Friday, April 15, 2005

PDSRSG Larry Rossin early this evening made the following statement after learning the news of Enver Haradinaj’s death

“ I and all of us in UNMIK were deeply shocked to learn of the murder of Enver Haradinaj this afternoon.

We send our deepest condolences to the Haradinaj family on the loss of their son and loved one.

I want to assure the Haradinaj family, and the people of Kosovo, that the UNMIK Police are devoting all investigative resources to identifying the perpetrators of this crime.

The Police Commissioner and I met a short time ago with Prime Minister Kosumi and many members of the government, as soon as we were informed of this crime. We agreed that every effort must be made to identify and arrest those who murdered Enver Haradinaj.

I appeal to all people of Kosovo to demonstrate, in the face of this crime, the composure, maturity and respect for the rule of law which have so characterized Kosovo during the difficult challenges of the past month. It is that behavior, more than anything, that can help solve this crime while ensuring Kosovo stays on the path toward the better future we all want for it.

The Police Commissioner and I agreed with the Prime Minister and the members of the government that it would be important that any information anyone has that can assist in apprehending those responsible for this murder should be made available to the Police as soon as possible. I would appeal to any person who has such information to contact the Police and assist in solving this crime.”

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