Sunday, April 17, 2005

Picture of the Day - Kosova

Picture of the Day - Kosova
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Kosovo's former prime minister Ramush Haradinaj covers the face of his younger brother during the funeral ceremony of Enver Haradinaj in Glodjane a village 80 kilometers (50 miles) west of Kosovo's capital, Pristina, Sunday April 17, 2005. Enver Haradinaj, was fatally shot Friday by unknown gunmen who sprayed his car with bullets in western Kosovo and then escaped. (AP Photo/ Visar Kryeziu)


Shqipe said...

My comment regarding this article is that in Balkans is very obvious that the value of life has lost the meaning. My only concern or maybe question that I have as a citizen of Kosova is: people of Kosova it can also be me, can be killed one day and no one ever will find out who the murderers are. The killings in Kosovo are becoming part of our lives and this is the most frightened part to me that we are silently approving the most awful acts.

With the presence of international community and the peacekeepers in Kosovo we still have crime, with 2.000.000 citizens crime still exists!?
If peace and order cannot be enforced here with the KFOR & UNMIK Police presence where in the world can peace be enforced?

As per the Haradinaj family; what can I say… they suffered enough already… and still suffering … bless them…

Anonymous said...

The Haradinaj family has suffered immensely, one could call it bad karma in response to the Albanians and Serbs they killed themselves.