Wednesday, February 08, 2006

British Foreign Office pressuring Serbia to give up Kosovo - commentary

A Belgrade newspaper says there was a "stormy response" to Foreign Office political director John Sawers when he conveyed to Serbian politicians that the Contact Group has agreed Kosovo should be given independence. It adds that Foreign Office representatives have reportedly claimed "for weeks" in meetings in Belgrade that Serbia has lost sovereignty over Kosovo and that the pressure on Serbia is not letting up. Washington and London would like Belgrade to agree to Kosovo independence of its own volition rather than force an imposed solution which would be vetoed by Russia in the Contact Group and by China in the UNSC, it says. The following is the text of the report by Dragana Matovic and Vladimir Radomirovic entitled "Pressure on Serbia to give up Kosovo: London undermining talks" published by the Serbian newspaper Politika on 8 February:

Even though he was about to get up from the table on Monday [6 February], when [British Foreign Office political director] John Sawers was "delivering" to Serb representatives in Pristina the Contact Group's supposed decision that Kosovo be granted independence, Goran Bogdanovic, a member of Serbia's negotiating team, yesterday said with a cool head that it would be fatal to discontinue the talks on Kosovo's status.

"It is all a trial balloon, an attempt to provoke us to make an injudicious decision in that direction and then to blame us for contributing to Kosovo's independence," said Bogdanovic.

He said Sawer's statement met with a stormy response, that the meeting passed in a tense atmosphere and that the Serb representatives had told the political director of Britain's Foreign Office that "Serbs do not want to live in an independent Kosovo".

Ever since the message reached the public, speculation has been rife on whether Sawers' supposed message had been properly conveyed, because he never said publicly that the "Contact Group has decided that Kosovo should be granted independence".

The British diplomat, who is in charge of reporting on the Balkans and regular contacts with the five other members of the Contact Group (United States, Germany, France, Italy and Russia), merely told the press on Monday: "The more the Kosovo leaders offer the other communities and prove that democracy is mature in Kosovo, the greater independence will be."

After meeting the Albanian negotiating team, Sawers said in an obvious message to both sides in Kosovo that the solution should be found by the end of the year, and that the pace would depend largely on the leaders of all ethnic communities in the province and their readiness to understand the needs of the other communities.

However, Sawers spoke differently behind closed doors, Kosovo Serb politicians claim. This is not the first time that British diplomats have conveyed such radical messages to the Serb side "face-to-face".

Politika has learned from diplomatic sources that representatives of the Foreign Office had for weeks maintained, in meetings with domestic officials, that Serbia has lost sovereignty over Kosovo.

Thus British Ambassador in Belgrade David Gowan "explained" to Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica that the Contact Group stance that there would be no return to the status prior to 1999 meant that the province would never again be under Serbia's jurisdiction.

Kostunica asked that the Contact Group explain this "explanation", saying that if it were true, it would considerably alter Belgrade's stance in the talks, in which case he would have to consult the assembly, which had given him the mandate for the talks. Kostunica asked the Contact Group urgently to issue a statement on Sawer's stance.

The meeting was held, but the British ambassador did not show up, but sent his deputy instead. US Ambassador Michael Polt did the same. At the meeting of the four ambassadors and two deputies, France and Russia supported Serbia's stand, Politika has learned, and Belgrade was told that there was no change in the Contact Group's position.

Pressure on Serbia, however, has not ceased, because the West (chiefly Washington and London) would prefer at this moment if Belgrade agreed to Kosovo's independence on its own. If the province were to obtain independence through a solution imposed on Serbia, it would mean that NATO did not wage the war in 1999 to "prevent a humanitarian catastrophe" but to break away Kosovo. And if independence were imposed, it would be a basis for Belgrade possibly to sue the nations that took part in seizing part of the state's territory.

But the United States and Britain want to avoid imposed solutions, as Russia would not agree to it in the Contact Group, nor would China in the Security Council, both countries looking after their own interests.

"I said this would happen back in April, when everyone attacked me over the proposal that Kosovo will get independence the day we enter the European Union," said Goran Svilanovic, member of the International Balkans Commission. He said that Belgrade should certainly not consider walking out of the talks because "there is much to negotiate".

Source: Politika, Belgrade, in Serbian 8 Feb 06 pp 1, 7


Anonymous said...

Britain want to avoid imposed solutions, as Russia would not agree to it in the Contact Group, nor would China in the Security Council, both countries looking after their own interests.>>

OY VAY Poor Albs

ivan said...


this just proves that there is law in this world, and nothing can be reached through terror, rather through negotiations.

If i were you i would start sucking up to serbia :o)

Anonymous said...

"Sucking up to serbia" more like sticking it to serbia. Soon enough you will agree to give us even East Kosova.

Anonymous said...

Look who is talking about terror ,the Butchers of the Balkans.Suck up russia and china and very soon you are going to get it up your ass from both of them.

Anonymous said...


UK and US: Talk to the hand, Kostunica. That's gotta hurt. Ooch!!!

Anonymous said...

Its funny how Serbs decide to look the other way even when the West is making it VERY clear that independence will be the outcome. Perhaps part to their collective identity and turn defeats into 'victories.' Just like you had 'won' in the Battle of Kosovo, that 'sacred' event in in Serbian history. DEAL WITH IT: IT'S OVER! FINITO!

Mir said...

I love how cleverly re-worded the titles are on all these stories after they are stolen from other sites.

Mir said...

"when the West is making it VERY clear that independence will be the outcome"

And the East is making a clear statement also :) .

"to turn defeats into 'victories.' Just like you had 'won' in the Battle of Kosovo, that 'sacred' event in in Serbian history."

If you think, that we think we won at that battle; you are an idiot. It's a sacred event because the Turkish people almost finished off our entire race and even after that battle we fell under their rule. I can understand why you cant understand that this is "sacred" considering your country has no real history whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

your right, it is our country...and you can´t kill us anymore you thugs.

Anonymous said...

Serbia is acting like a wounded tinger. It will drop dead in the end, no worries...

Kristian said...

To: All.........

Its funny watching all of you bicker like little kids. No mine is better no mine is better, mom tell em that i'm right!.....

TO: Anonymous, Ivan, etc...

Yes there is law, but MOTHER RUSSIA has repeatedly said that its ok with the idea of independence as long as its a universal model. Specifically one that suits its needs with its ailing problems. China has made no comment on the matter thus far and all of the talk about china is only speculations of what it will do, nothing more.

....As far as things being reached by terror"... ivan

I don't recall the process and the laws passed thus far have been of terroristic nature. The laws are more democratic then the ones currently in serbia or any other balkan country in the area. Are you saying that being democratic is terroristic????

And the negotiating part is to guarantee serb rights in Kosovo/a, make sure church properties are respected and protected. And serbs are integrated into the political system with freedom to express their concerns and be heard. All of which are fair claims/rights and should be guaranteed.

If the matter is not resolved, "there will be no going back to the pre '99 status" and there will not be "direct rule from belgrade." This russia and china agree on. So Kosovo/a would be a defacto government to make its own laws and have ligitamacy in the end. And the govt. of belgrade would still not be able to enter Kosovo/a, in the end we still need to be neighbors.

Either if it gets or doesn't get "FINAL INDEPENDENCE", serbia would not directly or indirectly control Kosovo/a. It'll be pretty much in the same state as it is now but it will have ligitamacy and foreign investment would be assured. If given full indepence the serbs will get a lot of concessions for agreeing to it.

The biggest reason serb politians are crying is bc no one wants to be BRANDED THE INDIVIDUAL THAT LET KOSOVO/A GOOOOOOOO! Its pretty much political suicide. That is why a campaign is being promoted by serbs telling the ppl that it was MILOSEVIC that lost Kosovo/a so they can protect their ASSES.

PejaCity said...

Funny how serbs think Russia and China will help them, well leets say they will help... what do you think will happen when Bush and Blair starts talkin about Kosova? What will Russia and China do? I can tell you - NADA! They didnt do a shit when NATO (USA) bombed the shit of Belgrad!!! What els did theydo, yess they bombed Chinas embassy and killed som 15 diplomats, tell me who is the tough one?

So keep in dreamin you will have Kosova, that day serbain army/police enter Kosova that day will we declar war in terror -> Serbia

ps. Why does serbia argue Kosova should not have their army? are you afraid it will be a war Army vs Army? and not gerilla soldiers, civilians, farmers you fofught against???? Nonless we have the best general you can find today - Agim Ceku! he kicked your ass back in Croatia when they took Krajina so will he do on east Kosova to

You will lose everything, just like you lost all the wars in former yugo (HAHA) and thats what you serbs can celebrate.. war losses HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHA

Russia moved out back in 2003, you know why? they didnt had money HAHAH

Dardania 2006 said...

Independent Kosova will only serve Russia well, not as Serbia thinks.

China on the other hand might be a bit more difficult, but again, China is a rational country which will disregard this European issue.

Anonymous said...

Here is a photo of the one serbs in Kosovo want back.That tells enough how much reconciliation they want.

ivan said...


whats wrong, you got scared that you will not get the independence? I thought you were so sure of it.

If you ask the population in Serbia they have nothing against you taking your land and making it independent. But we have against you taking the Serbian land and destroying it. I really dont understand why you are so against of partioning Kosovo & Metohija. Dont you understand that as long as Serbs are there in your future state, Belgrade will always be indirectly invovled in the internal affairs in your future state. As long as Serbian Orthodox church is there, Serbia will be inderectly there. Dont you see that you will always be under Belgrades micorscope , and that Belgrade will always m ake a big drama of any incidents that occured to Serbs. Let me also remidn you that 220 thousand Serbs need to come back to your fufutre state, and you have to build for them housing, and provide them with social security, since they will not be able to find jobs staright away.

If Belgrade doesent sign an agreement, then Russians will impose a veto, not because they love us so much,l but because the same scenario will happen to Czechenia. China as well, Hon Kong issue. They are not protecting our asses , but their own. But if they put a veto, you can forget about your independence.

So as i said before, you better start sucking up to us, because without our "yes" you will stay in the state you are at for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong issue?? Dig your head out of your ass moron. The Hong Kong issue has been resolved years ago. And we are not worried about the independence it will come whether you like or not. AS for influence, we have albanians in East Kosova who will cry just as loud as your serbs here in Kosova. and the orthodox church is nothing but a warmongering machine, the whole world know it for what it really is. A spiritual house for massmurderers and rapists.

Anonymous said...

Veto on independence means Kosova will not get a seat at UN. USA and EU will recognise Kosova and that's all we need. And you will never get into EU or NATO.

arianit said...


If K-Serbs are offered up as pawns to stop the progress of Kosova towards Independence, they will end up being treated as pawns. While this may slow the progress of Kosova towards the inevitable, it is K-Serbs that will suffer unreparable damages from such games.

P.S. We are called Albanians. Stop touting your racism with "Albos."

ivan said...


what kind of damages will the serbs suffer? Will you ethnically clense them? Like the way you tried to do that in March 2004, and you still didnt succeed?

read the story of a failed return effort:

All the Serbian people want is to have human rights. But with your barbaric culture the only hope they have is to be protected by Belgrade.

Why is "albos" racist? Its just a nickname... Its like Shiptar is racist. Thats what you call yourself. Its like me being offended if somebody calls me a Serb or a cetnik.Thats what i am and i am proud of it. You guys are full of complexes. Unless you prove me how albos is a racist name , you are still an albo to me.

Anonymous said...

all what serbs want is partition of Kosova...too late...this is not 19th and your ideas of partition have no support from international community...
And don´t try to be sarcastic cause you know very well that those words are used to offend us...We are called SHQIPTAR but that is too hard for you to say are full of anger and lost it buddy...
PS. we have "nicknames" for you too but still i don't wanna drop to you level and offend you being a serb is enough shame on your nation...other slavic people are also ashamed of you...

Mir said...

"Nonless we have the best general you can find today - Agim Ceku!"




Anonymous said...

It's interesting how non of you guys recognize that they're giving us the conditional indepedence with which we don't even have the right for our own army.But the most dangerous process is decentralization because thruogh this serbs would realize the authonomy of serbs into Kosovo the same as they've done in Bosnja

fauna said...

good point anonymous

bela zora said...

to anonymous

this picture of a serb you mentioned here is too nicety for's just inapprehensible for your poor narrow mind.....

arianit said...


I read the posting, it has 400,000 Serbs living in Prishtina before the war!!? The dude also complains that police took 15 minutes to get to his place over a fait accompli. If Serbs were to join the police force, they might be able to respond better, don't you think? But that goes against Belgrade's policies.

Nigger stands for black. "Shka/shkau" (previously skla) stands for slave; it is the original name that Illyro-Albanian people used for their new Slav neighbhors. I don't use either of them and some say that name calling says more about those that use those names than the target itself. Albanian media doesn't use shka today either; you and your media use misspelled versions of Albanian and shqiptar. You are nobody, by I just wanted to point out that Albanian expectations of Serbs are so low that I am the first to remark about "Albos".

I didn't mean cleansing - that is a unique Serb institution. For a decent life it takes more than somebody not killing or kicking you out. How about not being discouraged to pay electriciy to KEK so that come winter you can watch TV and have lights? Maybe your expectations too are very low that you come up with such interpretations.

Anonymous said...

This is the most ridiculous article Politika has published to date...

However, I do understand them since as a newspaper that has been with the Serbs through "good and bad" since 1904 (wow that's evern before Kosovo was annexed by Serbia), to give people in Serbia a little hope...

Artan said...

This might seem a little bit off-topic, but it’s just to remind us of what happened, and with what kind of animals we are dealing here (I am not very fond of using this comparison– because there are some very gentle animals out there, and some of them might even find this offensive -- but there is no other word I can describe you) . Anyway, here is the video:

And ohhh, when I read some of your posts here about how you care of human rights, damn I feel like puking. I really can’t stand your hypocrisy. We had enough of it.

Kristian said...

To: All serbs

After watching that video, I only feel pitty for you for you're not human beings at all.

Especially the glorification of committing such acts after they've been committed only shows how inhuman serbs are.

After knowing what you have done and not admitting it makes it worse.

And you wonder why the world community is against you! It doesn't take a genious to figure it out nor a child for that matter.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves and your SADISTIC culture. And please don't blame it on one individual for you are all guilty.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Serb savages aren't saying anything now. You should see that video and UNDERSTAND that people of your blood are a disease and a flaw of the human race. Please give me ONE justification for what you did. Please tell me how can you sleep knowing that your people are a disgrace to modern society. Tell me why doesn't every serb apologize for what they have done (not only in Bosnia) and give up their citizenship. Believe it or not I feel sick even writing to you. You are either a big idiot, or just lacking your brain not to see these things. And when you talk about ethnic cleansing of Serbs - if they
persist to be like yourself they will be finished (including those living in Serbia) by the rest of the world - nobody wants animals living amongst us. Soon you will be a rare species.

*spitting at you*
a human

ivan said...


All of the Serbs are ashamed of what happened in Bosnia, and all the crimes that have been done in our name. We played the videos of Srebrnica masacre on our state TV, our President went to Srebrenica ( which is part of Republika Srpska now) and paid his respect and apologies to the victims. We are dealing with our past.

Let me also remind you that the Serbian people overthrew the regime that was supporting those attrocodies. We sacrificed the person who started the change in order to deal with the past. Serbia is dealing with its past, whether you like it or not.

But let me ask you, how come you dont get so touched when you look at the pictures and stories your brave "UCK" terrorists did to Serbian people. Doesent a burned babay turn your stomach upside down? Oh yeah, according to your mentality all Serbs should be extict. Let me remind you that your heroes, the ones to whom you raise statues on the ASHES OF A BUNRED CHURCH, masacrdd 3 000 Serbs as well as throwing out more than 220 thousand Serbs out of KiM.

We dont raise statues to the war crminals. We haunt them. Serbia has changed, and it is the will of the people that changed it, Serbia is becoming a democratic country and we do deal with the past.

"I wonder why Serb savages aren't saying anything now."

Albos, read again all of my comments, the comments of Cvijus and of Mir. IF you try to take your hate away, you will realise that we do apologize for those crimes. But nowhere have I seen an apology from your side when ever we showed you the sufferings of Serbs.

Who is a savage now?

Anonymous said...

bela zora said...

to anonymous

this picture of a serb you mentioned here is too nicety for's just inapprehensible for your poor narrow mind.....

First learn english imbecile! Secondly that fugly bitch shares the sentiment of all of you serbs. If you want Slobo back then you will have to mumify the garbage.

Kristian said...

Approximately 11,000 beneficiaries, who were expelled from Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992, Croatia in 1995 and displaced from the province of Kosovo in 1999, are currently living in squalid conditions in 119 former state owned premises such as derelict army barracks, hotels and schools, often without access to proper water and sanitation facilities.


....our President went to Srebrenica ( which is part of Republika Srpska now) and paid his respect and apologies to the victims.....

Which victims did he apologize too??? the serbs that live there now bc there are no S-muslims there. So he apologized to the serbs that lost ppl that killed the S-muslims.

How come he didnt' go to the muslim territory and apologize??

You always make a case about stressing the fact that others did more atroucities then SERBS. Maybe you have to look at numbers and be objective about it. Serbs on a case by case basis killed more, raped more, killed children, slit the throats of women even pregnant women. So you can't compare the pain of the croats, bosnians, and albanians. Its like a 10:1 ratio there (not exact) but its overwhelmingly more then what the serbs suffered. And for crying out loud they had the army support in all the wars while the opposition only had small arms.

Its like David and Goliath. And David still kicked the crap out of you serbs with small arms. Is that why your bitching that a "peasant with a pitch fork" kicked the mighty serbian army and ppl. Bc that is all your bitching about.

And wake up "greater serbia" which is in the heart of all serbs will never happen. And kosovo/a that you claim now didn't belong to you guys for over 500 yrs. Its like if I lost something for yrs then I try to claim it. Its like saying the indians should kick out all americans bc its their land.
Peace to all....

heku said...

We actually cannot apologize for anything. We did not have any regulated and hierarchical movement of repression in Dardania...

You had yours, oriented by a democratically elected president. Ours did not have any power unless a psychical one.
And stop calling us "albos", it is only getting us angry and we cannot discuss about the real terms of the changes that will certianly occur in the Balkans, whether it is an independance, conditionnal one or no independance at all.

Best regards to everybody.

Anonymous said...

hahaha Ivan I think you are out of your mind. Did you say that you are doing something about Serbian terrorists and that you overthrew a government? Dude, if you weren't starving and in great need of foreign aid you would still have milo as your leader (see pics above). Now you dont have milo you have kostunica and sheshelj radicals (baby killers)... mladic and karadjic are still in your midst - I thought u said that you are dealing with your past :) who knows maybe you were sleepwriting. Lastly, I dont see any videos or any evidence of albanians' attrocities - do you think that might be because a) we dont have videocams since we're pooor? b) the world loves us and never send reporters in ground or c) you are making up these things.

No matter what the situation is you are, unfortunately for you, a serb - your brothers and father did what you saw in that video (if you had the guts of watching it) - thus I dont think you are in any position to say anything AT ALL to anyone else. Your nation is capable of doing such things and that should be a problem, understand?

Anonymous said...

11:53, good points, though I don't think Ivan is that dumb to have it pointed out to him.
I love the nonchalance with which he explains oh by the way Srebrenica "is part of Republika Serbska now." These guys are psychos hellbent on acquiring territory and human live to them is just an afterthought.

bela zora said...

to anonymous

Though my english is not good, you've got my message...

"Lastly, I dont see any videos or any evidence of albanians' attrocities - do you think that might be because a) we dont have videocams since we're pooor? b) the world loves us and never send reporters in ground or c) you are making up these things."

For the lack of documents and photos of albanian terror over Serbs, I enclose these two links you can see the opposite:

And the answer to you question is d) so called "west democracy" DON'T WANT to see it!

Now, about Srebrenica; here are some more photos:

And these photos are about Serbs in Krajina:

I would also like to say that all war crimes that the "west democracy" impute to the WHOLE Serbian nation, in fact are - ACTS OF INDIVIDUALS.
On these photos you can see how acted your ARMY (besides Muslim and Croat armies).
So, now tell me who IS an animal?
(and all the other epithets you named Serbs with)

*Shame on you*


Kristian said...

To: "the real human"

You still keep fogetting the fact of numbers here. Right now, or as has been serbs outnumbered albanians. So the amount of atrocities that serbs committed to the minority group cannot be compared to any of the minority groups in all the wars THAT YOU STARTED to the atrocities committed against serbs. Its like comparing apples and oranges.

Your govt. executed ppl through a a systematic process that was centraly organized by the serb armed forces and the govt. All other minorities were fighting for mere survival. There is a big difference there.

And in war there are things committed that should never have been done (all sides).

The main question is who provoked such actions to begin with? "GREATER SERBIA" that is in the heart of all serbs, so you can't blame milosevic alone. It took the collective to do so.

Kosovans were oppressed for over 10 yrs, prior to that from '81 onwards the govt systematically caused economic hardships in the area. It caused economic development to decrease by almost 40%, while the rest of FROY was enjoying growth rates of 5-7% per year. Even before the KLA was created you had marshal law in place in Kosovo/a. The ppl had no freedoms and no autonomy. So you cornered a ppl into a corner where the only option was to react. And you created an opposition group.

Now in Kosovo/a you cry about conditions, etc... how about the hardships that albanians endured for over 10yrs. And we didn't cry as you guys do today.

......Approximately 11,000 beneficiaries, who were expelled from Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992, Croatia in 1995 and displaced from the province of Kosovo in 1999, are currently living in squalid conditions in 119 former state owned premises such as derelict army barracks, hotels and schools, often without access to proper water and sanitation facilities......

Now if GREAT SERBIA can't provide for its own ppl, how do you expect a province to do more for K-serbs then the govt. of 'THE GREAT SERBIA'.

You act like little kids, look look I have an example and bc of this its the norm for all. Other ppl have a lot of examples too (the wars), but we don't dwell on it. And your cries that Kosovo/a is the cradle of your civilization, how so when it belonged to someone else for over 500 yrs?

And if the above is true why didn't the govt. develop the area but actually caused its demise economically after it regained it from the Osmans?? BC it never was that important to you guys in the first place and its only a political trump card politicians use for political gains.

Sad if something was my craddle and I had the economic means I'd develop it into a paradise even if there was another ethnic group in the area. But I keep forgetting i'm not a serb or the serb govt.

Kristian said...

To: Ivan and other serbs

...Nikolic's Serbian Radical Party is the single strongest party in the Serbian capital. It used to rule together with ex-President Slobodan Milosevic, who is currently being tried at a Netherlands-based U.N. war crimes tribunal.....

How can the state of serbia be democratic when the same ppl that ruled with milosevic are still in power????? Still communist eh!

you can change a persons image but never their heart and soul.

Anonymous said...

Albanians should go back to their own country it is a shithole albania. that is why you want serbian land.


Kristian said...

To: Ivan

I was litterally shocked when I read this. OH MY GOD! There was not a single mention of an albanian in this article. And guess who were the criminals??????

Serbian police arrest seven accused of trafficking women
Feb 10 2006, 18:31

BELGRADE, Serbia-Montenegro (AP) - Serbian police said Friday they have arrested seven people suspected of trafficking women from Ukraine and Moldova.

The seven suspects - three Serbian citizens, three Ukrainians and a woman from Moldova - were members of an "international organized criminal group," the police said in a statement.

Police said the suspects published advertisements in Ukraine and Moldova about jobs in Western Europe to lure girls into leaving their countries.

The women were transferred through Romania, and their documents taken away. The suspects later demanded money from the girls' parents so they could continue their journey to the West, police said.

The suspects were arrested in Belgrade.

The Balkans is one of Europe's major human trafficking routes. This and other forms of organized crime have flourished in the region following the wars of the 1990s.

Talk about human TRAFFICKERS! I see that serbs are saints now!

Mir said...

Kristian... just give up on the posting. You caught us. You know the truth now. We (we = every single serbian in the entire world) are evil demons and worship Satan and we sit at home and think about how to torture and ruin Albanian's lifestyles. We do it for fun. Nothing more to be said. We are PURE evil.

heku said...

you have strictly no clue about what humility is you assholes...
International community started air strikes two times in a 5 years lap of time and you still do not want to understand...

Serbia is a myth constructed during the 19th century and you're all corrupted by it. Hope that one day you'll open your muddy eyes.

Mir said...

"you have strictly no clue about what humility is you assholes..."


ivan said...


I thought you didnt like to generalize nations based on a couple of individulas.

Anyway just to remind you that the war in Bosnia started when a serbian family was murdered opn their wedding. The KLA started the violance in KiM.

But thats not the issue. What really bothers me is that you are continously neglecting the crimes your copatriots have done. It bothers me that you are so blinded by your hate, as well as the other albos.

As for the Serbian Radical Party, they have the support of 25% voting population. The SPS has got about 5% of the population. That comes to a maximum of 30%. Which leaves us with more than 70% of the population that is democratically oriented, since all of the other parties are pro democratic oriented. So dont go selling me bs how Milosevic still rules Serbia. We as people, the 70% overthrew Milosevic and we send him to Hague. So please take thaty albo hate from your eyes and try to think.

The thing is we trust your numbers and we admit we killed 10 thousand alabanians. From those 10 thousand, how many were KLA terrorists and how many civilians, we dont know, since the case of Racak really confused our understanding of a civilian and a terrorist.

You on the other hand killed 3000 civilians, since after 1999 all of the Serbian army retreated from KiM.

As for Srebrenica, I saw some sarcastic comment that it is in Republika Sprpska. IT was Republika Srpskas tax payers money who orgnaized the event, and all of the families of the victims attended. when will the Kosovo albos organize such an event for the Serbians victims during the Kosovo war?

As for the albo mafia check this out:

siptars, i hope i answered your questions. By the way i hope you are not offended by the term "siptar" or "albo". I thought you call yourselfs in albanian "siptari". If you want you can call me "serbo" or "srbin"if it makes you feel any better.

fauna said...

you're my favorite

let me remind you... NATO bombed your ass
You're the Iran of Europe

We killed 3,000 civilians after 1999?
your numbers are amazing

"Anyway just to remind you that the war in Bosnia started when a serbian family was murdered opn their wedding. The KLA started the violance in KiM."

it was never your fault... but NATO still bombed you

heku is right.. you live in a myth
and your bullshit does not sell anymore

i love all those references to and -- the myth continues

Bruce said...

All these comments,...
Ho are you people to talk in the name of your nations ???

How can a serb who haven't even been in Kosovo admit that the serbian forces killed 10 000 albanians ??

Only those who were down there know what happened.

The Americans have a expression.
" With my country, right or wrong !"
You should stick to it.

As for the British government and public they have always been against us ( The serbs)and they fuc*ed us up more then once.
Don't ever trust them or make deals with them.

I will not discuss the history of Kosovo because I am not a historian.
But ask yourselves one question:
" How hard is for a perticular group of educated people to write(invent) a new history which is tottaly different from the truth ??"
Think about it !!
At the end, don't let anybody manipulate you !
Especially those rotten bastards from BBC(and some other Tv corporations) !

Serbia was sliced and for more than a dozen of times through history by the great powers.
And we came back every time !
The Italians united in the 19th century, the Germans united in the 19th century, the Spanish are united despite the Basque and the Katalonians(Barcelona)wanting separate states.
The history repeats itself.
Our time will come again !
I hope we don't have to wait another 500 years though.

Serbia DO Tokia !

Bruce said...

Oh yea,
One of the Albanians up there mentioned that Serbia is Europe's Iran(He probably ment Iraq).
Well, Kosovo/a is Europe's Columbia without a doubt(took it away from Albania).
Soo, hmmmm. I guess you can make a lot of money selling drugs to western Europe(but selling drugs is just one of the major illegal Economy branches that drive your economy) . That's by the way how you finance your struggle for indipendence.
Too bad you don't have a pandan for Che ?!


Bruce said...

I just read the comment from certain Albanian(PejaCity) probably from Pec which is the City's real name.
He mentioned something like "The serbs are affraid that Kosova will have it's own army and now it will be army against army." Well. I guess Peja, that you predicted that you will kick some serbian ass now when you have an army.
Well, that will happen only if NATO gives you a NUKE.
But you wouldn't use it, I guess.
The Albanians have always been out for a Knight duell(one on one).
As for that we lost all the wars in the 90s. Maybe you're right, but who lost, The Serbs or the Yugoslavs. Think about it,.
Anyway, Slobo was a traitor, and he was a Communist also. He was a dictator, no doubt, but he DID NOT WANT A GREAT SERBIA,. Jesus, how can ever a die hard COMMIE want a Great Serbia ?
He just wanted to preserve the unity and be the ONLY BOSS.
Also, don't forget that the Serbs had to fight against the whole fuc*in' world.
How hard was for the Albanians to get a autonomy from serbia with the whole wolrd behind their backs.
Fair fight, no doubt.
Now you will tell me," What is this idiot talking about, The serbs fought with tanks against albanian AK 47s!" Come on, what did you think, that we will get rid of the tanks and hit you with cans?
Why don't the Americans in Iraq get rid of their high tech shit and turtle shields and go hand to hand against the terrorists ??


bela zora said...

to Kristian

*"GREATER SERBIA" that is in the heart of all serbs*

Would you like to talk about GREAT ALBANIA?

to fauna

"i love all those references to and -- the myth continues"

I really feel pity for somebody who is amused with such photos, as in those references....

Golgotha said...

Selective HEARING Selective READING Selective SEEING Selective WRITING... I could go on and on.
It seems that the Serbs have had their "truth" servings pre-chewed for so long that they cannot think for themselves anymore. Or even if they attempt to think a real true thought it will be twisted and twitched into Milosevic-esque propaganda. Naturally, now that Milosevic is gone, the propaganda is much more sugarcoated... and they also try to use real arguments.
It is beautiful to watch them... they are finally learning to walk, and talk, awww... "Honey get the camera, I think Serbia just had an opinion"
Milosevic was no Marxist\Communist... he fired every Albanian from their job who would not sign his loyalty agreement(I thought Marx was worker friendly?), closed down all education above the primary level, removed all types of health, and ambulant care for Albanians.
If we Albanians had not known how to restructure all of our systems, we would have all starved. In my first school day back in 89 all my teachers were brought out of the building and given a nice beating, someone had written the initials K.R. on the school wall. (this was way before the KLA, Mr. "The KLA started the violence in Kosova/o)
And Amazingly enough, when I was ready to go to High School we had a venue... Albeit, it was surrounded by tanks. Still pre-KLA... Me and my friends were harrassed by serbian police every day.. sometimes beaten, sometimes spat on.
NOW Do Not Fuc*ing tell me that we started this whole shit. You did... and do NOT Fuc*ing blame Milosevic... WHY DID NO ONE REMOVE HIM After Bosnia? Because he would give you one last chance to kill, slaughter, rape and pillage... and you just could not resist. Why Didn't your movement to topple him start after the first Serbian died in the war with Croatia? Ah, don't fuc*ing kid yourselves... maybe a lot of you people that are writing here are too young, and you have been brainwashed by this new bulshit... which is really a repackaged version of the OLD bulshit.
Stop having wet dreams about you being right, because you're not. We will never fight you again, in a war or any other way. Once we get our independence, the Serbs that remain in Kosovo who want to live together will have a much better life than you. It is simple to live with us Albanians, stop wanting to kill us, and work with us.
Tere can, and will be peace in the end... though you Fuc*ers don't deserve it.
Now stew in your shithole of a country, and your Slum of a Capital City.
In the Last thirty years you have ruined one of the most beautiful areas of the world, and have caused multiple wars between once peaceful neighbors, you self-serving Sh*theads.

Mir said...



Cvijus011 said...


"Now stew in your shithole of a country, and your Slum of a Capital City."

Let it out golgotha, let your entire frustration and complexes out. It makes you feel good to express your entire blind hate no matter what. Don't you feel easier when you simply lie yourself that all that is yours is way better than anything else, especially when you say that Belgrade is a slumcity. If it makes you feel better, you can say that Paris is a shithole or New York a cancity. Just say it all so you'll not be that frustrated and full of complexes.


Now let my inform you my little underdeveloped albo friend that there were mass anti-milosevic and anti-war demonstrations in Belgrade and entire Serbia throughout the '90s with ans extreme police brutality. But that is an anti-albo argument so it isn't valid.

"my first school day back in 89...this was way before the KLA...High School we had a venue... Albeit, it was surrounded by tanks. Still pre-KLA"

I guess you were the worse pupil since you math is horrible. Your first day at school was in '89 so your elementary school lasted until '97 and highschool until 2001, and you claim all of that was pre-KLA era? Amazing, albos are reinventing mathematics.

To all the Serbs,

Take it easy on golgotha and the other albos, they are frustrated and full of complexes because they don't want to admit it that the whole world is supporting their independence just to get rid of their own shit to Kosovo. Also take it easy on the dead Serbs because it destroyes the albo illusions and they cannot accept it since they enjoy in their myths of eternal victims and innocent angels.

And when they admit that Serbs have been killed from their side, take the camera cause the baby is opening its first eye.

Kristian said...

To: Ivan and mir too

....I thought you didnt like to generalize nations based on a couple of individulas....

Your comments generalizing albanians as drug dealers and all their financing comming from drug dealers (REMEMBER THEM?). The article was to show what you do in your arguments.

All nationalities have bad apples, but you seem to generalize that all albanians are bad apples.

AND NO ONE IS NEGLECTING THE FACT THAT THERE WERE AUTROCITIES COMMITTED DURING THE WAR ON BOTH SIDES! After the war there were individual acts of crimes committed against serbs. Individual acts cannot be generalized to be the whole population. As you seem to argue about the democratic issue of serbs.

.....As for the Serbian Radical Party, they have the support of 25% voting population. The SPS has got about 5% of the population. That comes to a maximum of 30%. Which leaves us with more than 70% of the population that is democratically oriented,.....

I'm sorry but where are you getting your polls from? Or did you just make them up? Your generalizing your own ppl. The majority of your ppl are old and those older persons still have the communistic element in their thought patterns. Their idea of democracy (as can be said of albanians) is not the same as to what democracy stands for. Its on paper but the population or govt doesn't practice it (AS IT SHOULD). Both sides are getting there, GRADUALLY!

.......From those 10 thousand, how many were KLA terrorists and how many civilians, we dont know, since the case of Racak really confused our understanding of a civilian and a terrorist.....

You want to tell me that the majority of those individuals were KLA members! When there were women and children and your armed forces targeted men as they did in b&h. From simple logic (B&H example) you can deduce that the majority were civilians. The fact is you nor I know for sure.

......when will the Kosovo albos organize such an event for the Serbians victims during the Kosovo war?....

Again the serbs were the majority in committing those crimes (b&h), so they showed their kindness in trying to heal the wounds of those women. You can't reason that Albanians should pay for something when they were the ones being massacred, etc... by the army of the Serbian Govt (AGGRESSORS)? If albanians had massacred the serbs in kosovo (Albanians being the aggresors) I definately would agree that the Kosovo/a govt should pay for such a program, but they weren't the aggressors mind you nor was the KLA or govt. Your reasoning is flawed, you need a better example.

If your talking about the 3000 (WHERE DO YOU GET THESE FIGURES?) after '99 the govt shouldn't pay anything but guarantee tha these individuals have the right to return without harm to mourn these individuals. And the individual crimes were done throuout Kosovo/a not a concentrated area or local and it wasn't the KLA or any govt. organization that committed these crimes. Again they were done by individuals. The govt should bring these ppl to justice, that I think the govt should do without a question.

To: Bela Zora

....Would you like to talk about GREAT ALBANIA?...

I'm albanian and its not my dream. If the EU becomes a reality in the balkans it wouldn't matter what nationality you are and where the borders are drawn on the map. Serbs will still have their greater serbia and albanians will have theirs if they join the EU that is.

To: Mir

.....Its actually very simple... you see we are EVIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! WARN YOUR KIDS! LOCK YOUR DOORS! ....

Warn your kids.. which is interesting bc Kosovan serb mothers used to tell their kids the same thing. Don't do that or this bc the albanians will get you. But we don't teach our kids that about you. Your mothers do a great psych job on you from childhood. No wonder S-kosovans dislike us so much or even the ones from serbia.

To: cv...

.....there were mass anti-milosevic and anti-war demonstrations in Belgrade and entire Serbia throughout the '90s with ans extreme police brutality. But that is an anti-albo argument so it isn't valid......

Now there were only a few demonstrations. One that lasted 2 or 3 weeks. Now imagine police brutality from '81 onwards. You finally felt what your govt. was doing in Kosovo/a. The govt. plus the serb minority were doing this to the albanians and ironically the serb govt which is a minority compared to the public did the same to you in belgrade. first school day back...

Maybe you can't read properly or interpret what the person was you resort to insults on a persons intelligence when yours is flawed as well. No one is perfect but she was saying her fist day back to school in '89. BACK being the key word there showing her return to school in that particular year specifically the first day of that year.

.....they are frustrated and full of complexes........

You are talking about yourself and the serb nation. For they invented folklore/poetry to satisfy their complexes in their history books. Then decided that it was a great idea to act on that and create a greater serbia. That failed miserably. Now a majority think that the west is after them as bruce points out. And its the wests fault they lost those wars. And now you blame one individual as the cause of their problems. And during those "DEMOCRATIC" demonstrations, which they were not, but demonstrations about the sanctions imposed by the world bc their living conditions were at a point that it was unbearable. (WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF KOSOVO/A). So the ppl demonstrated for a change so the sanctions would stop not bc of democratic change. If those sanctions were never imposed no one would of started those demonstrations which the western govt. started to get Milosevic out of power. So it was a western idea more so then a serbian one. And now your your complex is that Montenegro is parting and kosovo/a will too. Their long friend Russia has pointed out that independence is OK as long as its a universal condition. Key word there OK! So not just the west that is against serbia but their long friend Russia that is turning their cheek.

So many complexes that it'll take a lot of therapy to quell the ppl and their problems. Might be a good idea for you guys to go into psychology. Could make some good money and it won't be illegal eh!

Golgotha said...

I think things are going in a circle here...
First off... I was born in Belgrade... SO I know what I am talking about when I call the now Belgrade a slum.
Secondly, To clarify the math issue... you did not consider a variable... I skipped two grades. So yes that would alter your calculation.
Look, and do not talk to me about dumping shit in Kosova/o, I do seem te remember the "refugees" from your other failed attempts at glorious warring, being dumped all over Kosova/o. Filling up every single former orphanage or factory
warehouse and such facilities with them. They were underfed, hygienicaly sub par, all but skin and bones... And all of them cursed Serbia and Milosevic for what he had caused.
Now I know this because we played football with those kids after School during High School. It made for good rivalry, and some tough games. One of those overfilled orphanages was next to our school venue. They were limited in movement and contact.. the Milicia would keep them in check and not let them move around too much, until they rotated them to another location. I have seen how you treat the other nations around you, and that was clearly bad, but I was most appalled by how you treat your own. Horror stories from the kids, about being pushed from town to town always being called names like Ustashi, or Izbeglice. Serb to Serb hate, pitiful.
Now go Recathect your Oedipus and leave my complexes alone.
Oh and... I Live in NY and I just visited Paris this Summer. And I visited a friend in Beograd last year in the winter... I must say... slum, beyond comparison.

fauna said...

I actually remember those refugees too