Monday, October 03, 2005

Montgomery: Kosovo will get independence on several conditions (Zëri)

Zëri quotes William Montgomery, former US Ambassador to Belgrade, as saying that Kosovo will get independence on several conditions and that all politicians in Serbia know this. “All Serbian politicians know this, but the problem is that they won’t tell the people,” Montgomery added.

Montgomery also said he regrets that the US is leaving the initiative for the Balkans to the European Union, as he considers the region to be very complicated and thinks that the EU cannot control the processes.


Anonymous said...

montgomery regrets that the US is leaving the kosovo debacle to the EU---GWB doesn't want to have anything to do with Kosovo albanians.

Anonymous said...

Kosovo and the Islamic Threat

September 30, 2005: The worst thing about Kosovo is that there has been no progress in the last six years.

Violence and crime are common, and jobs are not (about two thirds of the workforce are unemployed.) The only big business is crime, with organized gangs heavily into smuggling, drugs, prostitution and whatever else will earn money. Islamic charities have set up religious schools, and are turning thousands of young Albanians into enthusiastic haters of all things Christian.

Anonymous said...

That's all BS. The same things Milosevic is using in his trial.
Are what you say above reasons to kill 7 month old babies and 2 year old children? Are those reason to unburry these children three times and burn them in industrial ovens in Serbia?

The Serbian church approved all of this.

Albanians do not hate christian cause by doing so they'd hate half of their family, they'd hate their own kind.

Its the oposite, Serbs hate every religion except for Serbs Orthodoxy. This is why you killed other slavs in Bosnia and Croatia.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess those Bosians, Croats and albanians didn't murder any Serbs.

I wonder why the Croatian ascension talks for EU membership is on hold?

And why did the Kosovo and Metohija Premier Haradinaj step down from his elected position and visit the Hague?

Anonymous said...

If you start three wars in 10 years and kill our children do you expect us to watch you decimate our families.

Haradinaj has not been found guilty. He is enjoying his time in his home in Kosova.
On the other hand you have half of the Serbian government and half of the Serb generals spending jail time in Hague.

Anonymous said...

the kla killed both serb and albanian children. the blood of many is on the hands of albanians too---generations worth. face reality already. why do you think the US is dropping you like a bad habit? because you can be trusted? one, and I mean, no one trust albanians. not even albanians.

Anonymous said...

Lets see USA was with Albanians in the 1920's.

It was with us during the war in Kosova.

It helped us in Macedonia.

Can't complain, our friends have always helped us.

Anonymous said...

I can guarantee you KLA killed a lot of Serb army contingent.

As for children the Serbs always try to equalize their horrible crimes with their victims.
In ceremony during the summer of the Massacre of Srebrenica these $hitheads instead of taking responsability for the killing of children there were busy fabricating stories about Bosnians killing thousand of Serbian children.
You always read this fabricated myths and legends only on Serb media.
I am sure there were NAZIS who were complaining how the Jews murdered millions of German children, just like there are Serbs making claims today.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunet that Albania can never fight the Serbs alone and they must call America to help them and support Kosovo's pigeons, with a part of the Drug money the KLA earns.

Also its very funny how people blame the Serbs for wars yet history proves otherwise. Albanians, Bosnians and Croatians all were on the fasists side during WW2... Just because a few years after world war 2 we have wars wtih those nations doesnt make Serbia a bad nation,,, all they are doing is fighting with the same countries from before.

What else is funny is how Russia will Veto the pigeon bill making it impossible for Kosovo to become independant.

Anonymous said...

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