Monday, October 03, 2005

What lies hidden behind incidents in Shtërpce region? (Zëri)

According to Zëri, the recent incidents that have occurred in the Shtërpce region can hardly be seen as isolated. On the recent capturing of two Serbian policemen by the KPS, an unnamed source told the newspaper, “It is more likely that they [the Serbian side] want to send a message to Kosovan authorities. Or they have operated so freely until now that they don’t even care anymore.”

On the killing of two young Kosovo Serbs, the paper quotes a “reliable” source as saying that the incident was not related to the ethnicity of the victims and that it was a settling of scores between two groups of young Kosovo Serbs. Even the police are reportedly aware of this.

Naim Maloku, former military officer and now deputy speaker of the Kosovo Assembly, told the newspaper that there is no doubt that Serbia’s “stretched hand” is involved in these acts. Maloku also notes that in the postwar period, Serbia has publicly stated on several occasions that it controls Kosovo through its services.


Anonymous said...

All the world can see siptar terrorism against United Nations. This is very bad for separatists. Europe must understand that Kosovo is a part of Serbia. We must fight against terrorism.

Anonymous said...

The Serb secret service planted those bombs. Yes terrorism should be fought, Serbia should be bombed again to get rid of terrorists governing Belgrade.

Anonymous said...

Not according to the UNMIK and NATO command in the balkans. They just had high level meetings with the Serbian commanders. I believe the topic was about logistics and UNMIK relieving its duties to the Serbian Armed Forces.

Anonymous said...

Hehe it was the other way around KFOR will relieve its duties to the KPC. sure knows how to twist the news.

Anonymous said...

It is Strpce and not Shtërpce

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Why is this site so concerned with Serbia? Why don't you discuss Albania - your own country?
This site is purely set up as an exremist Albanian propaganda and hate fueling portal. Is a sad site that is essentially trash.
You extremists need to get this into your heads ...
Serbia is now on the path of joining the European Union. It will be accepted as a democratic country. Albania (your country in case you forgot) will never be part of the EU.
5:54 PM

Text of report in English by Belgrade-based Radio B92 text website on 4 OctoberUrosevac, 4 October: A senior officer in the Kosovo Police Service said today that he doubts the authenticity of a claim that a Serbian extremist group calling itself the Tigers was responsible for an attack on him last week.Colonel Dejan Jankovic said that the document which has appeared in public claiming that the "Tigers" were responsible for shooting him in the arm during an attack on his vehicle last week was an attempt to mislead investigators.Jankovic says he does not believe that a Serbian group was responsible for the attack."The document is full of grammatical and spelling errors," he said, adding that he believed it had been written by an Albanian. In addition, said Jankovic, the document put the date of the attack as September 29 when in fact it had occurred a day earlier.Jankovic says that he believes that he had been targeted for the attack as the only senior Serb officer in the Kosovo Police Service.Source: Radio B92 text website, Belgrade, in English 0850 gmt 4 Oct 05

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