Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Kosovo Serb leader meets premier designate, thinking of entering government

Text of report by Radio-Television Kosovo TV website on 7 March

Kosova [Kosovo] Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic has confirmed that yesterday he met newly appointed Prime Minister Agim Ceku, and that the meeting was held at the Kosova government hall. According to Ivanovic, Ceku invited him to have an official meeting. Ivanovic told RTK that it was possible that the meeting would be held on Thursday [9 March]. He left today for Belgrade for consolations with Serbian officials.

It is expected that during the Ceku-Ivanovic meeting the latter will request to enter the Kosova government, but only if current Minister of Return Slavisa Petkovic is removed from this post. Ivanovic said that the Serb List for Kosova, which represents most Kosova Serbs, is going to make a definite decision by the end of the week whether they are returning to the Kosova Assembly and all other Kosova institutions.


Anonymous said...

Now this man has a vision. He has chosen the right path to help the Serbs in Kosovo.

He knows that Belgrade only uses Kosovo Serbs, but has never provided for them...

Let's hope he can convince the rest of Kosovo Serbs that Kosovar government's intentions are good.

Dardania 2006 said...

Go for it!

This is goood news.

Ceku is respected isn't he :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think he's so sure that Belgrade uses Kosovo Serbs. But he is smart enough to know that people of Kosova have made a democratic decision and bitching to Belgrade wasn't going to change the actions of Prishtina.
Yet he first went to Belgrade for consultations on how to proceed. The only K-Serb that has remained steadfast against Belgrade manipulations all along is Minister Petkovic. K-government should have worked more closely with him to bolster his support among realistic K-Serbs. It's sad that he will now be sacrificed just to satisfy Ivanovic like Nojkic was in the party level.

JustMe said...

The current Minister for Returns, Slavisa Petkovic is a disgrace. The guy does not have the support of more then a dozen Serbs and his time in the Kosovo Government is tainted with corruption and mismanagement of funds. Just because he agreed not to listen to Belgrade does not make him credible at all. If Ceku wants to show good will to Serbs, he should sack that ignorant thief and do the impossible to include proper representation from Serbs. In case you still don't have an idea how bad Petkovic is, think of all the Sejdo Bajramovic-s that represented us Albanians in Milosevic government. Oliver Ivanovic, and his group, whether we like it or not, represents K-Serbs and he should be the one we deal with, not some randomly picked punk!