Thursday, April 14, 2005

Serbian Radical leader fears Kosovo sell-out for EU accession

Text of report by Belgrade-based private BKTV on 14 April

[Presenter] The Serbian Radical Party [SRS] has invited the Serbian government to make public the results achieved so far in the negotiations on Kosovo-Metohija. The Radicals suspect that the southern Serbian province will be pawned in order to get the Feasibility Study [on joining the EU].

[Nikolic] I cannot see the good we have done for Serbia. Is our employment rate high? What is with us? Are our banks strong and solid? What about the insurance companies, the finance sector? Are citizens safe in the streets? Are children safe in schools? What about our soldiers in the barracks? Are they safe?

What kind of normal requirement have we fulfilled for Europe to recognize us so suddenly? I do not see that normal requirement. I only fear that we might have met some abnormal requirements, some secret requirements. Both [Serbian President Boris] Tadic and [Prime Minister Vojislav] Kostunica are involved in this, I guarantee you this. One day we will find about all this.

Getting closer to the European Union is not about the authorities' accepting to obey everything Europe demands.

Source: BKTV, Belgrade, in Serbian 1355 gmt 14 Apr 05

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