Monday, February 06, 2006

Kosovo can win independence, says British diplomat

PRISTINA, Serbia and Montenegro, Feb 6 (Reuters) - The United Nations-run province of Kosovo can win independence from Serbia in negotiations this year if it shows enough democratic maturity, a senior British diplomat said on Monday.

"The more the leaders of Kosovo can reach out to the other communities and show that Kosovo is a mature democracy, the more fully an independence can be delivered," John Sawers, the political director of Britain's foreign office, told reporters after meeting Kosovo Albanian leaders in the capital, Pristina.

The comments are in line with what diplomats have been saying in private for months -- that a form of conditional independence for Serbia's southern province is almost certain, provided the Albanian majority makes concessions to minority Serbs and accepts some continued international supervision.

The first round of face-to-face negotiations between Serbian and Kosovo Albanian officials is due to take place in Vienna later this month, having been delayed for several weeks by the death of Kosovo president Ibrahim Rugova on Jan. 21.

Legally part of Serbia, the province of 2 million people became a U.N. protectorate in 1999, when NATO bombing drove out Serb forces accused of atrocities against Albanian civilians in a two-year war with separatist guerrillas.

Serbia officially opposes independence but 90 percent of the population are ethnic Albanians, who demand nothing less than their own state after years of discrimination and violent repression.

Fearful of fresh ethnic violence, the U.N. Security Council last November launched a mediation process led by former Finnish president Martti Ahtisaari to decide Kosovo's "final status."

The Contact Group of major powers -- the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Russia -- issued a statement in London last week saying a deal should be on the table within the year.

The statement urged Serbia to "bear in mind that the settlement needs ... to be acceptable to the people of Kosovo."

Sawers said it was up to Kosovo's leaders to secure their goal. "The more Kosovo's leaders can work together, the more they can understand each others issues, each others concerns, the more fully the goal of the people of Kosovo can be achieved and the quicker it will be achieved," he said.

The comments were unlikely to go down well in Belgrade, where Sawers is due to meet Serbian leaders on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that people of Kosova NEVER realligned themselves with Russia. UK is one more country that will recognize independence of Kosova.

fauna said...

let's talk about how 200,000 serbs were expelled from kosova and how albanians are the terrorists and how albanians continue to kill k-serbs everyday, discriminate against them by cutting the electricity, phone lines, etc., and how it was all milosevic's fault, ah and let us not forget, how albanians came from southern italy in 1043

who wants to start?

armera said...

I am afraid you don't quite understand. In former Yugoslavia the true victims were in reality Serbs.

They fought Slovenia, and were victimized then they fought Croatia to be victimized again, here comes Bosnia, what happens? they get victimized. Kosovo is the peak the whole world is against them and they are victims one more time. Poor Serbs, it doesn't end here either, now Montenegro and Hungarians want to victimze them too. Not to mention that Macedonians are victimizing Serbian priests as well. Oh I forgot during the WW2 they were the main victims. No doubts that in the WW1 they were by far the biggest victims. Oh and yeah while the rest of Balkans had fun with Otoman empire they fought for the rest of us and got victimized again.

Wow, I mean even if I was blind, racist nationalist and serial killer, all that at the same time. I think I would at some point ask my self am I ok? Out of 8 units that constituted Yugoslavia, I am having problems with 7 of them?! Out of all wars that happend in the last 500 years I was the biggest victim and the enemy of all?!

Go figure eh!

Prince of Albania said...

Well, the main thing is that we are getting Independence and the Serbs are being told to deal with reality.
I just hope that they will "wake up and smell the bacon" because it will be a huge shock when they look around one day in 2006 and find a new country on the Balkan maps!
Best Regards, Prince of Albania.

fauna said...

they'll wake up and find two albanian countries

what a nightmare for them

Anonymous said...

Armera, Serbia is kinda like Mr. Garrison of South Park who wishes he was abused during childhood so he can explain his aberrant adult behavior.

Republic_of_Kosova said...

Fauna, sure we are terrorists, came from italy, kill serbs, and all that, but what are u gonna do about it. If I was u right now i would get a paper and a pencil and take notes, because u might just lose more than kosovo, like i don't know, lets say the other serbian south side, maybee something in the north (what is it called... Vojvodina), well what do u know, youre gonna lose some in the west as well called montenegro. So what are u left with...... Belgrade.... and u know we can take that over in 3 days, of course with our terrorist brothers KLA....
Just some food for thought... or maybee not.....

ivan said...


you guys are funny. Go you have your five minutes. Enjoy it while it lasts :o)

Lets talk about the great albanian history....hahahahaha
lets talk about the KLA baby killer heroes..hahahaha
lets talk about your Balkan Ghandi...hahaha
lets talk about how normal european people love living next to albanians....hahahaha

you guys are a joke. Just to remind you it was UK who created a nevereneding conflict of Israel and Palastine.

I realised how good you felt because Cvijus, Mir and I didnt respond to your posts on this blog and now you feel all powerful. Good job Albos...go for it.

I wonder if you will develop your so called future state as good as you managed to develop albania.Oh I forgto Serbs will be guilty again because 60% of you are unemployed, and your whole region doesent have electricity.

Anonymous said...

I hope UK has created a never ending conflict between us albanians and you s(cum)erbs. I personally will always cherish such an outcome.

Visit Prishtina said...

Ivan, Cvijus et al.

Yet another evidence that you are losing the argument.

Yet another totally irrelevant statement: Kosovars did not build Albania, Albanians did. Kosovars are going to build Kosova!

Yet another lie: the United Kingdom created the Israel-Palestine confict. Would you not agree that Nazi Germany had more to do with that conflict? As far as I remember it was the Nazi Germans who committed horrible crimes against the Jews, not the English.

Yet another practical and workable solution: Kosova become independent, Kosovars celebrate, Serbs celebrate (remember, Serbs celebrate historical loses, Serbs celebrate their "heroes" who sit in the Hague for the worst war crimes). In this way, everybody wins.

====== to fauna =====

Fauna is a collective term for animal life. We don't like to talk to animals. So you go and talk with fellow animals about whatever you want to talk about, we here will talk about the independence of Kosova.

Cvijus011 said...

dr. pristina is back with his highly academic arguments, ivan please have "respect" for him, he is here the wisest of all.

pristince don't forget that UK created also the Indian-Pakistani conflict.

Besides, I have been proven right. You albos are scilled to talk only about how stupid Serbs are and you hate Serbs. It was ammusing to see what you wrote hahahahaha :)

Ivan, without Serbs, albos can't breathe, we are like oxygen to them. If they don't hate us, they'll die.

Anonymous said...

You serbs should worry about your shithole ours we will govern as EU wants and sees fit. The pressure by the internationals will make sure the serbs will stay in Kosova and have a future. I know for sure that its not Kosova's independence that bothers Serbia, but its success which I am sure will start soon. No one here claims that as soon as Kosova is granted independence it will be paradise. But slowly but surely with enough EU and NATO pressure it will become the country it can and has the resources to become. We K-albs have worked hard for this now let's make sure it succeeds.Whether "they" think it will or not succeed is irrelevant. Do you job and let them bitches howl at the moon. All BS aside there must be serbs in Kosova and there will be like it or not. But we dont have to like them or be friends or anything of that nature. One thing must be clear, everyone must be equal before the law. Sometime I feel as if some of us albanians are afraid that serbia will return in kosova and that's why the hateful attitude toward K-serbs. I assure you it will never happen. NATO will never allow its first intervention ever, fail- no matter if it is risked by serbs or albanians.
There is not one person here who would like more than me the war to go on forever against serbs but we must accept that its over and it will stay that way. Mourn those who died and never, ever forget them but time is to move on. I for one dont want any apologies from serbs, only justice. And justice is slow but eventually it will come. Jepe kushtrimin , zoteri.

fauna said...

visit prishtina,
easy now

i guess you didn't catch the sarcasm
i'm on your side

ivan, cvijus,
hahahaha to you my friends

i know it hurts... keep letting it out

ivan said...


they need Serbs, somebody they can hate all together. IF there were no serbs, they would be kill each other because verybody would be claiming besa. They are pathetic, and they should be thankful to us for keeping them alive.

Se even DR. Prishtina and fauna starting getting into conflicts. Maybe the best move Serbia should do is to remove all the remaining Serbs, and in less than a year they will all kill each other.

fauna said...

that's a brilliant move
would surely save us a lot of trouble

Republic_of_Kosova said...

claiming besa? Ivan what are you smoking? Besa means your word, as I'm giving you my word I will do such and such...

Kristian said...

To: ALL>>>>>>>>

May you all smoke a nice slab of HAM!!!!!!!!!

I like to flip her a couple of times when the mood is right and we pull an all nighter, for celebrations are due, wooooooohoooooooooo!

Peace to all and lets make good neighbors and make sure that justice prevails and the LAW is maintained and respect is given to all, no matter if its an albanian or a minority in the land of the Kosovan ppl.

ivan said...

that's a brilliant move
would surely save us a lot of trouble"

thank you for showing your real face, and spare me all the BS how much you want a multicultural democratic state. Thats all BS, because your main goal now is to get rid of Serbs and the Serbian Orthodox church.

God save Europe from your future terrors.

ivan said...


Sorry to sitrub your marihuana party but i have some news for you:

Kosovo and Metohija
8.2.2006 11:14 BELGRADE, (Tanjug) - German Ambassador in Belgrade Andreas Cobel has said he cannot not comment the statement of British Foreign Office Political Director John Sawyers that the future status of Kosovo-Metohija will be inedependence.

8.2.2006 11:01 BAR, (Tanjug) - US Ambassador in Belgrade Michael Polt said on Tuesday that no decision had been reached on the status of Kosovo.

8.2.2006 10:49 BELGRADE, (Tanjug) - Austrian Ambassador to Serbia and Monenegro (SCG) Gerhard Jandl has said it is still too early to say what the final status of Kosovo-Metohija will be.

8.2.2006 10:36 BELGRADE, (Tanjug) - British Foreign Office Political Director John Sawyers said late on Tuesday, following his Belgrade meeting with Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, that the independence of Kosovo was one of the options of the province's future status.

8.2.2006 10:16 BELGRADE, (Tanjug) - Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Serbia and Montnegro (SCG) Aleksandar Alekseyev said late on Tuesday that if the decision on the future status of Kosovo had already been known, there would have been no need for opening the talks, and underscored that Russia advocated for negotiaqtions, that is that a solution be found which would be acceptable both for Serbs and Kosovo Albanians.

Dardania 2006 said...


When your parents made you did they both want that?

I am asking this because I want to make something clear to you:

Me, and 95% of Kosovars (I am not talking as a Croat-Albanian here) do not want to get pregnant or impregnate anything with you.

It is our choice, not yours.

So...with this in mind, start paying attention to your own problems in Serbia and pray that we (Croatia, Bosnia and Kosova) forgive you for all the crimes your forces, have committed, in your name.

Anonymous said...

my dear russian/serbian friends,

Kosovo started to screw you first in old Yugoslavia, and Kosovo is going to royally screw you in the end.
Yes, we are backwards, separatists,unemployed,stupid, everything. But you know what? We are kicking your ass! And we'll kick it even more from this year and on, when we become independent.
You are more brainwashed than Islamic extremists, it really is incredible. You go and try to kill every person that you see around, and you still go and accuse others? You are not serial killers, they are smart. You are something like .. milosevic. Milosevicia?? Nice name, for a country that sucks.

ivan said...


take it easy, i know truth hurts. The truth is that you are not even one step closer to your "independance" without Serbians saying "yes we allow them".
Thats why you are so scared to talk with us.

Dardania 2006 said...

Serb arrogance causes shock and awe.

So Ivan you will say "no" to our independence?

Then we say "no" to you belonging to the human specie...after all Serbs did act like total animals in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosova.

Anonymous said...

oh no,

serbs are going to say no to independence :(

oh yes,

who is asking them? :)

Anonymous said...

Poor ivan,

I wonder what your gonna do when final status decision comes through INDEPENDENCE, how you're gonna spend your days you want have anything to talk about :(
I wonder what your final post will be?
Congratulations maybe?
After all you guys are way more civilised than we are :)

Anonymous said...

So get the fuck out of kosova and let us kill each other.Can we start by killing the prime minister first,like you did with Djindic?
Ivan don't try to act all smart especially when you use words that you don't know the meaning.Besa means to keep a promise.
You are pathetic because you cannot see the hate that you serbs have towards albanians,bosnians,croatians and slovenians.You don't see the teerror in 10,000 albanian victims that you caused and much more victims in bosnia.Do you think we give a shit if you or other serbs don't answer to our blogs? Now you are an economist too.Read about the economy of you shity country.

Official 2005 inflation rate released | 13:46 January 18 | Beta

BELGRADE -- Wednesday – The inflation rate in Serbia reached 15.6 per cent by the end of 2005, and the cost of living increased by 15.2 per cent.

According to the Statistics Bureau, agricultural products went up the most in prices, by 22.8 per cent, and services went up by 20.3 per cent. The cost of industrially produced food products was higher by 15.5 per cent, the cost of beverages increased by 10.8 percent and tobacco products were 9.4 per cent more expensive than in 2004.

The price of housing, which increased by 24.8 per cent, had the biggest influence on the escalating cost of living in Serbia.

ivan said...

So whats that supposed to mean. Our inflation went up. If you were an economist you would know that inflation and unepmployment are negatively correlated. I hope you know what this means :o)

The only way you albos can get the unemployement go down is if the 300 K serbs went back to KiM.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the facts.

You are not doing better than Albania and dont flatter yourself because you are doing better then kosova ,because kosova it is not an independent state yet,and all the economic policies are put in place by UNMIK.Take a look at this document,from international monetary fund.In the year 1996 when those 300,000 serbs were in kosova the unemployment rate was 43,6.You are hard working people in killing and genocide,nothing else.

Mir said...

"You are hard working people in killing and genocide,nothing else."

Yep you're certainly right. Thats all me and Ivan ever do to be honest. We get together and bring the rakija and do Satanic rituals. Then we eat Croatians and Albanians and do EEEEVIIILL stuff because Serbians are direct descendants of Satan himself! We also love to think about genocide all the time because Serbs are the best human beings that ever walked the earth and never made a mistake, and everyone else is inferior. Thinking about killing and stuff makes us feel euphoric because all Serbs have bloodlust and are evil! We are evil! ARGH! EVIL!!!


Anonymous said...

You are cowards! All the weapons you had and still went after women and children mostly.

Anonymous said...

No need for sarcasm here.Can you find a better word than evil for what happend to the albanians and especially bosnians from the serbians hands?
As for Ivan you are a typical hypocrite and a master liar.We should be thankful to serbs for keeping us alive and for not killing all of us?Who the fuck you think you are,GOD?Wait Mir just answered that, Evil.You keep shooting numbers out of your ass with no sources and no evidence.First there were 50,000 serbs in shkodra persecuted by hoxha ,now the news just broke in, there were 3,000 serbs killed by the albanians in kosova.So for us albanians now to get even with the serbs and be at the same level of innocence we should kill 7,000 more serbs.I seriously think that NATO shouldn't had wasted the bombs on bridges ,power plants or buildings but on people like you that take proud on the genocide.Mir i found some better words for you serbs now The Scum of The Earth.

Mir said...

"I seriously think that NATO shouldn't had wasted the bombs on bridges ,power plants or buildings but on people "

500+ civilian Yugoslavs died in the bombings. BUT YOU ARE RIGHT THEY SHOULD HAVE KILLED OUR PEOPLE BECAUSE WE ARE EEEEEEEVIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLL and are the "SCUM" of the Earth. Please excuse me while I go to Ivan's house and set up the next step in the plan for genocide. MUAHAHAHAHA EVIL, I DONT THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE SINCE IM BORN!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

albanians smell like the shit out of my ass and they are the biggest cowards on earth-they just know how to talk shit!!! You better start praying when the special forces arrive once again!!!

Anonymous said...

Go and get kosova now you are tough,against kids and women ,but when it comes to fight against a real
army you suck dick.

Anonymous said...

i juste wanna say thet all serbians ar cetnikes evelllll spirtet scum bages thay just know how to masacer civilen i was in kosovo in 1998 serbes are the most eavell people in the world thay hade asket me for id card i said o sorry i fogat it in my car can i go and get it he the police serbe told me thet if i muve i will be shot he took my money my watch and hit me on my head with back of his gone IVAN how ken you say thet serbes are nice people stop talking shit and go wash you deardy asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Anonymous said...

We are slowly coming of an age when bigoted people aren't so well liked. That's right, grow up. And actually get some stats and learn your history before you make up bull shit. It's NOT Kosova, it's Kosovo. Wow, such rebels changing the letter from an "o" to an "a"; you really have your indepedance now... I know in my heart Serbia should have won this battle; but we live in a very evil world. God knows everything- you can't hide from the truth.
Kosovo is Serbia.