Saturday, April 02, 2005

Kosovo, Albanian prime ministers discuss future of Kosovo

Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi arrived on an official visit to Albania on Friday afternoon [1 April], at an invitation from Prime Minister Fatos Nano. This is the first foreign visit by Kosumi since taking the post of Kosova prime minister 10 days ago. Kosumi began his visit with a meeting with Prime Minister Nano at the latter's office.

[Nano] We share similar views with Mr Kosumi and other political actors in Kosova that there can be no going back for Kosova, that Kosova cannot be divided, and that there can be no governing structure set up parallel to the self-governing institutions and the international administration, and charged with carrying out practical and legal functions that run counter to Kosova's governing framework.

[Kosumi] I think that the negotiations on the independence of Kosovo, on the sovereign, democratic and independent state of Kosova, will begin by the end of 2005.

[Presenter] Kosumi will continue his agenda tomorrow with meetings with the president of the republic, the Assembly chairman, the foreign affairs minister and opposition leader Sali Berisha. Kosumi will also visit Kruje.

Source: Albanian TV, Tirana, in Albanian 1900 gmt 1 Apr 05

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