Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Greek diplomats urge change in government policy on Kosovo

Text of report by Irini Karanasopoulou, entitled "Kosovo like... USA", published by Greek newspaper Ta Nea on 13 March; subheadings and ellipsis in newspaper headline as published

High-level diplomatic officials of the Foreign Ministry are suggesting a turn of the country's foreign policy on Kosovo so that there will be openings towards the Albanians and a "diplomatic reception" of the almost certain independence of the area in 2006.

Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyianni has not made any final decisions on the issue but, according to her associates, she seems to initially agree with the need of adjusting the foreign policy on Kosovo, also following her recent tour in the former Yugoslavia.

Independence is certain

In their suggestions, these officials note that Kosovo's independence - either through talks or in another way - must be considered certain, given that this is the choice of the Americans with the support of the British.

At the same time, the same diplomats are saying, the French are not interested, while the Germans are neutral since their interest in former Yugoslavia has in fact been exhausted in Slovenia and Croatia.

"The only thing we achieve by speaking continuously about the need not to have asphyxiating timetables, not to change the borders, not to have a solution if it is not agreed, is to be against both the Albanians and the international factor," the high-ranking diplomatic officials pointed out to the Foreign Ministry's new leadership, reminding that the diplomatic establishment has had this view since year 2000 but the governments had not accepted it. For this reason, they add, "it would be good if the 'green light' to a possible change of policy - provided this is decided by the government - is to be given at the highest possible level, by the Prime Minister himself.

In three countries

The diplomatic officials' suggestion points out that as soon as Kosovo becomes independent, the Albanian element will dominate in three countries - Albania, Kosovo and Skopje [Macedonia]. Consequently, good relationship with the Albanians will operate in a protective way for the existing Greek investments but also for future ones. They note that with Kosovo becoming independent, the money of exiled Kosovars will start flowing into the area since so far they were hesitating to send money to their fatherland which was under a disputed regime.

As a first opening towards the Albanians, the diplomats propose the establishment of a channel of communication with new Kosovo prime minister, general [Agim] Ceku, former UCK [Kosovo Liberation Army] member.

According to Washington, he constitutes to be the best choice because he is accepted as a hero in Kosovo and consequently he can make "offers" to the Serbs - which is also something that Athens wants.

Source: Ta Nea, Athens, in Greek 13 Mar 06


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fauna said...

damn ivan!
siptari are doing pretty damn good

even the haters are starting to love us

i think you spoke to soon

Anonymous said...

Ms. Dora Bakoyianni is a super hot foreign minister with the right attitude. One wishes for K-Serbs to have the same attitude as she does.

Prince of Albania said...

Kosova Press, please post this when you get a chance.
I think it deserves a headline spot on your blog:

Russia and China ‘pledge not to block new Kosovo’
By Guy Dinmore in Washington and Daniel Dombey in London
Published: March 14 2006 20:31 | Last updated: March 14 2006 20:31

Russia and China have told the US that they will not block the independence of Kosovo, the breakaway Serbian province, according to western diplomats.


Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, discussed the issue with Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, in Washington last week and was told Moscow would not stand in the way of independence, the officials said. Russia and China would probably abstain in a proposed UN resolution that would grant independence.

Kosovo, with its ethnic Albanian majority and Serb minority, has been a ward of the UN since Nato forces bombed Serbia to halt “ethnic cleansing” in 1999 and then took control of the province. But the debate has entered a new phase with the start of UN-brokered negotiations to decide Kosovo’s final status.

The issue is particularly sensitive since Serbia, which has offered Kosovo autonomy rather than independence, is also involved in a face-off with the international community over General Ratko Mladic, the Bosnian Serb war crimes indictee, who is still at large. The death last week of Slobodan Milosevic, Serbia’s former president, has added to the heady brew.

The US and UK are pushing for Serbia to accept that Kosovo will become independent, while Russia, which had previously worried that the province would set a precedent for its own republic of Chechnya, has scaled down its objections.

The officials, who asked not to be named, said the Bush administration had persuaded Moscow and Beijing that independence for the Serbian province was “unique” and would not set a precedent for Chechnya or for the Chinese-claimed territories of Taiwan and Tibet.

However, analysts said some in Moscow wanted a better deal with Washington that might leave open the possibility of a Kosovo-type solution for other regions, including Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia, which is backed by Russia.

Last week Jack Straw, the UK foreign secretary, said Kosovo’s independence was “almost inevitable”. But Philippe Douste-Blazy, his French counterpart, stuck closer to the European Union’s official line by saying that negotiations should not be prejudged”.

The EU has also told Serbia it has until the end of this month to increase co-operation with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia over the detention and transfer of Gen Mladic.


Prince of Albania

albasoul said...

It's supprising to learn those news from Greece.
I dont trust them anyway....

Independence for Kosova said...

"damn ivan!
siptari are doing pretty damn good"

Fauna you are on my good side, please refrain from calling Shqiptars,Albanians, or better yet Kosovars that..it's degrading. I'm sure you wouldn't want me to call you shka or shkije (plural).

Why would anyone trust Greeks? Albania wins a football match against them, next day I read headlines of them killing Albanian immigrants, I can't say they aren't racist, because they are.

Anonymous said...

Greeks are racists? Get out of here! Look how much they love us Macedonians.


arianit said...

In a survey a while ago they were found to be the most xenophobic and etnocentric of the EU members. The irony is that they are at the bottom of Europe development-wise when time in the club is factored in.

It seems like Greek government and business wants to change this and create better relations with Balkan countries other than fellow orthodox Serbia. Greek business is undergoing a massive shift in attitude and their strategy now is officially to invest in businesses all over the Balkans. Serbia is already in the dock for them. If they can neutralize the anti-greek sentiment in Kosova, they would be able to invest here too.

I don't see anything wrong from this but relations between the people will probably tke time to change since business and politics is done by the elites and not the arrogant, xeonophobic peasantry.

Kristian said...

Greeks are looking to dominate! Business is always about dominating your market and exterminating your competition. If they do invest they will get guarantees so they can have a monopoly. This is bad!

It is good that they want to invest, but we always have to think who will be the main benefactor of each investment. The ppl or the companies that invest. A company will always look after its own interests before those of the ppl. So the Kosovan Politicians have to really outweigh the benefits and concessions that they give these companies that invest. Tax breaks is one thing, but giving them exclusive rights that is another. To me that is wrong!

Monopolies hurt the bottom line consumer and do not benefit anyone in the long run, short term yes. I hope the Politicians have long visions and not short term ones that will benefit their pockets and hurt the ultimate consumers. Equilibrium is hard to maintain in a fragile economy, but BEWARE OF THE WOLFS IN SHEEPS SKIN WAVING DOLLARS/EUROS!

Kristian said...

And also did you guys see the reaction of the greeks when they announced Albania as it was entering the Olympics?

They were cheering so loudly for the country before and when the Albanians stepped in no one APPLAUDED! The decibel levels were so high then dropped to near zero silence when they entered.

If it wasn't for the 50% PLUS Albanian work force the Olympics would of never came to frution in Greece! And that is how they respect US! By not even applauding for the ones that made the olympics happen. To me that is a great insult!

Now they see an opportunity to get first access to a new market. The first always gets the sweetest deal. Another reason is that Albanians will eventually become a large minority group in their country. This causes fear for them. Maybe in the future we'll get southern Epirus back since they stole it the same time the serbs took Kosovo/a during their land grabbing campaigns of the late 1800's early 1900's.

How can greece grow 3 times in size prior to the ottoman breakup? Two thirds of their land mass was gained by force during their land grabbing campaigns against the Macedonians and Albanians.

There are greeks that are great but a lot of them a Chronic Liars! They even mistrust each other!

Kristian said...

....How can greece grow 3 times in size prior to the ottoman breakup? .....

I meant after the Ottoman breakup!

Anonymous said...

Greeks wanna make money, that's their ideology!

But what upsets is their attitude towards the Republic of Macedonia. It'sa bit like serbian attitude towards Kosova. Both Greeks and Serbs don't recognize the reality!

Anonymous said...

Here’s a thought…Albanians should do their best to inform the Greek people who have somehow forgotten that we are their best and oldest neighbours (friends), not their slavic neighbours (serbs & so- called slav-Macedonians). It is a well known fact that Albanians and Greeks are the only true original peoples (inhabitants) of the Balkan Peninsula and that's it. The rest are new comers that moved in to the Balkans using the most evil & vicious methods possible (murder, marauding, pillaging, theft, forceful assimilation, denial of schooling for Albanians & Greeks, etc, etc, etc). In my opinion, they (serbs & so called Macedonian slavs) are here now, but they should always be treated as foreigners by the true and oldest owners of the Balkan Peninsula!

With Love from Prizren the centre & heartland of Albania

Dardania 2006 said...

Efaristo Ellada!


Anonymous said...

The truth is that in the next 25 years Greece will have a control or at least a major influence in all of the Balkan countries. By doing this they can then push their foreign policies onto the rest of the surrounding countries. And if you motherfuckers hate us now, well wait and see what’s going to happen to you then. Greece might be at the bottom of Europe development-wise but the rest of you degenerates are 200 years behind Greece. So sit back and get ready folks, because the truth is there is not a goddamn fucken thing any of you can do about.

Anonymous said...

Hey greek fag hold your horses.Who the fuck you think you are?There are super powers in this world and dont have the fucking attitude that you ksenofobs have.We can do a lot of damage to you and you will see,we didn't forget about kosova and we haven't forgoten Cameria. But till then the best medicine for the greeks is turkey.When the turks fart in Instambul the greeks tremble in athens.

Kosovar2006 said...

Ohh yeah I guess I will bea KOSOVAR in 2006 im really happy. Lets get the pary starting uhhh yeah

Serbs you'll have the honour to have aKosovar as neighbours

Kristian said...

To: the greek

Like I mentioned before maybe its bc you did it on other ppl's backs and other ppls money! If you recall history, the USA funded greece after WWII with 13.5 billion dollars at the time, so your country wouldn't turn communist. So wow now you claim to be ahead of everyone. Full of crock, if it weren't for the good ol US of A you guys would be butt fucking each other all day long with a communist star on your foreheads!

So don't claim supremacy when someone else actually helped you out to achieve what you have today!

The USA had long term visions and needed the straights to monitor Russia otherwise they would of left you to become communists like your serbian comrades.

So don't gloat and turn up your vibrator on max speed and be quiet!

We built your stadiums and all for the Olympics and you didn't even show any form of respect to the Olympic players. Shows how warm you ppl are towards Albanians!

Anonymous said...

fuckin' greek fags... now they're feeling the albanian factor in the balkans. all they do is butt fuck each other while the albanians fuck their whore wifes and sisters all day long.
hey greek fag, you're right for one thing, we're behind you guys, we've always been behind your mothers and sisters

Anonymous said...

... forgot, your faggot priests too, lol :))

Anonymous said...

Yes that’s right, the US gave us money. So what? That’s fine with me, the more money we get the better.It still doesn’t change the single fact that your country is a shit hole that’s 300 years behind everyone. Even if countries gave you money you would blow it all on some pyramid scheme. LIKE THE ONE 2/3 OF YOUR RETARTED POPULATION BLEW ON BACK IN '97. Don’t be bitter because you know that I am right. Eventually Greece's economic influence will enable it to control the surrounding countries foreign policy. As far as you Albanian Casanovas having sex with all our mothers, sisters, girlfriends etc, the last poll I read said that somewhere around 90% of Greek women polled would rather get FUCKEN AIDS THEN SLEEP WITH AN ALABANIAN. As far as respect goes, what respect should I show to your people? You come to my country and kill, rape,and plunder like the degenerate scumbags you have been seen ancient times, and when you finally get a job to build a stadium, THAT WE PAID YOU FOR, you want a thank you? GO FUCK YOURSELF, how is that for respect? You hear that Mr. Kristian?... That is the sound of inevitability... It is the sound of your country falling under complete Greek control, while you stupid fucks sit around and wonder where the next pyramid scheme is. DOUCHBAGS THE WHOLE FUCKEN LOT OF YOU.

Anonymous said...

shut the fuck up, you fucking gypsi fag, there's a butt fucking party in your village, go take turns.
As for the killings and the rapings in your fucking country, I think they're too little, you fucking gypsies deserve much more.
There a half of million of us there, and there's only 500 traitors claiming to be of fucking gypsi origins in Albania, talk about influence. Sooner or later, you'll have an albanian half brother...

Anonymous said...

OK u greek homo, I diddn't want to get involved in this but you asked for it .
I'll give some of my own statistics now...
I was born outside of Albanai (Kosova, Albanai, Çameria, Malësia, etc) & whilst growing up in this western english speaking country I had many friends whos parents had come from different countries. Out of all of these different people, I found the biggest and easiest whores were the greek girls. Out of my many triumphs when I was out at a nightclub, bar, etc, the greek girls rated a good 90% of my success (pickups). And yes they liked it as dirty as poss. Oh yes and I had my fair share of married ones too.

Anonymous said...

KOSOVAREPORT, you should do something about the language here, man. If you want your blog to be taken seriously, you need to reign down on some of the comments.

And everyone else that reads it should too. There are thousands of forums and chatrooms where you all can yell at each other and talk about mothers and sisters. KOSOVAREPORT is doing something good here. Don't belittle it with your petty quarreling.

Anonymous said...

how long have we been living next to these sub-human races (slavs, greeks=gypsies, like my bro said it)...many,many centuries. Guess what, we're still here and we're not going anywhere, these scum mixtures have tried it all, we're still here. We now took back Kosovo, and sooner or later the rest will follow. Albanians are a tough nation to deal with, you greek fags can bring your businesses here and whatever, but we all know that we can also do without. You come and act like busines people now, but the blood spilled has not dried up yet. The cries of the babies that you burnt in their sleep will always ring in our ears and remind us who you really are. You have a lot to pay for, and you will pay for it, our divine blood was not spilled for nothing, your sub-human race will get what it deserves.
Stupid fucks, just 50 years of prosperity (not even of their own doing) and they think they own the world. Do you think this shit will last forever ??? Do you think your long term plans will work??? Have they ever worked??? You been planning for centuries to get rid of us, with all the money, all the power, all the back-stabbing, couldnt get rid of a bunch of "peasants". Keep dreaming while your uncle is butt-fucking you, you greek fag.

Cvijus011 said...


Talking about being gratefull to Greece, they give you a kind of help (even though the source is disputed, I've read the Nea but found nothing like that) and you retards insult them in the most vulgar way, very nice. Now, given your current attitude don't wonder why nobody likesyou and concider you as primitives. First you get our help and you insult us and eventually kill us.

Greetings from Pristina

Greek anonymous,

Palikari mou exeis ton sevasmo mou pou anexesai tis prosvoles touton ton albanon, kouragio min ta paratas.

albasoul said...

Civijus you double scum,
Better dont talk about things that you dont know. Greeks and your bastard serbian copatriots have been always trying to take advatage of us. I dont see why we should be gratefull to greeks. For killing us, for stealing us, for taking our land, for ruining our culture? You give me a reason why we should be gratefull to them. If they decided to take us seriously its not because they fell in love with us all of the sudden. They are doing this for money and for their own good. They are doing this to "make it up" to us for the bad image that they have between albanians. But we will never forget Cameria. We will never forget how they slaughterd our brothers there. We will never forget how they assimilated 1 million arvanitas and made the forget their language.
Have you scum heard about "greek's gift"???? Check all the dictionaries on the world and you will find the definition.
No one in the world trusts greeks, so why should we? They go after the money like bitches and they dont give a shit about anything else. They have no principles, worst than you serbian scum.
"Palikari mou exeis ton sevasmo mou pou anexesai tis prosvoles touton ton albanon, kouragio min ta paratas."
Lick their ass as much as you want but as I said they love no one, not even you, your orthodox brothers. All they think about is money.

Cvijus011 said...

albasoul siptarcicu moj,

man you brought tears to my eyes, poor siptari everybody was bad to you and it is not your fault, you were just a small and peaceful nation and everybody was evil and killing you, cut the crap and go out of your shithole to see how your damned copatriots give you a respectful reputation, and I'm talking about individuals, not the politicians, man sometimes I feel sorry about you people.
Just look at Greece, siptari rob churches, have the biggest drug and human trafficking network and Greece's criminality rose rapidly with the siptar immigrants. I know what I'm talking about cause I've spent more than 10 years in Athens. And you talk about Arbanites being assimilited, a genuinly Greek tribe? Why don't you concider about the millions of Albanian Slavs and Greeks that you forcibly assimilated with the Turkish blecings in the 16-17th century.
If you don't like Greeks, why do you go over there to live? Why don't you siptari go back to albania where you belong instead of polluting Greece and Serbia, everybody will be happy and perhaps there will be mutual respect.
Greeks maybe don't like us, but they surely hate you. But when I think again, in '99 there were over a million Greeks on the streets of Athens supporting Serbia shouting "Ellas Servia symaxia". Sorry, I know you would like for them to hate us but I have to disapoint you. But ask the Turks, maybe they like you.
Nobody forces you to forget Cameria, whatever that is, but Greeks shouldn't forget Northern Epirus and Dyrrachion and we the Serbs shouldn't forget Kosovo-Metohija and Skadar.

PS- Hell, once I've even seen a siptar beggar in Athens pretending to be a Bosnian Serb in order to get some money. This shows you how pathetic you are.

albasoul said...

Civijus, you double scum,
I give up talking to you because you have no clue. Looks like all you read are serbian and greek propaganda. Get your head out of the shit.
"And you talk about Arbanites being assimilited, a genuinly Greek tribe? Why don't you concider about the millions of Albanian Slavs and Greeks that you forcibly assimilated with the Turkish blecings in the 16-17th century."
Arvanites means Albanians you idiot even in greek. How can they be " nobel greek tribe"
Where did you find that info about albanian slavs or greeks. There is no such thing even if you check all the encyclopaedias in the world. There is a small greek minority in Albania, but they are there safe and sound.
"Nobody forces you to forget Cameria, whatever that is, but Greeks shouldn't forget Northern Epirus and Dyrrachion and we the Serbs shouldn't forget Kosovo-Metohija and Skadar."
Well... I am not going to comment that. Its obvious that you have no clue. Try to read history books other than serbian and greek and you will see that Dyrrahium and Epirus were populated by Ilyrians (Albanians)3000 years ago. "Dyrrah" (Dyrrahium in latin) means "in two hills" even in the modern albanian language. But its obvious that you have no idea about all this. I am not writing all this to educate you, but for some other people who read your comments and may take them seriously.

Anonymous said...

This posting is for all my Albanian compatriots who are willing to extend the hand of friendship and reconciliation to these orthodox greek assfuckers and serb killers...

Do you see what really lurks beneath them: they will always stab you in the back any chance they get. So let us treat them same way-otherwise we are deemed to repeat our history of losing land and people to these fucking animals...

Unless we get hardcore and take no shit from them (this is only language they know-remember NATO bombings)we will lose. So stop extending hands of friendship and claim that they will make godd neigbours and "drink rakija" with them. Let us stay together to fight the scum out of our land.

OH yeah it is true their women (greek) are easy but too hairy for my taste-so bring a razor for these bitches

Anonymous said...

boycott their fucking businesses too...
If we were too boycott their businesses maybe our politicians would be freed as well from these scums.

Vlora said...

Civijus my serbian friend,
You are accusing albanians for criminality when it was established a whole new intitution (ICfy - International Court for Former Yougoslavia) especially for your bestialities. Half of your retarded nation is in The Hague waiting in lines to be judged.
What kan I say.... U bene kembet ti bien kokes.

Independence for Kosova said...

PS- Hell, once I've even seen a siptar beggar in Athens pretending to be a Bosnian Serb in order to get some money. This shows you how pathetic you are."

Cvijus I see this shka that comes to a a forum/blogg that thinks he knows more about my land that I live on than his dumb retard ass that only reads Tanjung.

Anonymous said...

You all need to dunk your heads in water and make some attempt to leave behind all this nationalistic rhetoric and excessive chauvinism. I am not surprised that people still hold the view that south-eastern Europe is forever the "Balkans", much like the Middle East is considered to be a region of religious zealots who only subscribe to extremism. F

Anonymous said...


Independence for Kosova said...

Last time I checked a lot of people considered the BALKANs the backbone of EUROPE. Also Balkan or BALLKANI does exist so don't put it around quotes. I don't agree with your idea that we all need to be brainwashed and just rid of all cultures. Diff ethnicities make Balkan great for what it is.

Dardania 2006 said...

Pajtohem me Cvijus per shamje, Greqia ne lajm tregon shenja pozitive per ne, ne i shajm.

Mos harroni se kete e lexojne shume te huaj, mos na merrni ftyren ju lutem.

Kontrolloni pak emocionet te dashtun Dardan :)

Kristian said...

THAT WE PAID YOU FOR, you want a thank you? GO FUCK YOURSELF, how is that for respect? You hear that Mr. Kristian?...

Maybe you haven't watched you news clearly! When the olympics started your government was in ARREARS in payments to those workers.

And as far as "Albania" goes, you had a Stalinist Regime that not even Russia could surpass. And after 91 they were new to the Capitalistic system, but they are catching up. You can fool a person so much and eventually they will out trump you!

Greece is not the only person that has interests in the AREA! And Greece is not that rich either! Austria has dibs in the area more so then GREECE! So good luck competing against them! Guess what they are wealthier then your tourist State!

Cvijus011 said...


As you know today is the second anniversary of the March violence and first thing in the morning when I walked out ofmy hotel in Pristina was a graffiti on the hotel wall saying "Morti i Serbi" which I suppose it means "Death to the Serbs". My German colleagues were shocked and disgussed, especially when we went to Urosevac where yesterday a Serbian graveyard was vandalized. Not to mention that news came to us that some churches allover Kosovo-Metohija were attacked and vandalized, to which dr. von Quedlinburg noted that Turks during their 500 years reing treated the Serbs with much more respect than the siptars in their 7 year rule. He also expressed his fear for the Serbian minority in the future, given the fact that ever since we came here, here and than we hear constantly about recent attacks on Serbs. I suppose my German colleagues will put many interesting facts in their sociological studies which they will write about Kosovo-Metohija.

Today also the negotiations about the decentralization start were the siptars main argument is an multiethnic society. Given the things I've mentioned above, this sounds rather hypocritical and spinless.

Off I go tomorow to Belgrade with my colleagues and in Wednesday back to Germany.

Dardania 2006 said...

Will you visit Milosevic's grave?

Support for him shows how much Serbs have advanced in terms of racial tolerance.

Also to add, those churchers existed among the Ablanians for hundreads of years. I've already argued with you on my blog about this...

Instead: Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Cvijus011 said...

dardance stari prijatelju,

As I heard, Milosevic will be buried under a tree, so this sounds like a great place to take my dog for a walk and take a leak.
Don't you talk to me about tolerance. You're not the one to talk about that having Agim Ceku as the PM, the infamous butcher of Krajina, Medacki Dzep, Mrkonjic Grad and Metohija. This shows how the siptari advanced on racial tolerance, especially with the recent incident. Dr. von Quedlinburg has said to me something amusing today, "talking to Albanians about tolerance is like talking to a deaf man about music". That's what foreigners think about you.

You haven't proved me anything about the churches. And if we suppose they are yours, than you are a great phenomenon of a selfdestructive nation. It doesn't make sense to me to destroy something that is mine. Don't tell me that muslims did that, since you claim you're a secular nation. Amazing.

Instead of bitching, show some maturity and comemorate the victims of the March '04 violence that you caused.

Anonymous said...

Cvijus you stupid ass. Majority of the victims from March 04 were Albanian-why don't you check your facts and dont rely on all the bull shit your state is feeding you.
And as far as your churches go they are just an extension of your state-remember their blessing of the scorpions-quite the work of god they performed....

Cvijus011 said...


March '04 was a conflict you started dumbass, no matter who died the most. It is not the fault of the Serbs that they defended themselves the best they could from siptar idiots.

Recently I've watched a BBC video on Kosovo and Bosnia were Mullahs blessed the UCK and other Muslim fighters before cutting the heads of Serb prisoners, so think again before opening your mouth dude.

So on the point of the churches, you disagree with Dardania that they were originally siptar? Besides, who gives you the right to vandalize someone elses property?

Anonymous said...

So why do you ass holes claim to be the victims of March then?!

You pieces of shit are just a propaganda tool thats all..

And that bbc video shows nothing about UCK so don't lie, otherwise you scumbags would have made a point of showing to your children in kindergarden -you know to start them early in life...

Cvijus011 said...

My point is that even though more siptars died, it was the Serbs that were defending themselves from an aggression, Serbs that were forced to leave their home and Serbian homes and churches have been burned.

This BBC video exists and I have seen it in Greece ages ago. It is rather heavy to show it to children in kindergarden, after all we are not siptars to teach our kids the ways how to hate and kill Serbs.

You haven't answered my question: Dardania claims these churches and monasteries are originally siptar, don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

Of course you have seen it ages ago- and it was only you who saw it correct?
So then I guess you are just born natural killers -hence no need for videos huh.
Speaking of kids I'm sure it will be an upsurge of kids being named Slobo now- just in case your nation might need another butcher for the retirement years

Cvijus011 said...

spare uswith your stupid siptar rhetorics.

People needed to defend themselves from raging idiots like you, don't wonder why Serbs were organized like this, since you gave thm nothing but terror ever since '99. March '04 was something you provoced, so shut up. Do we now need to apologize for the dead siptars from March '04 aswell?

You still haven't answered my question dumbass: Dardania said that the churches are originally siptar, don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

Civijus- you are nothing but a piece of shit.
Here is the reason:If we provoced march '04 and should not complain- than that same reasoning should be used for the '99 war and you should shut up about it too.
I already answered your question you fucken moron- your churches are nothing but an extension of your governments expansion policy. Who cares what they were-it is more important what they have become...

Anonymous said...

Greeks are the founder of European civilization. Their name is great, and appreciated world wide. This helped them expand their territory on Albanian land, and behave wildly against albanians, gaining points as safeguards of Christianity and civilization.
We albanians can do almost nothing to overthrow this prejudice.
Just don't forget the old saying :
Greku te vret pas shpine !
Which beter than literary translated can be understood if you remind the icon of Hollywood movies, a man with a flower in one hand and when turned around he hides a nkife ! sorry greeks !
I idole for your anticity,
and I hate the guts for how you behaved towards the unlucky poor neighbours albanians in their hour of need. How many killings in the border ? What frustration to go and work in Greece, like Greece was USA ?! and getting paid from your backwarded peasants less then a third of what "argates" deserved !
Be ashamed !

I know you bought Albania with AMC and Vodafone and what else.
So you trying to buy Kosova now?
I don't think this will hapen.
Kosovars went to Germany and USA to work, they don't even know that Greece exist !

Anonymous said...

oh, almost forgot!

How could you (greeks) applaud Albanian team at Olympics ?
That would have been very Olympic if you did !

Anonymous said...

I agree with the greek guy. Stay out of Europe. We dont want you !!


what the fucking hell is going on here fucked them all up and burned them on the ground this fucking albs.
Serbs fron the north Greeks from the south and make a greek serbian kingdom

Hail Ellas Serbia
Albanians are the rubbish of the turks who forget to take after the lost the war 1821 against the Greeks in the Greek Revolution

Martyr of Chameria said...

Come you serbs now .You have exeme,skin desease.You are gonne .We can compare the great Yugosllavia with Sudan and Chadd,hahaha
Look what will happen to Greece if does not allow Chams to take back their properties.Times have changed.Greece is izolated geographycally,butwill be izolated in every sense now.It does not take armies to make the birthplace of Homosexuality and opportunistizm(Trojan Horse)to submit in humility.GOD IS THE GREATEST .Lets go down together pretty soon .....readyyy????????????????????????