Sunday, April 03, 2005

Kosovo president, Catholic leader mourn death of Pope

Monsignor Mark Sopi, the Roman Catholic bishop of Kosovo, said on Sunday [3 April] that Pope John Paul II had shown great interest in solving problems and urged dialogue in Kosovo. Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova said today he was deeply saddened by the death of the Holy Father.

"The news on the death of the Holy Father, a great pope who dedicated his life to peace, freedom and mutual understanding, has deeply saddened me," Rugova said on Sunday.

"He was a great friend, a father who prayed much for Kosovo. We should pay credit to him for the freedom, independence and democracy of Kosovo," he added.

The Pope showed great interest in Kosovo and called for solving outstanding issues through dialogue, Bishop Sopi said.

Pope John Paul II showed great interest in every people and engaged himself not only in church issues but also in political and social ones, and made a great contribution to the resolution of problems, the Kosovo dignitary said.

Source: HINA news agency, Zagreb, in English 1324 gmt 3 Apr 05

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