Sunday, April 10, 2005

Leader says Serbs will take part in all Kosovo working groups

The leader of the Serb List for Kosovo-Metohija, Oliver Ivanovic, today told FoNet, following a discussion with Coordination Centre [for Kosovo] chief Nebojsa Covic, that the Serbs would take part in all working groups [in Kosovo] to be set up, because they believe this to be "very important and the only way to concretely help the Serb community".

Ivanovic said that that the working groups "have to act in a synchronized manner with the Coordination Centre and the authorities in Belgrade" in order to achieve their maximum.

Ivanovic said that they would insist on a clearly defined decentralization policy and a final deadline by which this should be fully implemented.

Also, he assessed that the working groups for security and return issues had not produced any results so far.

According to Ivanovic, he today discussed with Covic the synchronized activities and a continuation of Coordination Centre's initiative to revive working groups for vital issues of the Serb population.

He had a discussion with the commander of Kfor's [NATO-led Kosovo Force] northern sector about security issues and the exercises staged by the Kosovo Protection Corps (KZK) [TMK in Albanian] which "pretended to act like a military unit, using weapons, which is completely outside the [UN] Resolution 1244".

Ivanovic said that he had received assurances that the exercises had been held "under full control of Kfor, and that carrying and use of weapons were not allowed".

"The Serbs are calmed down by such statements, but I think that one has to more resolutely settle scores with such initiatives which have been coming from the KZK for a long time, because flirting with such initiatives can be dangerous," Ivanovic warned.


Anonymous said...

why don't the serbs address their expulsion of Albanians from the north of Kosova!

financed by Belgrade!

Serbs are bullies who complain about the retribution of the victims whom they assaulted in the first place!

Anonymous said...

Several diplomats--Petersen UNMIK, Fischer Germany, and Burns USA--have publicly stated recently that lack of progress in Kosovo due to lack of cooperation by the Serbs will not be held against the Albanians. I think that's what caused this sudden Serb cooperation.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they can see the train leaving without them and know are running to catch up. But I wouldn't be surprised if they jumped off once again just to draw some attention.

Anonymous said...

And with Petkovic on the scene and using the ministry of returns, Ivanovic isn't the only person who has resources to spread around, which is clearly making him nervous.

Anonymous said...

I think the Kosovo people will be very surprised when they discover that it is impossible to gain independence.