Tuesday, February 21, 2006

FIFA receives Kosovo football delegation

On Tuesday, 21 February 2006, a FIFA delegation, headed by FIFA Executive Committee member and UEFA first vice-president Senes Erzik, met with representatives of the Football Federation of Kosovo, Fadil Vokrri (coordinator) and Fazil Berisha (spokesman), at FIFA House in Zurich. The specific purpose of the visit was to discuss football-related issues in Kosovo.

During the meeting, Mr Erzik explained that, according to Article 10 of the FIFA Statutes, any Association which is responsible for organising and supervising football in its country can apply for membership, pointing out that the expression ”country” refers to an independent state recognised by the international community. In this context, FIFA indicated that it would follow the discussions opened by the United Nations in Vienna on 20 February 2006 regarding the “final status” of Kosovo.

The delegation from the Kosovo football community understood and accepted this explanation, and stated that they only wished to discuss football-related matters and problems faced by Kosovo players.

The main point brought up by the delegation from Kosovo related to the difficulty faced by their clubs and players when trying to transfer local players to clubs outside of Kosovo. FIFA asked for all pertinent documentation from the Football Federation of Kosovo regarding this matter in order to look at possible solutions.

Both delegations considered the meeting as positive and fruitful and agreed to await the results of the discussions initiated by the international community regarding Kosovo.


Anonymous said...

I know first hand what is happening there. They worked out details on Kosova joining FIFA. Kosovars will need to prepare all the documentation in order to get acceppted, this will be done now, and then once Kosova is declared independent FIFA will just accept Kosova as a member.

Get ready to start chearing for our national team :)

Dardania 2006 said...

Can't wait, I might actualy get interested in football.

Hey Serbs let's settle this on the soccer field :)

Now that would be a game!!! Although sometime in 20 years when all of us here blabbing and talking kaka are old and hairless...

Let's just love one another!

I bet the first match between Serbia and Kosova will be 2:3.

fauna said...

the serbs will probably kick our ass in soccer
they're pretty good you know

Anonymous said...

Does it matter?

A lot of Kosovars play in other teams (Albanias & Others). If you got them back and brought in a powerful coach Kosova could well beat Albania, Macedonia, and Serbia.

That coache for Albania is performing amazing feats, just wait another 5 years, when the younger groups get older.

Republic_of_Kosova said...

Fauna why don't u shut the fuck up. U slavik peace of shit.

Anonymous said...

Republika mos u nxe qaq shpejte.

Anonymous said...

republika flake e barot....kadal be djale....
duhet me pase edhe sens per humor

fauna said...

tash u kallxove patriot i vertet

Anonymous said...

Fadilj Vokri - picka grobarska! Delije Sever

Konaction said...

Republic_of_Kosova don't be a radical m8.

They can beat us in our next 10 years.

Face it! - I don't really take thing that hard to get beaten by others, the important thing is to take place in all international competitions.

peace :)

Kristian said...

Hey guys I'm in Brasil for Carnival. Talk about a country that hasn't had a war of any kind for over a century or so. A country that created a nuclear bomb and then decided to dismantel the whole program. No need for it!

Ppl of all origins live here. They all live in harmony and are great. Women are awsome and I can't wait till this weekend! Man I love brasil. I wish I could stay longer then 10 days. Well I lived here for 2 yrs before, but comming back after six yrs the place has only gotten better :)

I hope the balkans can one day reach such a UTOPIA of peace.


aHH EU TOU MA LOUCO! Cruziero e numero um! Nao tem time melhor do que esse time no MUNDOOO!

Sorry folks but Cruzeiro will forever be my favorite team :)

Anonymous said...

That coach in Albania is performing amazing feats, just wait until the U19 and U21 grows up.

As for Kosova, it will be hard to let us play, our tradition of a nice round of beat-down each other may be seen as unethical. :P

Kosovars have a lot of talent, since most of them are either in Albanian teams & Others. If you brought them home, and hired a tough coach, you will have a kick ass team...that after a couple years can train them to be better then Albanian, Macedonian, and Serbia team.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Kosova has great potential in sports.

Fadil Vokrri - Ex Partizan player and choosed best YUGOSLAV player some year in the 80's
Ardian Kozniku - Took bronze in WC98 with Croatia
Besnik Hasi - Played in the Champions League with Anderlecht for several years
Fadil Muriqi - Great player, one of the best in Yugoslavia during the 80's

Could all be trainers for Kosova, as for the players. We're even better!

Lorik Cana - Marseille / Albania
Shefki Kuqi - Blackburn / Finland
Njazi Kuqi - Birmingham / Finland
Valon Behrami - Lazio / Switzerland
Milaim Rama - Switzerland
Labinot Harbuzi - Feyenoord / Sweden
Besian Idrizaj - Liverpool / Austria
Rijat Shala - Salernitana / Switzerland
Arjan Beqaj - Ionikos / Albania

As you can see, we have lots of talents throughout Europe who represent other nations. If they are good enough for Albania who beat the European champions Greece. Then why can't they be good enough to beat Serbia?

The thing is, there are over 300 TALENTS (under 23 years) with roots in Kosova in Europe. Mostly in Scandinavia, Germany and Switzerland. Most of these would love to play for Kosova but can't currently.

What we need is:

1) Serious work with organisation so we don't lose these talents to other nations
2) Extreme work on infrastructure, our stadiums are in bad shape. However for this to be done, FIFA/UEFA and businessmen needs to be involved for economic help.
3) Bring back legends such as those names I mentioned into Kosovar football so our domestic league gets improved.


/ Salih Shala

Anonymous said...

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"Top 100 of planetss most beautiful women"

Check out who the first girl is in there..:P She is HOT psssssss


Anonymous said...


We have to be hones here. Serbia has world class soccer. They could beat our ass not only with their second team but I am afraid even with U21.

Can we beat Serbia one day in soccer?
Yes everything is possible however instead of being blind patriotic about it, lets just recognize facts, be happy we will have a team representing us internationaly and work on building a competitive one for the future.

Don't worry republic of Kosova, we can beat them boxing ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous are sure about that? The other anonymous that posted all those players, well they don't flip burgers for a living.

It's possible I guess their second team could beat us. You have to remember, this will be our first time we participate in any sort of international football. Give it time, and through determination and practice, we can beat a lot of ballkan countries.

That day Kosova beats serbia, or Albania beats serbia I can guarentee you [at least]5 minorities in Serbia will be badly beaten.

Konaction said...

We can beat serbs on every individual sport.

Boxing is just one of them. :)))

JustMe said...

Kristian, good for you man!
We know that they have good looking women there, we have seen it on TV :) but tell us do they put up :):)

And to all you posters that comment on soccer skills from a non-nationalist perspective: thanks, you are true patriots. The rest of you: chill!

fauna said...

you have to be a team player to win in team sports...

there's a hint here
don't want to make it too obvious cause then i'll be called a "slavic piece of shit"

fauna said...


Kristian said...


JustMe said...

Kristian, good for you man!
We know that they have good looking women there, we have seen it on TV :) but tell us do they put up :):)

Dude its the best place to get laid. Perioddddddddddddd! And for those that pay for it, guess what in Brasil you don't need too! You have a ratio of 9 women to each guy! :)

Later ppl for this will be my last posting for the week.

illyrianboy said...


i hope u r not going all the way to Brasil to get laid. hahah

have fun bro

Anonymous said...

We need to get the new kids the future passports of Kosova. No more playing for other countries. U see Croatians from Australia....4-5guys came back and will represent Croatia in the World Cup.

I really think that if we were a state since 99all these guys that are playing for other countries would have accepted to play for Kosova.

Kristian said...

Illiryan boy

Haha! That is one reason but not the main reason. I haven't been back to see my friends in over 7 yrs. My fraternity brothers and sisters, I truly do miss. My 2 godsons as well. (I'm the Albanian Godfather in Brasil). My ex's too :) Even the one I almost married. I would say that my best friends that I have are my brasilian friends.

Thank God they come visit me here in the states. I just haven't been able to find the time to go back, but this year I made sure I'll make it to carnival. Having experienced 3 carnivals in a row is unforgettable and this will be my forth :) In all honestly when I retire I'll probably move down here. Its an awsome place :) Ppl are awsome and I love the beach. And sword fishing :)

Later folks and have a shot of cachaca on me! Its stronger then raki and smother. Sugar cane brandy :)

Remeber if you come down here you have to have the national drink of Caipirinha! :)

Anonymous said...

Then I will cheer for two teams, Kosova and Albania. That would be great, although the Albanian team might lose lots of Kosovar Albanian talents in the future since they'll play for Kosova. Still whenever Kosova and Albania will play I will cheer the same for both teams.
Imagine in the future Kosova and Albania both being in a major tournament like the European. That'd be great. Hopefully not in the same group though.

Anonymous said...

were gonna merk it wen were in da big leagues "KOSOVA" AS FOR ALBANIA der a joke and they need to get rid of dat german manager he is so shit den maybe dey will be better. peace out tung tung

Anonymous said...

Albanese pezzo de mmerda!!!!



Anonymous said...

where can I get the exact pictures from the kosovo football league?

Anonymous said...

sorry, I don´t mean pictures, I mean fixtures!!! The dates of the matches.

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Bradpetehoops said...

More power to KOSOVO Team.

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