Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Judah: Guaranteeing independence makes Kosovars more generous (Koha)

Koha Ditore quotes British analyst on the Balkans, Tim Judah, as saying that Great Britain’s decision to publicly announce the unanimous position of the Contact Group that conditional independence should be the final status of Kosovo was done with the purpose of encouraging Kosovo Albanian leaders to be more generous in relation to Kosovo Serbs.

According to Judah, France insisted that the final result of negotiations should not be told to the negotiating parties because of the risk that the Serbs could withdraw from the process.

In Judah’s opinion, “the most important thing is that negotiations are for the status of Serbs that live in Kosovo.”

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Judah. You have a strong grasp of the situation. Serbs are fighting a lost battle so better start thinking the only legitimate interest of Serbia in Kosova, the wellbeing of Serb population. We will see more conditioning of the Serbs by the G (gangsta?)nations until August to the idea that Kosova is lost.