Sunday, February 19, 2006

Chief UN envoy says Kosovo to become independent

Excerpt from report by Montenegrin radio on 19 February

[Announcer] Here is a report from BETA correspondent Snezana Bogavac from Vienna on the start of Kosovo talks:

[Reporter] One day before the start of Albanian-Serb talks on Kosovo in Vienna UN special envoy for Kosovo status talks Marti Ahtisaari said that Kosovo would become independent. In an interview to German Der Spiegel magazine Ahtisaari said that parameters were clear and that the international community decided that the current status could not be maintained. At a London meeting the Contact Group reached an agreement that the population of Kosovo should finally decide on what the future of Kosovo would be - 90 per cent of the population are Albanians - what do you think, what will their decision be, Ahtisaari said.

The UN envoy also said that Belgrade could not count on realizing its political, economic and national goals if it failed to cooperate in the appropriate way in the search for a solution on the status of Kosovo.


Prince of Albania said...

Now it is learly final!

Read the heading of this article: "Chief UN envoy says Kosovo to become independent"

I would hae a very hard time understandig any Serb that would suggest that Kosovo will not become independent!

Let's face up to reality and put this conflict behind us so we can begin the long road to EU membership.

Congratulations once more to all people, Albanian or otherwise, because with Kosovo becoming independent, good has defeated evil.

This is justice served!!!

Peace, Prince of Albania.

PS: Please, I beg of Serbv posters not to copy and paste anything here and not to hijack this post but to stic to commenting on this article. The ramifications of this are huge and I think it will be unhealthy if you continue to keep your head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Nothing else but the final victory!

Mir said...

Another excuse for us to bring out the rakija :p

Anonymous said...


Serb leaders are smart. They are holding off because 1) none of the politicians in power (Svilanovic is not in that category) want to personally sign off and thus would rather have it imposed and 2) by selling this as a bitter sacrifice, they want to get the best deal possible from the EU.

illyrianboy said...


that's right Mir, rakia is what we need. seems like this shit's over with. let's try to move forward so we all can become good neighbors within EU.


(i getta high from istanbul twilight)

grbtheserb99 said...

If Kosovo goes to Albanians, then Republic of Srpska deserves independence from thatn triparte fiasco.

If the EU thinks the Albanians of Kosovo will allow the Serbs equal rights--LOL, then you believe in the Easter bunny.

grbtheserb99 said...

Oh let us all not forget the 100 Serbian Orthodox Churches desicrated or destroyed.

Anonymous said...

illyriandude, i get high just by reading posters like the one above.

illyrianboy said...

EU is gonna seek policy advise from you, you stupid jerk!

Let's not forget thousands of people killed, thousands of women raped, 1.5 million people displaced, 200,000 houses pillaged and burnt down etc etc.

illyrianboy said...


when i wrote that i was listening to a good song with those lyrics. you gotta know which one is it.

the above poster seems to be needing to learn how to read the news.

Anonymous said...

"Another excuse for us to bring out the rakija :p"

No need, as soon as Kosova becomes independent that will be the year that Kosova will be known as the party country in Europe, trust me, the first month is going to be like the Harlem Renissance, just partying in the and night.

Come party with us, and bring some candles, the foreigners in KEK will make sure we will never have electricity.


Dardania 2006 said...

I don't know about you guys but I want to drink rakija (liqour for westerners) with Mir...

...anyone care to join?

Anonymous said...

Serbs have no idea what concessions Albanians have done to the Serbs in Kosovo. They say that Albanians will revenge, only because they think its common sense. Dear Chetnicks, Albanians have paid for all the houses that the mob destroyed in 2004 and is paying to rebuild the damaged religious heritage. The religious heritage in Kosovo was protected by the Albanians throughout the Ottoman times. Albanians identify with them, because they built them. The orthodox heritage in Kosovo is unique because it is half eastern-half western architecture. Serbs brought the eastern, and Albanian Catholics brought the Western elements. The criminal Serbian Orthodox church, who has throughout hidden criminals and supported killing of civilians, now claims them. Poor Serbs, their Church will keep them in the middle ages for life. See what's happening in Greece. While Albanians are secular and can easily be integrated in the European mainstream, I believe Serbs are hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to remind you:
Serbia has killed tens of thousands of Albanians since 1878, 1912, 1918, 1933, 1945, 1981, 1989, 1998-99. They have at least twice expelled half of the Kosovo population to Turkey. They tried to do the same in 1999, by expelling 1,2 million. They have burned down 120,000 Albanian houses in 1999. They have done the same repeatidly in the past century. They have never appologized and they heil their criminals as heroes. They dare to call Albanians terrorists, when terror is in Serbian blood. Rmember, the biggest terrorist attack, killing of Austrian prince in Sarajevo? Damn! We've suffered too much under those monsters!

Appologize, monsters, appologize!

Anonymous said...

Ignoring a few (both Albanian and Serb) posters in this blog who refuse to talk peacefully, i agree with Mir, Dardania 2006 and illyrianboy that we should all get along, not let ultra-ntaionalism get in the way (since all it does is cause violence), and drink some rakija.

The region needs to finally sort out land claims and borders, and get on with reforms so that OUR region can progress like the west, since it IS WHAT WE ALL DESERVE!!

Im sure the Albanian people here will agree with me...

Darko Petrovic (Serbian - Bor, Central Serbia)