Friday, December 30, 2005

Rugova’s faction against Daci (Lajm)

Lajm reports that Assembly Speaker Nexhat Daci is secretly trying to ‘cook’ the merger of LDK with the AAK into a ‘big union’. On the other hand, the faction of President Ibrahim Rugova fiercely opposes Daci’s actions, says the article adding that Nexhat Daci’s office has become a kitchen of all government coalitions and of party unions.

Nexhat Daci is close to concluding talks on merger of LDK and AAK into one single party the Democratic Union of Kosovo (UDK). His political advisor, Ramush Tahiri, who is the key negotiator in the process, has accepted, according to the paper, that talks are moving fast.

The article further reports that a few weeks ago, Daci brought together in his villa in Brezovica the key AAK officials, except Haradinaj. A source present in the meeting told the paper that Daci briefed AAK representatives that he had the support of 11 LDK MPs who were willing to break out of Rugova’s faction.

Daci’s idea was created when Rugova’s health deteriorated and the mission was entrusted to Ramush Tahiri and AAK official Ramiz Lladrovci.

Lutfi Haziri, Melihate Termkolli, Astrit Haraqija and other LDK members, including Sabri Hamiti’s ‘clan’, as the paper refers to it, are against the union.

“A big and well structured party as LDK does not need to merge with any small party, in this case the AAK,” Haziri is quoted as telling the paper.

The article quotes a source close to the British Office in Pristina as saying that such a union has been supported by most of the Western representatives in Pristina, because the international community is interested is eliminating the differences between the parties that emerged from the war and the pacifists, Lajm says.

AAK Secretary General, Ahmet Isufi, told the paper that there is no interest in either party for such a union and added that he is not aware of such negotiations taking place.

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