Sunday, February 19, 2006

EU envoy incorrectly reporting Contact Group's decisions - Serbian government

Excerpt from report by Serbian independent news agency FoNet

Belgrade, 19 February: Only the [UN] Security Council has a mandate to solve the Kosovo-Metohija issue, the head of the Serbian government press service, Srdjan Djuric, said today, adding that the special envoy to the UN secretary general, Martti Ahtisaari, has no mandate to determine the province's final status, [and to do so] even before the talks have started.

Reacting to Ahtisaari's latest statement [that Kosovo will eventually become independent], Djuric said that "this is not the first time that the decisions reached by the the Contact Group at its session on 31 January are being wrongly and incorrectly reported".

"Our public and the international public is familiar with the integral statement issued after the meeting and, quite simply, by reading these decisions, one can see that Ahtisaari is actually wrongly and incorrectly adding things to the Contact Group's statement," Djuric said. [Passage omitted]

Source: FoNet news agency, Belgrade, in Serbian 1557 gmt 19 Feb 06


Kristian said...

hopefully one day I can read several books and see who was right and who wasn't and it will show unbiasedly how the process went. Who were the key players and their thoughts and who were the monkey wrench throwers that tried to make EVERYONE UNHAPPY!

Peace to everyone :)

Dardania 2006 said...


See you in a Kosova that is strong and free of terror from the north. :)

...and then in EU.

Anonymous said...

As a long time high level official working in the Balkans I see trouble ahead.
Most serious professionals know that it is impossible to make Kosovo independent.
The problem right now is that there are many people who think, wish, demand etc etc.
This is serious, especially when the negotiations will start. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing is certain regarding Kosovo no matter what anyone think.
When it comes down to reality, there are some things to evaluate.

1. It would be impossible according to international law and UNSCR 1244 to take a bit out of a sovereign country and make it a new country. (Even if that is the wish of the majority and maybe the best solution.)
2. In the absolute end of talks, the UNSC´s five permanent member states must all vote yes. (If only one of them vote no or lay down it´s vote, absolutely nothing has changed. This has happened many times before. The permanent member states are France, Russia, USA, GB and China.)
3. It is not sure how neighbouring countries to Kosovo, ie Greece, Bulgaria and Romania (which are of more importance than many seems to understand) will stand on the topic. (Also, Greece will take the presidency for the UNSC in September 2006.)


illyrianboy said...


you do seem out of touch with the reality.

Are you a lawyer?

The sovereign of Kosovo - Federal Republic of Yugoslavia - doesnt exist and now it is called Union of Serbia and Montenegro. Neither Kosovo, nor Montenegro wants to be part of that union so what makes you think this union wil survive?

Let me remind you that sovereignty requires a state to "prorect its citizens", something wich Yugoslavia/Union os Serbia-Montenegro has not done in Kosovo. So they have voluntarily given up sovereignty over Kosovo.

You overestimate the role of Greece, Romania and Bulgaria. No need to say more about this.


Anonymous said...


UNSCR 1244 leaves open the final status of Kosova; in fact it specifically requires "a political process ... to determine Kosovo's future status". If the status was pre-ordained, UNSCR1244 would say so and certainly wouldn not require another process to figure it out. Below are pertinent extracts:

10. ... provide an interim administration for Kosovo ... and which will provide transitional administration while
establishing and overseeing the development of provisional democratic selfgoverning

(a) Promoting the establishment, pending a final settlement, of
substantial autonomy and self-government in Kosovo,

(e) Facilitating a political process designed to determine Kosovo’s future
status, ... overseeing the transfer of authority from Kosovo’s
provisional institutions to institutions established under a political

Anonymous said...

You boys are both right and wrong...

I have been a lawyer, Illirian, but since 1997 much higher education. God guess, man.

As you might know, according to international law and standards (from 1947), its the former capital in a land (Yugoslavia)that has the last say of its land, mosques, churches etc.

I will give an example: Montenegro doesn´t want Kosovo independent, but Serbia want. In this case Serbia would "win".

I tell you again in a friendly way, believe me, I know a lot that is not official. Do not underestimate that your neighbours
Greece, Romania and Bulgaria has not stated what they want yet.

To anonymous: You wrote from 1244: "a) Promoting the establishment, pending a final settlement, of
substantial autonomy and self-government in Kosovo,"

Yuo see for yourself what it says about substantial autonomy. Thats far away from a independent country.

Good luck to both Serbs and Albanians. I wish I was God for an hour to correct all to you both. Im sure there will be no total winners.


Anonymous said...


You're either not a lawyer or/and don't understand legal english well.

Read it again:
"a) Promoting the establishment, pending a final settlement, of
substantial autonomy and self-government in Kosovo,"

Anonymous said...


Go fuck yourself with a copy of UNSC 1244. Or suck Kostunica's legalistic cock, as you have done in your posting.

Not sure what world you have been living in and what kind of a fucking high official you are, probably a Serb, but this world is governed by political necessities rather than by legalistic stupidities.

Anonymous said...

As we Albanians have discovered to our detriment 1913-2006.

Anonymous said...

Marthin is some frog for sure. I mean his english is of a second grade school kid. However, there are a lot of euro trash that think the same way. I mean the "King of Spain"(that mouse looking moor seems to be on the serb side) said that there should'nt be any border changes of Serbia. Or remember how Mitterrand flew into Sarajevo when US was supposed to bomb the serbs. And many countries in EU who think that somehow they are big players share the sentiment of our "friend" Marthin. I have one thing to say to them- your opnions mean shit, you are irrelevant just like France is!