Monday, April 18, 2005

Internationals, Kosovo government failed to stop Haradinaj murder - analysts

Prishtina [Pristina], 16 April: Total madness is being allowed before our very eyes by an authority that is called UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo]. The Kosova [Kosovo] and international police, NATO peacekeepers [Kfor, Kosovo Force] operate throughout the entire territory of Kosova and killers can still move about unhindered. [Passage omitted] The crime is even greater given the defects of society and criminalized politics, which sees blood and killing as a daily occurrence, the country's analysts told Kosovapress, commenting on yesterday's heinous murder of Enver Haradinaj, brother of the former prime minister, Ramush Haradinaj.

Enver Haradinaj, 24, was killed yesterday in an ambush while travelling from Peje [Pec] to Decan [Decani] by as yet unknown individuals.

Adem Demaci, prominent activist of our national cause, told Kosovapress that the tragedy and the criminal act that took place yesterday as a consequence of which Enver Haradinaj was killed, had its roots in Serbia.

"Similar killings have been happening for a long time in Kosova, committed by the black hand of Serbia, given that no one else but Belgrade is interested in killing Kosova's patriots and liberators. Due to our backwardness and fanaticism, our best boys are assassinated for a handful of cash. The latest killing, too, has originated in Serbia and has been carried out by people who are undoubtedly close collaborators of the Belgrade regime, that black hand that has not ceased killing the chosen Albanians over the past 100 years," Demaci said.

According to him, the killings that have taken place since the war are a consequence of extreme chaos among the international police, while the ShPK lacks powers.

"The local police lack the necessary powers and the ShPK has been cleansed of patriots who love their country. There is no other way but to establish a police force with those who are willing to serve their people. Only they can prevent crime and solve those already committed. Since this is lacking in Kosova, crime has not been prevented and the people are at the mercy of criminals," Demaci said. [Passage omitted]

According to [analyst Baton] Haxhiu, structures responsible for justice are just for show and that was what makes them responsible for events such as that of 15 April.

"Kfor and UNMIK, Kosova's local authorities, and the international community are to blame because they have failed to bring criminals to justice. This can be explained in one word. Total madness is being allowed before our very eyes by an authority that is called UNMIK," Haxhiu concluded. [Passage omitted]

Source: Kosovapress news agency web site, Pristina, in Albanian 16 Apr 05


Anonymous said...

Obviously it was an assasination byt the evil Serbs. And could not possibly be Albanian vs Albanian crime dispute related, no no no.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was albanian vs albanian. The Haradinaj family are mafia linked in their region of Kosova. As high ranking KLA members, they have been targets by FARK for a number of years. This is just two albanian mafias in a power struggle.

Anonymous said...

A killed cripple would only serve to the Serb agenda; Destabilize Kosova.

Anonymous said...

A person got killed, whoever did it, its a crime. As for FARK and KLA, mafias?, the funny thing is this is all Serbia can pick on, because there is nothing else...there are no war crimes, no ideas of Greater Albania so why not go at something which is already puzzling and just plain confusing...

Prayers, hope and peace for Europe when they accept Serbia into the EU..