Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Albanian opposition leader says only independence for Kosovo acceptable

Text of report by Albanian TV on 31 January

Only independence for Kosova [Kosovo]: this was the view expressed by PS [Socialist Party] Chairman Edi Rama at a meeting with Serbian President Boris Tadic in Athens on Monday evening [30 January]. The PS sees no alternative for the solution of this issue apart from independence, which is also the wish of the Kosova people, Rama told Serbian President Tadic. The Socialist leader said that an independent Kosova was a condition for a stable and integrated Balkans, in which the ghosts of the past would no longer create problems. He described this as a very important moment for the whole Balkan region. Rama and Tadic also discussed relations between Tirana and Belgrade. Nevertheless, the conversation focused on the issue of Kosova's status.

Serbian President Boris Tadic also had a meeting with PDK [Democratic Party of Kosovo] Chairman Hashim Thaci. The meeting took place with the mediation of Jorgos Papandreou, PASOK [Panhellenic Socialist Movement] chairman and current Socialist International leader. Tadic said that he was in favour of a compromise solution for Kosova, which would not separate it from Serbia. For his part, Thaci stressed that full, unconditional independence was the only solution for the future of Kosova and the region.


Anonymous said...

I hope kosovo never has its independance. It belongs to mother Serbia. All these talks are stupid; we need another Seselj to solve all this. Kosovo Albanians need to go to mohter Albania where they belong and leave Serbia alone. Their presence in Serbia brings about to much hatred and violence, the only solution is for kosovo albanians to leave. Srbija za uvek..Long live serbia.

Anonymous said...

There shouldn't even be a compromise. Kosova is a lost cause for the serb

Republic_of_Kosova said...

Since you don't like it in Kosova, then why not go back to your own home...the Ural Mountains.

Long live Republic of Kosova.
Long live Republic of Montenegro
Long live Republic of Vojvodina.

Just wait, they will all be free of your kind

Dardania 2006 said...

To the rest of the world:

Why are you spoiling the serbs when they want another Seselj to come to power? Leave them to their own deamons but dont drag us down with them.

And give them, ICE-CREAM!

Chris Blaku said...

Yes you need another Seselj, a brave Chetnik who was anally raped in person, fact.

Ziggy Slobodanovic said...

In regards to the following comment by dardania 206 "Leave them to their own deamons but dont drag us down with them."

You my friend are a great hypocrite. If you dare summon the subject concerning forgotten demons then read the following quotes and information.
Ask yourself the following question: why do Albanians seek independence from Serbia? Your response is probably typical – self-determination. Well, its not self-determination that guides the actions of your fellow Albanians…it’s something truly evil; something inherent, a disease passed down from your relatives and something that remains with every future generation of the Kosovo Albanian people. The basis of your actions if fascism.
Mussolini's Italy occupied Albania proper in April, 1939, and established a collaborationist regime with the apparent enthusiasm of most Albanians.(1) After Hitler invaded and occupied Yugoslavia in spring 1941, the bulk of current Kosovo-Metohija was placed under Italian-Albanian collaborationist control and annexed to Albania.(2)
When Italian forces moved into Kosovo they were accompanied by Albanians from Albania. Albanians living in Kosovo joined the invasion force as it made its way North and West, and also ambushed Yugoslav Army units moving to meet the invaders. These Albanians, natives of both Albania and Kosovo, instituted a campaign of murder and expulsion of Serbs. Initially, the mayhem was carried out by disorganized "kachak" (irregular) units. These were Albanian brigands from both sides of the border who had fought Yugoslavia throughout the 1920s and 1930s.(3) However, soon a native Kosovo militia was formed. This militia, called the Vulnetari, and various gendarme units, began more systematic persecution.(4)
"The Serbian population in Kosovo should be removed as soon as possible. Serbian settlers should be killed." (Albanian fascist leader Mustafa Kroja, June 1942.)
"The Serbian population of Kosovo should be removed as soon as possible . . . All indigenous Serbs should be qualified as colonists and as such, via the Albanian and Italian governments, be sent to concentration camps in Albania. Serbian settlers should be killed." (Dr. Slavenko Terzic, Kosovo, Serbian Issue and the Greater Albania Project.)

(1) Professor Nikalaos A. Stavrou, KFOR: Repeating History, The Washington Times (August 11, 1999).
(2) Hugo Wolf, Kosovo Origins (1996) chapter 10. Portions of northern Kosovo, from Mitrovica to the provincial border with Serbia, were administered by Germany from the outset, primarily to exploit the mines in the area. An eastern sliver of Kosovo was ceded to Bulgaria.
(3) Dr. Smilja Avramov, Genocide in Yugoslavia, Part 2, Chapter 5, "Genocide in Kosovo and Metohija" (1995): "The crimes were begun by the ‘kachak’ guerrilla detachments which had been sent into Kosovo from Albania, but members of the Shqiptar minority quickly joined in. Judging from Italian reports, at first the situation resembled more the marauding of bandits than a deliberate policy."
(4) Dr. Dusan Batakovic, The Kosovo Chronicles (1992); Avramov, supra.

Please visit for more helpful information on these issues. I hope this site will enlighten you in the evil your people are doing and have done to the indigenous Serbian population. Thanks, all the best in your research.

Prince of Albania said...

Ziggy, please sit back and look at the names of your sources. They are either Serb, Slav or Serb lovers.
You have to get your material from impartial objective sources, not completely biased and subjective people like these.
I mean come on: Nikalaos A. Stavrou a Greek nationalist, Hugo Wolf an avid Anti-Albanian, Dr. Smilja Avramov a Serb academic (and signatory to the pro Karadzic-Mladic declaration of the Writers' Association of Serbia in support of their innocence and hero status!!!), Dr. Dusan Batakovic a Serb "historian".
The list is a who's who of Albanophobes!!!
Read a little outside your safe. You have to enlighten your self or ignorance will consume you!

Best Regards, Prince of Albania.