Thursday, December 01, 2005

[Oliver Ivanovic] Bad message from Belgrade (Express)

Express quotes SLKM leader Oliver Ivanovic as saying that there are concerns amongst Kosovo Serbs on the southern side of the Ibar River because Belgrade’s negotiations team has included only Serb representatives from northern Kosovo.

“I have information that the people are very concerned, because the appointment of two representatives from northern Kosovo can send a bad message to Serbs in other parts of the province,” Ivanovic told a press conference in Mitrovica.

Ivanovic also appealed to the government in Serbia to be careful with regards to the key national interest of Serbs in Kosovo and to immediately include in the negotiation steam people from the central part of Kosovo.

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illyrianboy said...

Surprise, Surprise!

(Who said that Belgrade cares about Kosovo Serbs?!)