Friday, December 30, 2005

Austria urges respect for Serbs in talks on Kosovo

BERLIN (AP) - Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel called in remarks released Friday for the "dignity of the Serbs" to be respected in talks over the future status of Kosovo.

Efforts to stabilize the Balkans are expected to be a focus of Austria's six-month presidency of the European Union, which begins on Jan. 1.

In a newspaper interview, Schuessel said Serbia faced difficult problems, from international pressure to hand over suspected war criminals to the future of its federation with Montenegro and efforts to revive the economy.

"I urge that we take the dignity of the Serbs very seriously," Schuessel was quoted as saying in an interview to appear in Saturday's Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

"Finding a new status for Kosovo will be unavoidable. But that can only happen in dialogue with the partners," Schuessel said.

U.N.-mediated talks are expected to begin in January on whether Kosovo becomes independent as demanded by ethnic Albanians or remains under the formal control of Serbia.

Kosovo, officially a province of Serbia-Montenegro, has been administered by the United Nations since a 1999 NATO bombing campaign halted the Serbian crackdown on independence-seeking ethnic Albanians.

Some 17,500 NATO-led peacekeepers are deployed in the province.


Dardania 2006 said...

In other words he means Serbia must not be disgraced, they should not be made to lose more face than they have already lost.

A parellel to this would be Germany in World War I, when Allied powers did they best to disgrace it, eventualy leading to WWII.

A shamed Serbia is a danger to its neighbours.

Kristian said...

Dardania the ppl of kosova should respect each other. The albanians, Serbs, Vlach, Turks, etc should all respect each other and should form a government that protects each individuals rights in the nation of kosova.

Its like saying that all serbs are bad! (some would say absolutely) but reality is we can't blame all of them bc Milosevic and his goverment which caused fear amongst the serbs. Its like the Devil telling you your under attack (when you are not) from the albanians and you must protect yourself. After hearing it repeatedly you begin to believe it. Its like cancer and many of the serbs were affected by it.

During Tito's time there was a harmony among the ppl of Kosova, up until '81. And that harmony should be reinstated. And each individuals rights should be respected in the Lands of Kosova. We must become a nation and we must educate our citizens and break down steriotypes and we must make it a viable economy for all the ppl of Kosova.

I urge a lot of ppl in Kosova to swallow their pride and prejudices and think of the future and think of their kids.


Wouldn't it be great living in a country where all can get along and work for a better furture?

Personally, I hope I get to see that day when race, religion, creed, and sex isn't a factor in the ppls minds. Striving for human improvement is more important and seeing our childred progress each generation, exceeding the past generation.

The balkans is the region where democracy was born and now we have the west (which was a barbaric ppl) telling us how we should be more democratic. How Ironic is that?

Kristian said...

"I urge a lot of ppl in Kosova to swallow their pride and prejudices and think of the future and think of their kids."


The halacoust is a perfect example, and what the jews do every year. They remind the world what happened and pray that it doesn't happen again. We should teach our children the same, but always remind them each year. And show them what racism does and that it should never be repeated.