. Christianity is not endangered with Albanians. Its Albanian heritage, albanian prosperity.

"But they have NEVER lost the war. With Christ they cannot lose. God bless."

I agree, that's why Albanians won the war.